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    SFF Case for mini-ITX GPU/MB

    Wow, this really took a life of it's own. I'm glad :) After seeing the Osmi I really do like it and think it's one of the better solutions that meets the criteria I was looking for. Since the SFF PS is 600Watt I think it's fine that it's not an ATX PS since it has plenty of power for the likes...
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    To upgrade or not to upgrade?

    Time to OC each one so you can give #s (if your so inclined). Likely your market is people with a single card looking to go SLI or tri-SLI, so OC potential is a good thing to know.
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    FBI Would Rather Drop Cases Than Disclose Stingray Details

    This time for the justice department to step in I think... Someone is watching the watchers no doubt.
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    Technology Gone Wrong

    I think I've seen video of such a thing happening and ending badly. I actually almost bought a QX-1, but instead opted for the a5100, which can also connect to a smart device for control & viewing. I'm glad I went with the a5100 because it has extra capabilities that I would have missed since...
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    Intel Dual-Core Waxes Intel Quad-Core (and I eat crow)

    The fact is, for those of us that live the [H] way, the motherboard was primary. Choosing the right board allowed me to start out with a Q6600, overclock it to 3.2+, then later when the price was right buy a Q9550 that I overclocked as well. This vastly extending the useful live of my PC, all...
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    SFF Case for mini-ITX GPU/MB

    Thanks, those images up top show clearly what I'm looking for in a case for m-ITX.
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    Best Z97 matx mobo

    Sooo I guess back on track. like I said earlier, is probably your best bet. That said, I've changed my mind after waiting for stock of 'devil's canyon' I'm not going to go ahead with an X99 board instead and the i7-5820.
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    Core i7-5960X 5930K 5820K Overclocking & Performance @ [H]

    Thanks for the review guys. After reading it and thinking about my next upgrade I'm no longer going to go with devil's canyon just because I have 16 GB of DDR3 waiting around. Instead I'm going to sell that unused memory and jump right in. Am I correct in thinking that the X99 MB (likely with...
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    Q6600 vs e6750, practical power consumption difference?

    All in all, I'd say the added performance of keeping the machine doing what it does and making you happy longer will likely far outweigh the small energy difference costs in the long run. You will also likely find a slight OC will make things even better with minimal effort. Max out the RAM in...
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    SFF Case for mini-ITX GPU/MB

    Well, Osmi looks like the smallest footprint. Lets hear what the approximate cost would be and see if we can get to 50. The M1 looks great as well, so if the Osmi doesn't work out for the minimalist volume that'd be another awesome way to go and I'd likely use an ATX PS with it.
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    Best Z97 matx mobo

    Cost is one reason I'd like to buy at Microcenter, the permanent 'sale' price on the board, cpu, and then the bundle discount make it a hell of a deal... so if the Asus Gene is available, why not!
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    Best Z97 matx mobo I'm also considering this board. If it's in stock when the i7-4790k comes back to Microcenter, I'll probably end up with it.
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    SFF Case for mini-ITX GPU/MB

    Wow, looks like there's some good options out there, and that Osmi is very very nice. I'm just waiting for my local Microcenter to get back in stock with 'Devil's Canyon', in the mean time I need to make a choice between microATX and a miniITX build. If I did go miniITX, I'd initially be using...
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    ASUS Maximus VII Gene micro-ATX Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Looking at this board for a build to use some DDR3 sitting around, and unused GTX 680 on an unused mATX Q6600 build from years ago. Noticed a typo in second sentence "The software package is an evolutionary step above the previous iteration of the software rather than an evolutionary one." I'm...
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    SFF Case for mini-ITX GPU/MB

    Ok, so this case seems close to meeting what I was asking. I was borderline wondering if I should go with microATX for a while. Plan is for a GTX 970 and i7-4790k, so if there were a better cooling option while not using the 3.5" drive space it might work for me.
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    NASA: All About That Space

    I find this video much more inspiring. Mainly because I like a challenge.
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    SFF Case for mini-ITX GPU/MB

    Close, that case gives 193mm for the GPU, but the card here only needs 170mm, same as the motherboard. I see they slipped a fan in that extra space, which is a good idea, but the fan could be overhead.
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    SFF Case for mini-ITX GPU/MB

    I'm looking to build a mini-ITX system, I noticed that there are shorter GPUs like the GTX970 available that are not full length, allowing the use of smaller cases. I'm just having trouble finding such cases, most I've found are longer to allow a good size GPU. P.S. Osmi looks to be the best...
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    Who's going to wait out the 970/980 craze?

    With a GTX 680, I've waited this long, so, I'll be waiting until black friday (the real one lol) to upgrade. I'm sooo glad I skipped a generation.
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    Petition to Grant Edward Snowden Clemency Launched

    OK, so you guys really think that a whistle blower of NSA excess should have taken the time to judiciously select what is released to the press? Generally the press itself has mechanisms to make such judgements in term of what is released publicly. I've not followed this in close detail so it...
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    Q6600 and new games

    Because of your power supply, your likely going to need to upgrade it in order to use a modern video card. In terms of a bottleneck, if your happy with 60FPS with Vsynch like I am you may have a good shot with a 760/770 GTX. Where the 760 might work with your power supply. Also of note, the...
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    Best single slot Card for Physix

    Yea, or get a 4th. What resolution are you at?
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    Best single slot Card for Physix

    Physix is not for more FPS but a better experience. With the limited use in games, I'd look for other places to improve, like maybe lightboost 120MHz.
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    680 -> 780 worth it?

    It is only worth it if your also going to update your monitor to lightboost, and take advantage of what 120 Hz has to offer. Otherwise the chip the 780 is based on came out last year, so the next gen will not be that far off. Personally, I'm going to upgrade to the 780 since before I was at...
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    What is wrong with Intel?

    The way I look at it is, everyone that bought silicon with built in GPU that went unused is inadvertently helping Intel fund their GPU development. I'm really looking forward to the IVB-E release.
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    What choices do I have

    +1 I did this and went from Q6600 3.2Ghz to Q9550 4Ghz and am almost always at 60 FPS in BF3 with everything on in multi. I almost went 2011 with the 3820, which IMO is what an enthusiast should buy... Now that I sold, I'm again waiting for a good sale on a 2011 board and 3820 CPU.
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    Pick up another GTX 680 or go GTX 780....

    Personally, once the 780 is available online at Best Buy, I'll be ordering one and selling my 680. Not sure what I'll get for it, but it will lessen the cost of a 780 for sure, and waiting will just lower the value of the 680. Next gen I will probably do the same.
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    Waiting for Haswell?

    I went from Q6600 to a used Q9550. Having SSE 4 makes a big difference. Otherwise I just want to upgrade because my system is old lol. Plus the extra OC that the Q9550 is capable of helps. Ga,ing is fine for my main pastime, BF3.
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    Waiting for Haswell?

    I was always wary of IGP especially since all who use dedicated video do not use it. Basically intel is getting us to pay for their development in a field where we would almost all rather have nVidia or AMD. Well if the info is true then more enthusiasts might see things the way I do and will...
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    Waiting for Haswell?

    Not only am I waiting for haswell, I'm thinking haswell-E
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    The year is 2015, you have $1000 to spend on a single monitor, what do you buy?

    Talk about a thread bound to be zombified... My prediction is 4k resolution, and really good 3D. It will drive the GPU and gaming industry, which needs to be done since we are plateauing. Also things will get bigger to take advantage of the extra pixels, a welcome change. On a side note, when...
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    Don't Use Your iPad As A Camera

    I agree with this, can we vote to change the headline? also nice that he kept on filming.
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    You knew it had to be done!

    will upgrade from C2Q
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    nVidia GeForce GTX Titan Availability Thread

    Things don't look good for this since bestbuy has been removed from as an option. Hell I can't even find a GTX680 at bestbuy online any longer.
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    Any news on GeForce GTX 780?

    I remember last year, so many were saying the full size GPU wasn't the 680. There was & is plenty of evidence of this. Several factors made this change happen. It's to early to say if the GTX 780 will be like this generation (not the 'true' high end like in the past), or if it will be like it...
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    Haswell updates

    Support for OpenCL may make these chips different from the last gen if developers start using this. We'll see.
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    Own a GTX470... is a 660 worth it?

    Agreed on the 660Ti, as its the same gpu as the 670/680 as a minimum. Get it soon though so your not throwing off your upgrade cycle to far off...
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    Haswell Pricing

    Thing about Q9550 is it has SSE 4 which the Q6600 didn't, giving it more life for gaming. But time is no friend to heavy overclocking, it's time to retire this PC to something else, like dedicated computing.
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    Haswell Pricing

    Same situation for me Q9550 is still going strong, but my urge to upgrade was so high I had a near miss because I bought a Q3820 system. Luckily a friend is buying the parts from me. Haswell will change things for sure, my OC isn't holding up and stability has been an issue. One way or...
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    Upgrade now or wait?

    Those review are a year old, it's a good point but I try and find a more recent comparison, or even a Titan review.