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    Weird desktop glitch

    Well I tried modded drivers, uninstalling the Dell screen drivers and nothing. I never got the glitch while using VLC player so there must be something making it happen. Anyhow I found a drive image from a couple f months ago and as I type there have been video glitches in over a hour of...
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    Weird desktop glitch

    Sorry it's a Dell 2405FPW thats a year or two old so it's not the newer ones.
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    Weird desktop glitch

    Wondering if anyone has any experience of this graphical glitch. When I to watch any kind of file after about 10min the screen shift down around 1/3 of the screen, so I have too then change the resolution to anything then click cancel so it sort's itself out. Other wise i get the first 1/3...
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    FS: Athlon64 X2 3800+ and other random computer equipment

    Sorry too go off topic but have a free bump for your time. Any idea how long your site and forum might be down for? Wanted too do new install.
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    Memtest OK, Other Apps - Errors

    Contacted OCZ and they gave me some instructions for getting the RAM to perform correctly. Turns out the RAM needed 0.2v less than advertised and needed to be run at tighter speeds Been stable in both Prime and SuperPi for over a hour now, superb!
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    Memtest OK, Other Apps - Errors

    Just recived my new 2gb Gold OCZ and for some reason, * Newest Memtest via bootdisk ran for 20 passes without a single error * Windows based Memtest, Prime95, SuperPi etc all fail within a minute. Does anyone know any reason behind this, and does it mean it's faulty and needs...
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    6 pin PCI-Express VGA Connectors shorting another molex?

    Wondering if anyone has ever had any expirience of the following? A 6 pin PCI-Express VGA Connectors ( the one not in use, other in my GTX ) shorting another 4 pin molex by brushing up against it? Was trying to figure out my loss of HDD, and after taking both DVD drives off it booted...
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    When I start MCE 05, it just goes to a Black Screen.. I know i'm confused

    I had the same problem and found the solution online. Create another user account and use that one, then use that one and it should work!
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    Weird BIOS problem?

    Tried both stick alone in all the slots, and same problems. Just rebooted to use awdflash this time to flash BIOS 1007, and after rebooting and waiting for around 30min to be able to do so. Got there in the end, and alas the problem is as bad as ever. To reach windows I had to take battery...
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    Weird BIOS problem?

    Looking for some advise on some what I believe might be a BIOS based problem. Been running this mobo for a couple of months now, and had no initial problems. Had XP and X64 running sweet, until what seems like when I flashed my BIOS. I cannot recall what revision it was, but I have...
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    Zalman VF700-ALCU on 7800GTX

    Just fitted one last night to m y 7800GTX: Before - Idle 47oC, Load 65oC After - Idle - 36oC, Load 54oC
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    Leadtek GeForce 7800 GTX Extreme Edition Noise

    Wondering what kind of db the Leadtek is pumping out? Wondering if its that or the BFG 7800GTX OC with a Zalman thats the best choice? Both would weight in around the £400 mark ( $750 )
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    Is computer gaming is expensive?

    Just to get this out of the way: Sure as hell a three year old Radeon or Nvidia card will play HL2, thats all good and well. But once you've played the said the games with the likes of a 7800GTX or a x800xl you realise how much different the game looks and plays. So really who cares...
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    Asus A8N-SLI w/ X2 VCore Bug Confirmed. . .

    People need to check out the new 1008.3, although the vcore isnt rock solid at what you set it at, it's at least now possible to get roughly the vcore you were after!
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    Asus A8N-SLI w/ X2 VCore Bug Confirmed. . .

    Your running 1.47V+ so it should be working fine. Post a screen shot within the range of the Vcore bug, and then post a screeny with the works great tag.
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    Eclipse 62 - Fan configuration & HDD Cage

    See if the info J-Pepper works out for you, if not I have emailed you a reply.
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    Asus A8N-SLI w/ X2 VCore Bug Confirmed. . .

    This is seriously getting on my nerves. Just swapped froma DFI Ultra-D to the Premium as I needed the extra SATA slots. Now only will the Silicon RAID not allow a single JBOD, I have now found that I am not able to overclock the X2 4400+ to the previous 2.4ghz that I was running on the DFI...
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    Asus A8N-SLi Premium - Dumb HDD Question

    Not primary, just a normal data storage drive is what I need. Tried JBOD and cant see a option after selecting it, that actually does anything?
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    Asus A8N-SLi Premium - Dumb HDD Question

    Wondering if anyone can help: Just connected a new Samsung SATA II drive to the first of four SATA_RAID, as I have all the normal SATA slots in use. Wondering how I go about seeing and then formatting this lone drive? Tried using F4 at bootup and couldnt use any of the RAID options...
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    Stacker Owners, Need Opinions

    Just recived the Stacker today, and I have already replaced the three front HDD 4in3s fans with Akasa Amber, same to the lone rear 120mm. The top 80mm has been replaced with a 80mm Akasa Amber. Now how many people have used the bottom PSU dual 80mm metal plate to install 2 x 80mm fans...
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    French Zalman CNPS 9500 Review - Disapointing Seems that early reviews arent as good as I though they would be. The XP-90C still seems to be getting the most thumbs up.
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    Eclipse 62 - Fan configuration & HDD Cage

    Sorry mate, live in the UK. If people want to pay for the product + delivery over to the USA via myself I could ship them for you.
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    Windows Folder View Option

    Is there anyway to set all my folder to be viewd by list as default?
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    ATA Controller Card - Better than Mobo?

    Wondering how good Serial ATA Controller Cards are as I'm currenlty using all my SATA mobo ports and I'm using 3/4 IDE connections, compared to a mobo based one? Considering getting at least a 2 port card to put in the DFI Ultra-D.
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    Eclipse 62 - Fan configuration & HDD Cage

    I'm currenlty using 1 x 120mm Akasa Amber front and same for rear. Now the upper HDD cage is currently not in use so I took it out and have fitted a internal 120mm Akasa Amber via a Zalman fan bracket cooling the upper right motherboard area. Now it seem that I will have to install the...
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    Akasa Ultra Silent?

    These are the only fans I will use these days if I want near silence and good cfm. Very good fans, massive here in the UK.
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    Weird IDE windows slow boot

    After doing a load of testing I have found that when ever I use a second device on a seperate IDE cable it changes my Windows boot time from 3 bars to around 20. Currentlty have 3 HDD on SATA ports and three devices on IDE NEC 3540 with HDD attched as well, then on a seperate IDE cable a...
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    2405 - Power Saver problem

    Does anyone else have a problem if the screen has been moved a little or bumped the monitor goes into the above mode? Keeps happening and tried all buttons/modes to bring the display back but I always end up having to reboot blindly. edit: Phoned Dell and they advised trying a third...
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    X2 Stress Test?

    2xprime95 AutoGK Damn good BF2 trashing ( not stricly testing both, but good for stability testing ).
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    Worth buying CAS2 over CAS3

    Sorry forgot to say that I'm on 510-3fix since putting these in, wasnt keen on anyother of the BIOS's. Will test over night with 220mhz and the X2 4400+ @ 2.4ghz
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    Worth buying CAS2 over CAS3

    Had a quick play, and upped to 2.8v and test 5 on memtest got a lot of errors, rebooted with 3.0v and the errors went shitspare!. Tried 2.5v and ran stable so far @ 220mhz 3-3-3-8 So it's seems it hates voltage :eek:
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    Worth buying CAS2 over CAS3

    Im sure I could increase it if I were to slacken the 3-4-4-8 timing, but thats just not worth the hassle on thoose kind of timings.
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    Worth buying CAS2 over CAS3

    I took the gamble with the Crucial RAM and it wont manage anything more than 3-3-3-8 @ 200mhz, tried everything. So would it be worth buying some CAS2 RAM along the lines of OCZ Platinum, Mushkin or Patriot, over the CAS3 that this will run? Not really looking to overclock as I had the...
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    Took the plunge. 2 x 1GB Crucial Value PC3200

    Bought 2 x 1gb for my system. And at the moment 2.5cas 200mhz gets errors :mad: with everything else default. Testing now @ 3cas and its not thrown a error yet :(
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    X2 4400+ and 1t timing problem

    Its indeed for a 2gb , maybe another would be OCZ Platinum 2x1gb for £220, worth the extra?
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    X2 4400+ and 1t timing problem

    Tried the 510-3fix last night and it failed nearly straight away too. Been reading your posts on the 2x1024 Crucial Value, and here in the UK there selling @ £150 ( around th $260 mark ) so might sell the G.Skill for £180 and go for 2gb as I play a lot of BF2 and do a lot of photo/video...
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    X2 4400+ and 1t timing problem

    Right new day and all. Dusted off some old OCZ Premier 512MB DDR400 PC3200 CL 2.5-3-3-7 With Heatspreader 2 x 512mb and it's now been stable at these settings 1t for the last hour+, something the G.Skill wouldn't do for 10min. Whats going on?
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    X2 4400+ and 1t timing problem

    Fails again after about 10min of Prime95, both cores not just the one. Might be a sign to quit the 1gb and go for a 2 x 1gb setup as this G.SKill LA is having these problems @1t with the X2.