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    President Trump Getting Options to Crack Down On Chinese IP Theft

    Not just high tech stuff. Branded clothing, shoes, car parts, homewares, basically everything that requires mass production is made in China. Those fake Louis Vuitton bags from China are probably made in the same factory as the real ones. When I worked in the pharma industry there were always...
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    A Plan to Rescue the Web from the Internet

    NN gives control of what you see to your search engine, no NN gives that control to your ISP and whatever search engine they allow you to use. Either way, it's mostly good or not so bad for Google and Facebook, assuming ISPs choose not to block them. None of the options will free you from the...
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    The Army Has Ditched Its Plans for a New, Short-Term Rifle Replacement

    Out of curiosity, as someone who lives in a gun free part of the world and has never held a firearm, why is this the best at the moment?
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    Intel Aims to End Legacy BIOS Support by 2020

    Some of the kit at my work runs off of ISA controller cards. I have to keep a stack of shitty old PCs just in case the workstations fail.
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    SpaceX is Launching a Secret Mission Called 'Zuma'

    Express news article: NIBIRU SHOCK CLAIM: SpaceX to launch secret Planet X probe TONIGHT - codename Zuma Lol.
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    Star Trek: Discovery Will Return on January 7th, 2018

    So it gets better? I gave up after about 15 mins into the first show, it was just one stupid thing after another: Oh, our normal instruments don't work, so let's use an antique hand telescope instead of the enormous telescope they have down in navigation, oh, the radiation is too dangerous for...
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    NASA Posts Space Launch System Animated Video

    Once the Chinese start installing mass drivers on the moon, funding for NASA will go up.
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    21st Century Fox Has Been Holding Talks to Sell Most of the Company to Disney

    I know I have the minority opinion, but I think X-Men and mutants having their own private 'universe' makes more sense to me. Otherwise 'Us and Them' has Spiderman and the Hulk over here with us normal non-mutants. Why do they all have to be in every story together?
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    “Lord of the Rings”: Amazon, Warner Bros. in Talks for Series Adaptation

    As much as I love WoT, I feel there's a much greater chance of it being a disappointment when transferring to the screen: So much in the WoT world is visually apparent only to some characters, and there is lots of cool but hidden internal dialogue. I feel like on the screen this would all be...
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    Bloodhound SSC Starts First Test, Hits 210 MPH

    I think it's funny that the Bloodhound uses a supercharged 5.0 Ltr Jaguar V8 engine, just to pump fuel to the real engine.
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    Tesla Makes Quick Work of Puerto Rico Hospital Solar Power Relief Project

    It looks like the array allows panels to be removed relatively easily. Maybe when the next storm comes they batten down the hatches and batten up the panels. The battery supplies power overnight and charges through the day. I hear there is a factory making them.
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    Huawei Could Release A "Foldable" Phone Next Year

    You're the only other person I've seen who doesn't like curved screens. Whenever I use someone else's Samsung the specular reflection stripes on the curved areas seem so annoying. Why is it a good thing to have a screen that curves away from the user?
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    Readers Crash Cambridge University Website Accessing Hawking's PhD Thesis

    I studied at Cambridge, and once I was sitting with a chum at the curry place by the Granta, when Hawking came past in his chair with his wife. We thought he was going to come in and have a vindaloo - but he carried on past. Still, I get an anecdote that I nearly had curry with Stephen Hawking.
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    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Hands On Preview

    William Mountbank. But sadly I don't get so much time to play as I would like. Still haven't touched my Uziels.
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    Paris Plans to Banish All but Electric Cars by 2030

    You probably can. London has an automated number plate reading system, and it charges drivers entering the city limits proportionally to their vehicle CO2 emissions. Electric cars go free, and people with muscle cars have the money to afford the charge. Who wants to drive in Paris or London...
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    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Hands On Preview

    I enjoy MWO. Sure, it could have been much more, but for me it's still solid fun in puglandia. I'm looking forward to MW5.
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    Elon Musk: Tesla Could Rebuild Puerto Rico’s Power Grid with Batteries and Solar

    Yeah, we should stop him suckling at the public teat just to build wildly economical space rockets, amazing futuristic cars, and creating thousands of American jobs! Any true American wouldn't rest until this charlatan is shut down, and Chinese companies step up to fill the void!
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    First Unedited Google Pixel 2 Photos and Videos

    Yeah, maybe most people wouldn't notice, but I really hate the edge detection fails in these 'portrait mode' photos. Stray hair always looks horrible too, either being blurred, or making the distant background look sharp.
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    Tesla Is Sending Battery Packs to Storm-Ravaged Puerto Rico

    A bunch of solar panels fit on the back of a small vehicle, and supply some power for 10 years. The same weight in oil could also be transported, and would supply a much larger amount of power for several hours. You can hate Tesla as much as you want for whatever reasons you want, but...
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    Elon Musk Proposes Using SpaceX’s “BFR” to Travel around Earth

    All Elon does with taxpayer money is build enormous factories and fill them with tens of thousands of workers, workers who earn far less money than oil and coal industry execs. The government should be giving tax breaks and funding to oil execs instead! Those are the jobs we need to make America...
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    Tesla Is Sending Battery Packs to Storm-Ravaged Puerto Rico

    But how does one ship the fuel to the generator when the roads are destroyed? Tesla also make solar panels, which require battery backup to provide 24hr power. This is perfect for distributed power in areas which are hard for large vehicles to reach but happen to receive lots of sunlight. Diesel...
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    Microsoft Explains Why Edge Has So Few Extensions

    I use less than 10 extensions in FF, and I would use Edge if it supported those or similar ones. It's like the argument they used to make about the Apple store having 10 million apps, so it was better than Android Play which only had 6 million. Yeah, and basically all of those apps are Flappy...
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    Modern Technology Reveals Many Famous Geographical Markers Are In The Wrong Place

    Even the Prime Meridian moved a couple of hundred feet :( I used to love standing astride that line as a kid.
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    Tesla Model S P100D Travels 669 Miles on a Single Charge

    With a diesel generator in the back seat to charge the batteries, the range would be even greater!
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    Intel Coffee Lake Slides Leaked

    Isn't it near Lake Titicaca?
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    Mozilla Prepares to Fight Back against Google's Chrome Browser

    Maybe I'm wrong, but doesn't FF57 kill NoScript and Greasemonkey?
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    Shrinking Airline Seats Are Becoming a Safety Issue

    TBH, he has already made a start on reducing his height...
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    Dear Microsoft: A 64-Bit OS Is Better Than a 32-Bit OS

    I can say that the x64 version of Win10 does not run the version of Shimadzu Openlabs for HPLC my work has licensed, but the 32 bit version does. Almost all of our other equipment requires some sort of legacy technology to run (like ISA ports).
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    Intel Core i9-7900 Series CPU Core Count and Prices

    Yeah, I'm under the impression that as well as gaming, for Photoshop, and some other non-video content creation, clock speed and IPC are still more useful than core count.
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    Germany Gets 85% of Its Electricity from Renewables in Record-Breaking Weekend

    I live in south Germany, and I can't say I'm bothered by the wind turbines. They look pretty cool and futuristic most of the time. I'd even say there don't even seem to be as many as there could be. The photovoltaic fields are more obvious, and I worry more about waterfowl landing on them, or...
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    Apple Invests $200 Million in Corning to Innovate on Gorilla Glass This is in interesting development. I'm not sure if it's useable for mobile phones, but I laid down a stupid amount of cash for one.
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    AMD Markets Ryzen...Honestly...with Spiders!

    Where does this "34% Content Creation" number come from? I've been thinking about getting a new machine at work, which would mainly be for Photoshop. Is Ryzen really 34% faster in Photoshop and filters, or is this some other kind of content?
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    HBO Declines to Renew Amazon Contract Leading to Removal of Shows in 2018

    People get Amazon Prime for the free delivery and other benefits like cloud services. That you get to watch some good TV is just the cherry on the cake. I'm not going to subscribe to some other service just for the TV.
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    LG Launches 32UD99-W 32" Class 4K UHD IPS LED Monitor with HDR10 and FreeSync

    But I guess the $999 price point for this monitor means the Acer and Asus monitors might even be over $1200. That will make the PG27UQ pretty hard to justify to the missus.
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    Li-ion Battery Inventor Introduces New Tech for Fast-Charging, Noncombustible Batteries

    The reports just state it uses a "Glass Electrolyte", which is pretty non specific. I'm interested in how they maintain good ion mobility, and how it impacts achievable cell voltage.
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    Safari Browser Sheds Users, Mimicking IE

    Firefox goes the Chrome emulation route in November I think, so all Firefox plugins not already available on chrome will stop working (like NoScript). Firefox 57 will be the last version not a chrome emulator.
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    Axanar Productions, Paramount, and CBS Settle “Star Trek” Copyright Lawsuit

    Given that most Hollywood movies suffer massive 'losses' despite making hundreds of millions at the box office, "Personal Expenses" isn't that bad. A loss counts against future tax on earnings in the US, so losing money today saves on taxes in the future. Or to put it another way, Hollywood has...
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    The Desktop CPU Isn’t Dead, It Just Needs A Swift Kick In The Butt

    How many people do you think do some kind of content creation? Lets say Photoshop, video editing, and digital art & design. These aren't CAD users, they're not running simulations. But there are literally millions of them, and even the latest high end PC is going to struggle with PS filters...
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    Unknowingly Linking To Infringing Content Is Still Infringement

    Should Google also be held accountable, because they also have adverts and a link to this site?
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    Germany Asks Tesla To Rename “Misleading” Autopilot Feature

    In my experience the Autobahn in Germany seems as safe and driver friendly as the 70mph limited UK motorways, even with the much bigger discrepancy in speeds between faster and slower cars. But I noticed the other day that there is a Tesla outlet in Munich, and I wondered at the time how the...