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    Baby-proofing UPS devices and

    Rubbermaid container and cut some holes.
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    HP Introduces Metal Jet 3D Printers

    Seems kind of large. How am I supposed to fit this in my trashcan when it runs out of the "ink" it comes with? If the printer costs $400k I can only imagine what they're charging for supplies. Pretty neat, though..
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    Delta Fan Part Numbers

    The numbers are from the labels on the fans. A Google image search of "FFB0412SHN-9C72" shows where the "9C72" is located. I looked on other manufacturer's websites (Sanyo Denki/SanAce and Nidec) and the suffix may be a customer-specific number. I'm beginning to think that the numbers may not...
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    Delta Fan Part Numbers

    Hi all, Does anyone have a reference or know how to decode the suffix for Delta fan part numbers? I'm trying to replace a fan in a switch and even though the major part number is the exact same, the fans behave differently. The part number guide on Delta's website shows how to decode the main...
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    Life Saving Drone in Australia Saving Lives

    I like to read these types of articles pretending that I've stepped forwards in time from the 1800s. Riley
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    Has anyone been able to boot from an NVME drive on a non-UEFI motherboard?

    I just went through this with a system that's a bit newer than yours. I have an HP Z230 workstation (i7-4770). It does have UEFI, but does not support NVME booting. What you're looking for is an SSD which has the necessary OPROM to support booting. As far as I can tell, the only one is the 950...
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    Freakishly Lame Microsoft Recruiting Letter of the Day

    I believe it's real. Why? Because Microsoft is that guy at the party who tries oh so hard to be cool yet fails hilariously.. Riley
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    Question about Dell 5500 series switches

    From: The HDMI stacking link has 10Gb/s of bandwidth. So, a 10Gb computer on #1 switch talking to a 10Gb computer on #2 switch could saturate the stack link. The benefit of stacking is that you can manage...
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    GOOD USB-C To Ethernet Adapter

    Hi All, I think I already know the answer to this question.. Are there any USB-C/Thunderbolt Ethernet adapters with a good Intel chipset? I'm thinking of replacing my 13" Retina Macbook Pro with a Skylake Dell XPS 13 and I will need an Ethernet adapter as I use them frequently. Most seem to...
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    HGST/Hitachi 7K4000 2TB

    There are strong suspicions that these sellers are taking used drives, wiping the SMART data, and then re-selling them. However, for the price you could buy 2 - 3 of these for the price of an actual new drive. Myself, I bought a couple of their 2TB 7K3000s almost two years ago and they're still...
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    What happened to the Slot to Socket 8 Slocket

    The PII Overdrive processors were just Deschutes PII cores in a socket 8 package. If Intel didn't change the CPUID from a regular PII then I would imagine it would work just as any other slot 1 PII in a slot 1 board. However, if the CPUID on the overdrives different then you would need a board...
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    Anybody defrag their SSD?

    No problem. I can see how my statement was misleading. I think what I was trying to say was that database-type applications are affected by the issue. Normal file operations seem to continue working. It's how those apps try to allocate additional extents and/or the number of extents they request...
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    Anybody defrag their SSD?

    Here is the relevant Microsoft KB article. We ran into this issue a couple months ago and it took a small Exchange 2010 server offline. I don't think this is an issue with these application because they access the disks directly and bypass the...
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    Anybody defrag their SSD?

    For 99% of the population it isn't necessary. However, in some cases on a system with more than 80% fragmentation you can run into an issue where some database applications (like SQL and Exchange) will not be able to keep track of the large number of fragments. Then, you start to have issues. :)...
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    iPad Air 2 Hard Sleeve/Case

    I currently have an Apple Case and I'd like to keep it for when the iPad isn't in whatever I'm going to buy to protect it. So, I already have a cover/case that I'm happy with - just need something like the Pelican to put it in when it's in my bag. The Pelican looks real nice, but it's 1.25"...
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    iPad Air 2 Hard Sleeve/Case

    Hi All, I'm looking for a hard sleeve or case for my iPad Air 2 - something that I can put it in that will protect it from getting bent or crushed while in my backpack. Something like this...
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    I have: Supermicro X9SRH-7TF (onboard 10Gb) Xeon E5-2609 32GB DDR-1333 12 x Mixture of Hitachi 7K3000 and 5K3000 in mirrored pairs across two LSI 9201s (I think) Sun F20 with 4 x FMODs for SLOG 2 x Mushkin 256GB SSDs for cache Using ATTO I can pull ~923MB/s read and ~700MB/s writes...
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    Legendary Celeron 300A overclocked @ +700 MHz

    Oh man, so many memories!! I missed the Celeron 366. When it came time to order I was told there was a shortage on them. I ended up having to go with a pair of Celeron 400s in an Abit BP6 and hoped to god that they would both do 600Mhz (6.0x100Mhz). I got super lucky and they did. Beta tested...
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    The 5K Display is Coming

    The same reason 1366x768 laptop screens are still being sold, unfortunately. The *average* joe sees "HD" and thinks they have a good thing. It's a situation that slowly is changing..Slowly.. Riley
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    The 5K Display is Coming

    Well, everyone has to have the most Ks, GBs, and Mhzs...
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    The 5K Display is Coming

    I think we'll see a segregation of technologies between content creation and home entertainment. 4K/8K will be for televisions and entertainment devices while content creation devices will be one "K" higher (5K/9K). Riley
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    The 5K Display is Coming

    I think Apple made the right choice with the 5k screen. Ars recently did an article on why Apple chose 5k vs 4k and it's because 5k is better for production and editing of 4k video. With a 5k screen you can display an entire, unscaled 4k video and still have room left for toolbars, menus, and...
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    WD Expands Surveillance-Class Hard Drive Line

    Nice to see WD got that shipment new of purple stickers......;) Riley
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    ZFS ZIL Question

    I investigated that path a while back, but it never gained much traction as I ended up using a 100GB Intel S3700 SSD under-provisioned to 20GB for my ZIL. I posted a thread about it over on the STH forums...
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    Two pfsense on same switch limited to ISP transfer speed.

    Do you have QoS configured on the pfSense boxes? If so, it will come into play and limit throughput. As far as it knows, the other pfSense box is on "The Internet" just like anything else. Barring QoS the other thing is having Snort/IPS enabled. With my Supermicro Atom board I can't get much...
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Hi _Gea, I think I've come across a bug in the latest Napp-It (v.0.9a9 nightly Mar.04.2013). It looks like when importing a zvol LU via COMSTAR the system cannot handle a LU with an underscore ( _ ) in the name. The GUI errors out with a "metadata" error and the LU import fails. The...
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    FreeBSD and sparse files

    Follow up: Well, it appears gcp worked. The resulting file is 6TB is size, but only 3.4TB are allocated. Riley
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    FreeBSD and sparse files

    Seems to be working fine.. I did: "mount -uw /" (to remount the root file system read-write) "pkg_add -r coreutils" (to install the package, there were a few errors, but they looked harmless enough" Afterwards, I tried to remount the root read-only, but it was continually in use. I ended...
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    FreeBSD and sparse files

    It's possible - I think. Do you know what the implications would be? It looks like it's available in the coreutils package, but I don't want to mess up my FreeNAS box as it's running some important tasks at the moment. Riley
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    FreeBSD and sparse files

    I'm not sure if this belongs here, but... Does anyone know of a way to properly copy thin-provisioned (sparse?) iSCSI file extents in FreeNAS 8.3/FreeBSD? I have a 6TB thin-provisioned file extent inside a ZFS file system along with a number of other extents. I'd like to move the 6TB...
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    MS Server '03 Backup Solutions...

    NTBackup usually is a good choice as long as there is someone monitoring that it's working. Cobian is also a good choice and I think it also has some reporting options so you know whether or not the backups have been successful. Notifications are one of the most important parts of a backup...
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    Sonicwall TZ 200 issues

    I had a problem similar to this on a TZ210 about six months ago. Logical probing is enabled on each of the WAN links and randomly the targets would stop responding on both links at the same time - taking the unit offline. They were using I upgraded the firmware and...
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    Network Wire Identification

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I've thought about bringing in an assistant and I think that's the best way to tackle this at the moment. I charged them the first time, and did so again. So, it's not a total loss, but it does really eat into time management and planning when it takes...
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    Network Wire Identification

    Hi All, Does anyone know of a tool that would let one mass-identify network cables (Cat 5/6) with only one terminated end? Basically, I'm running into situations where the installers are very poorly labelling their network runs. So, I'm tasked with punching down 100+ runs, in order, and...
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    Internet Routing Issue - Sonicwall

    Well, believe it or not, but what you're seeing or normal (except for the not working part, after thinking about it more, I think I know what is happening). From the Sonicwall's (or any router's) point of view, anything on that Verizon subnet is on the same network as you, so it's going to use...
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    Internet Routing Issue - Sonicwall

    Sounds like perhaps Verizon has a shared connection for the whole building and they just divvy it up to the tenants. Can I ask how you have your dual WAN configured? Do you have it configured as a basic failover group, ratio, or round robin? As for the email issues, you're going to have to...
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    There is under napp-it (I assume it's installed). Under Disks-> smartinfo you can check the status. One thing to note is that checking the SMART status this way will increase the timeout values for the disks. I think it's because querying the SMART status "locks" up the drive for a moment...
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    Network Modem?

    When I read that question I assume he's looking for something for faxing or having shared access to a modem over the network. Riley
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    OpenSolaris derived ZFS NAS/ SAN (OmniOS, OpenIndiana, Solaris and napp-it)

    Look for disk errors or timeouts AND check the SMART status of the drives.. I've ran into similar issues and both cases have been a drive that was starting to be flaky. In the last instance this happened there were no timeouts reported by ZFS, but the drive had a number of reallocated...
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    IPv6 kills NAT?

    I'm not sure I understand your reference to RFC1918 in regards to what I said.. Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely a use for NAT in the current IPv4 world with the address shortage and connecting identically or overlapped networks scenario as you mentioned, but that should not ever...