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    question for those w/ q6600 3.4ghz +++ it is the same rocketfish case that was on clearance at best buy several months ago. it is a massive case yet super light. I like the extra space in the case, but the only thing i really dont like is that...
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    question for those w/ q6600 3.4ghz +++

    ouch i guess i cant complain
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    question for those w/ q6600 3.4ghz +++

    yeah didn't think so hahaha:p i guess im content w/ 3.0ghz. thanks fellas
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    question for those w/ q6600 3.4ghz +++

    very nice...but unfortunately i have reseated several times and am pretty sure that the seating of the hsf is not the problem. i have an old arctic freezer pro 7 that I placed on to and the temps were slightly higher a full rpm. i might have to look into an aftermarket fan. what are the...
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    question for those w/ q6600 3.4ghz +++

    hahaha im a lil bit of an extremophile. what kind of temps you getting at 3.5 w/ ur 9700 hsf?
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    question for those w/ q6600 3.4ghz +++

    heres a pic of my case. I keep the side on and case enclosed. one intake fan front/bottom and exhaust behind cpu and another make shift side exhaust fan above the cpu. my xigmatek runs at ~1490 rpm never really reaches 1500rpm. yeah after messing w/ my q6600 i figured i got an older G0...
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    question for those w/ q6600 3.4ghz +++

    Hey quick question, if you have oc'd ur q6600 to 3.4ghz what kind of case ventilation do you have? number of fans? size of fans? speed of fans? placement of fans? type of hsf? also what are the idle/load (under prime and/or ibt) temps. just trying to get a insight... i oc'd my q6600 to...
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    Q6600 w/ Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Temps

    well, never got around to returning the arctic freezer so i decided to give it another try. lo and behold 40 degrees idling and 52 degrees under stress (prime95). I remember before the fan on the af7 was running around 700rpm, so this time around I maxed the fan's rpm to 2400.
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    Q6600 w/ Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Temps

    so i put the intel hsf back on and now it idles at 40/40/38/40 w/ realtemp and coretemp. guess i will return the af7 pro. Not worth the hassle for me. the fan dented up my northbridge hs too!!!
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    Q6600 w/ Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Temps

    well, i should possibly increase the rpm of the 92mm fan on the hsf. at present time it is around 800rpm. might try to double that and see how that affects the temp.
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    Q6600 w/ Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Temps

    Well, kinda sucks that af7 isn't "design" for the q6600. I guess i originally bought it for my e6600, but the temps seem ridiculous on the q6600. knowing this I will probably go back to my intel stock cooler until I can pick up a new hsf. I'll try to let the as5 cure for a couple days and...
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    Q6600 w/ Arctic Freezer 7 Pro Temps

    Well, I just installed my new arctic freezer 7 on my q6600 w/ as5 and have been getting high cpu core temps...I don't know if these temps are normal but from what i remember the stock temp were lower. Posted is the temps from pc wizard 2008 and core temp 0.99.3
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    Dell sent me wrong monitor

    hahaha sorry i had to post on this topic b/c i find the OP hilarious.
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    Softwares for Karaoke

    I use my movies in mce, and then use theatertek to play the actual dvd. B/c i cannot find how to disable voice/vocals using mce's player.
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    FS: Microsoft Zune Brand NEW 30 gig WHITE - $155ish

    Well title pretty much says it all. I am selling an unopened white 30 gig zune. I am looking for about $155 so if you are in need of a mp3 player and have $155 to spend contact me! 1/26/08 UPDATE I also have a Black one that is Brand new and unopened...i will put up pictures later. AIM -...
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    Seagate 500GB Retail $99.99 @ BB

    7200.10 Firmware 3.AAE - from best buy last night. Might pick up another ;)
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    Logitech DiNovo Keyboard

    These aren't the classifieds...
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    Westinghouse 37w3 for $799, Costco

    No costco stores in Nebraska, so no tax
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    Westinghouse 37w3 for $799, Costco

    Subtotal: $799.99 Shipping & Handling: $36.22 Non-Member Surcharge: $40.00 Order Total: $876.21 would be white hot...
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    [Warm] Acoustic Research 15-Device Universal Remote Control w/LCD Touch-Screen $40

    bought one last night...hopefully it can turn on my htpc :D
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    [H]OT --Hiper HPU-580 69.99$

    only if this would work w/ free ship then it would a killer deal!
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    Corsair XMS 2gb pc 6400 ddr2 - $129 AR

    Corsair XMS for $129.99 AR Pretty good deal. Seems like prices of all ddr2 memory are falling...and I spent $230 on this set not too long ago :mad: Time to upgrade to 4gbs!
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    HOT 500GB $109.99

    maxtor thats why its not gettin much attention...500gig hdd of other brands (seagate/wd) have better reputation and can be had for an extra 20-30 dollars. ppl are willing to pay that 20-30 dollars for the slight peace of mind that they hdds wont crash and lose 500 gigs of data!!! :eek:
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    WOOT OFF!!!!

    yawn...someone please do us all a favor and buy all the iRiver players :D
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    Help me identify this fan connector!!! mini 4 pin???

    so i could modify this fan to work w/ the mobo?
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    Help me identify this fan connector!!! mini 4 pin???

    I looked at that and that model has a 3 pin connector. The motherboard model is fc51pvg (foxconn) running amd 64 3800+. Yeah i tried contacting acer support, lets just say they do not have good service at all. I have been trying to obtain another fan from them but from the looks of it, it...
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    Help me identify this fan connector!!! mini 4 pin???

    here are some pictures of the fan connector. it is from a 50x50x15 sunon fan (Magelev kde1205phvx). It has 4 wires as you can see but looks very similar to a 3 pin connector (just not as long). i have searched all over to look for info on this type of connector and no luck. I am pretty sure...
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    OEM Athlon X2 3800+ socket 939 $99.99AR ($20 MIR) @ TigerDirect

    whoa...when did newegg get the x2 3800+ 939 back in stock? I have been waiting forever for them to offer it again. BOUGHT
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    Acer Aspire L100 as HTPC???

    Acer Aspire L100 (can't post links yet) AMD Athlon 64 3800+ 1gb RAM (533MHz DDR SDRAM (PC-4200) NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE graphics with 256MB of shared video memory built-in 802.11gb wireless Just wondering if you guys think this system would be okay as a htpc. I really like the look and...
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    HTPC HDDs, Small OS drive + Storage or All in one?

    well my plan is to get 2 500g hdd either 2 seagate 7200.10 or 2 wd se16 and pop them in an antec fusion case. originally I was planning on getting a 40 or 80 gig for the OS and pair that w/ just 1 500g hd but I figured that would be a waste of a hdd slot in the antec fusion.
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    Western Digital Essential Edition External USB 2.0 Hard Drive, 500GB - 149 @ OD

    Western Digital® My Book™ Essential Edition™ External USB 2.0 Hard Drive, 500GB for 149.99 at office depot Also I was wondering if anyone knows what connection these use internally. I...
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    MXT 500gb sata outpost 129.99 shipped

    for anyone that already is the noise level of this hdd? I am looking to buy 2 500gig hdds for my htpc and this is the cheapest i've seen. How does it compare to other 500 gig hdds like the WD se16 ($138) or seagate 7200.10 ($149) in terms of noise level?
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    WTB: AMD x2 socket 939

    Hey, just need a x2 cpu socket 939 (4200 or 4400). willing to spend 130+ w/ or w/o hsf