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    Fan spacing on the swiftec MCX-462

    on my mcx462+ the 92mm tornado actually touches the ceter i raised the fan about 0.5cm and noticed about 3-5C diff between load.... too high of the pins then the fan(s) air flow decreases...the force at which the air flows decreases...with a reg fan u want it at an optimal...
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    A 2.6 Ghz Athlon XP is equal to a... 3.0c?

    i have an xp-m @ 2.7Ghz....which is 225 x 12....that is i think as fast or even faster than a 3.0Ghz C.....very fast....depends on most overclocks...the higher the fsb..the better its performance
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    Best CPU cooler

    swiftech mcx462+...but since they dont make those...mcx462V..couple any of those bad boys with a tornado and ur set
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    XP-M Finally making it to where it should be.

    same prob i had..prolly ur psu i had a shitty generic 400W psu with 18A on 12V+ xp-m 2500 would stay stcuk at 2.2 and i have IQZFA, possibly the best stepping, ... then once i got my new enermax psu with 36A on 12V imporved my overclock to 2.7Ghz psu is not a reg...
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    Heat Problem?

    remove the heatsink and then apply a paper thin coat of thermal paste ( AS3 or AS5 works amazingly) then reseat the heatsink should notice a temp difference
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    mobile OC temps

    XP-M 2500 IQZFA @ 2.7Ghz 13.5x200 @ 1.875V Idle Temps : 33C Load Temps : 41C Room Temps : 21C Cooler : Swiftech MCX462+ w/ 92mm Tornado 'Nuff said
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    Need a new case with good airflow

    i have a chieftec dragon mid tower...great comes with 4 80mm fan there i put 2x ystech 53cfm fans...1x80mm dellta she and 1x80mm tornado... very nice..and yes..before someone points it is loud...that is why i invested in a fan controller lol
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    Ok temps?

    seems from your second pic..thta the harddrives are arranged in a way that would impede air flow frm the front 120mm fan...thta might be your prob..the hard drives are perpendicular to the air flow thus causing disturbance in air flow... try adding a blow fan...also ...try a better cooler/fan...
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    Can someone recommend a new heatsink for me?

    for ur budget get an slk800U - panaflow high/medium 80mm thats the best bang for the buck
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    SP-97 running hotter than stock

    yeh.,..sell the sp-97 and go using a swifteh mcx462+ with 92mm tornado with mobile at 2.6Ghz rock stable (13x200) @ 36c idle and 41 load...somethign wrong in ur instalation of the cooler...remember u dont want a lot of as5 between ur cpu die and the heatsink base... best of luck
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    nforce 2 ultra 400 motherboard selection help?

    get an abit nf7-s V2 comes with soundstorm and DC memory controllers also screamer at overclocking
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    Unlocking P4 and A64?

    some fortunate people some how manage to get engineering samples of P4 procs....that means the multiplier hasnt been locked by the factory... i used to have an engineering sample P3 1.2S that was nice..used to run it at like 1.5Ghz solid
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    What't the best Socket A Cooler?

    heatsink : swiftech mcx462+ or mcx462-V fan : 92mm tornado period
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    Thermalright SP-94 -- what fan to use?

    hmm...good performance..yet quiet enuf so that u can think>?? hmm...remember there is a trade-off between performance and noise when purchasing fans...there are fans all over the spectrum.. i personally think panaflow fans are the best for the noice to cfm ratio get the panaflow 80mm Highs...
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    12v under load.....too low?

    ye I'd have to agree with mobo read the 12V rail at 11.67V...with digital fluke shows 12.10V go figure :=)
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    Socket A XP 3000+, Need A Good Air-Based HSF, Suggestions?

    yes the older mcx462 couldnt compare to the mcx462-v in performance and noise levels... i had the mcx462v for a worked really nice..but im using mcx462+ now.. very nice with 92mm tornado
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    12v under load.....too low?

    ye...unfortunately...nf7-s motherboards seem to undervolt a bit....doesnt affect normal peopel...but for [H]ardcore ppl who doesnt help..i might solve my undevolting volt modding my mobo....its the only drawback i see with the nf7-s
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    Silverstone PSU's

    i HAD one..Silverstone 360W..but it couldnt supply enuf juice for my 8 hdds and 2 dvd burners..not to mention..the 6x80mm tornados and the 92mm tornado on my cpu sold it off as the voltage would drop very low...but how u can blame it..i had it stacked...replaced it with enermax 465 with...