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    Blade and Soul Online

    It looks like a shinier Tera; no more, no less.
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    Fallout 4

    You can also raid the Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ (east of Diamond City) and pick up all the Giddyup Buttercup toys, the ones that look like little horses, and scrap them. I can usually get about 50 screws in one sweep. And I get steel, springs and gears in the process!
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    Fallout 4

    Aye, that. For all the wonderful things Bethesda has done, they seemingly remain clueless on UI. Even Skyrim was awkward. It's like they want to change the UI cause.....well, just cause. Do I really need two separate action buttons to take out and then put away my map? Geez Louise...
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    Fallout 4

    Omigod. One word: sprinting.
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    Woohoo, made it into gold trophy status for my fantasy team at Cluj-Napoca. Finally made it into the top 5% (up from 48% yesterday, what a jump). Now to try and hold it there. Maikelele, f0rest and GuardiaN came up huge for me.
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    At first, I chalked up Fugly's "top 8" comment to youthful enthusiasm (age 20, I think). But the more I thought about it the more I agreed this is a possibility, despite drawing a tough first match against VP. I have no expectations of Liquid because, they are the wildest card in the deck, in...
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    Mad Max (2015)

    Yep, patch is too little too late. The game has been shelved for me after being forced to re-start due to game breaking map. Although I finished it, what little that shined has long ago faded.
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    Hagrid, good luck to Team Liquid at Cluj-Napoca. I bought a few Fugly autograph stickers since the players get to pocket some of the money. I hope it helps him a bit.
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    Mad Max (2015)

    I'm okay with this.
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    Mad Max (2015)

    What a big meh game. Someone upthread described it along the lines of infinitely easy and I couldn't agree more. The storyline is uninspiring; the scenery is generic; the missions are spin, rinse, and repeat. It's like they only wanted to have a product out to capitalize on the film and...
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    WoW Gamer Dies After Playing 19 Hours Straight

    Actually, the mmo Tera does this without disrupting the game.
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    Valve Bans Pro Counter-Strike Teams For Match Fixing

    It had to be particularly heartwrenching for reporter Richard Lewis as he was close friends with Joshua “Steel” Nissan, who is now banned. Talk about journalistic integrity. The other thing that was weird is that the captain for iBUYPOWER was sponsoring the team he was playing against. Huh...
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    More Australian Stores Pulling the Elder Scrolls Online

    DDO still rules for me. Download it for free, play it for free, earn points in game to buy additional content. Nearly all content can be earned by simply playing the game. And they have a premium paid subscription if you must have everything in the game right here right now, but it's only...
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    Are you someone who generally gets owned online?

    Quite a bit. I'm a glutton for punishment and play mostly CSGO. It used to bother me but then I reminded myself its a game. I don't really lose or win anything. Even the cheaters don't bother me now.
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    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    You can add me if inclined, in the central time zone but I'm also an insomniac. Would be nice to join up with some of the [H]. Been playing CSGO for quite a while though you likely won't get me confused with Scream the headshot machine. Steam name is the same as it is here. Abe Lincoln...
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    ASUS Matrix OR Poseidon - CHOOSE YOUR WEAPON!

    Install it in a second gaming rig.
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    Counter-Strike Tournament Reveals Exploits Equal Cheating In eSports

    Team Natus Vincere have made $2.4 million just from The International the past three years. This is the annual championship tournament for Dota 2.
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    World's Oldest Computer Is Really, Really Old

    We all know it was placed there by H.G. Wells.
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    Seasonic Black Friday Lucky Draw

    Many thanks.
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    Budget Gaming Comp Build

    And NZXT cases will be onsale for Black Friday which can save you a few more bucks: link.
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    The Virgin Build

    Thanks for the list, I will look into these. Ah, I left that case on the updated list in error. I will take a look at these recommendations. Yep, I plan on adding a watercooling solution later and wanted the room for whatever configuation is needed. The other upgrades will go on my...
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    The Virgin Build

    (For some reason, my edits on the OP don't seem to save. Sorry for separate post here.) **UPDATED PARTS LIST** Intel Core i5-4690K quad-core processor - $239.99 Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO - $34.99 ASUS Z97-A LGA 1150 - $149.99 G.Skill Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR3-1600 Memory -...
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    The Biggest Video Games of Holiday Season 2014

    "Best games of 2014" is faint praise. Sadly, all except one are established franchises that are just being recycled. If you're into them already then that's a good thing.
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    The Virgin Build

    I look forward to your input. Thanks for the recommendations. I will update my list shortly. I realized yesterday while posting that I neglected to select storage needs, so they were less thoughtful choices. By coincidence, when I saw my first video card choice was sold out this morning...
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    The Virgin Build

    [H]i guys and gals, This will be my first build ever. Fair warning, I'm not schooled in any way, shape, or form in computer hardware know-how (outside of reading the [H] forums). Seriously, I have that newbie smell. But neither am I wandering forward blindly. Although I tried to make...
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    2004 Indie Games Of The Year

    click me like you mean it Enjoy!
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    Printable copy of thread?

    Thanks once again guys.
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    Printable copy of thread?

    I'm probably an idiot and don't see it, but is this a current feature? If not, will it be soon? I often print out informative threads for my arcane book of knowledge and it helped save my paper supply. Thanks in advance for responses.
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    Cool robots

    Everyone throw your servo mounted actuators in the air and wave them around like you just don't care! I think they were mocking us, they were doing a dance called 'the human'. Rkiivs
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    Dustiest radiator competition

    The good thing is you can pull all that dust off, knit it into a nice turtleneck sweater and hawk it on ebay. Ya always gotta look at the bright side of these things.
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    Major major screwup, just might end up being nicer than planned

    Man, all you guys are insane here. You come up with more mods in a foot when you only have an inch. lol I bet some of you secretly have plans to mod the mailbox outside your house. Rk
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    no, check THIS p/c - WOOT!!

    Not sure if my pc is loud or not. I suppose I could turn down my music sometime to find out. haha... Rk
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    the Phantom?

    I was wondering what the big Reuters link next to the headline of the article I posted meant. Peace
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    the Phantom?

    This is going to be the poster child of all vaporware if it doesn't pan out for them. Hopefully, the suit will force them to put up or shut up but I doubt it taking their present PR campaign into consideration. The Forbes article will be bad mojo for them, that's major media in the financial...
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    the Phantom?

    I bet Infinium didn't suspect this coming:
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    ... Microsoft has finally lost it

    and then nobody heard from RS3RS ever again...