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    Mouse feet / skates for Razer DeathAdder??

    I've been thinking about getting that, how thick is it? Do you see a noticeable difference in LOD?
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    Tablet power consumption Wireless vs Bluetooth (mouse)

    Bluetooth 4.0 should have lower consumption.
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    Looking for new mousepad (and possibly a new mouse)

    I agree, it is easily one of the best pad's I've ever used. Last time I was this impressed was a value pad from Artisan which wore out in mere months. The size of the pad is not enough IMO. The website says it's huge but it is small by gaming mouse pad standards. I don't game on low...
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    g400s replacement needed, something with an easier click

    Logitech is near the top when it comes to click performance, second only to a gaming mice from A4-Tech I believe, so if it's just the stiffness then it might be worth it to get used to it.
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    A Ratpadz Review (Pictures Included)

    Mine just came in today and boy it's tiny compared to today's gaming pads' standards. I love it though. Had very good experience in my CEVO match today. It's still not fully flat though, just can't seem to get it right. I also used Pledge multi-surface cleaner because I read it reduces...
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    A Ratpadz Review (Pictures Included)

    What about your mouse feet? Have they required frequent replacement or not at all?
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    A Ratpadz Review (Pictures Included)

    I bought one without knowing that it was founder of [H]. What sold me on the pad was the one year satisfaction guarantee, I've yet to see that from my regular brands. I'm tired of my cloth pads wearing out so fast, getting expensive at this point. My XT hasn't shipped yet, hope it gets here...
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    Paypal Asking for Proof of SSN?

    Its not an email, its in the actual site and yes I get that too.
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    UEFI: what cards support it?

    I flashed the GOP BIOS for my DC2 670 but it's not working correctly. Monitor stays in standby after booting and comes on after a while.
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    VBIOS update help

    Yea just came back to post that link. Thanks anyway :)
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    VBIOS update help

    Hi guys I need help upgrading the VBIOS of my 670s. I have the ASUS DC2 TOP GTX670 and there was a new BIOS update released by ASUS for full Win8 compatibility. Official link: However, that tool only works with ASUS...
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    FS iPhone 5 16GB Verizon, Clean ESN The iPhone is in very good condition with some minor scuffs around the power button and lightning port area. Check the picture for condition. Comes with a Spigen Aluminum Home button and the...
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    NVIDIA Reveals Tegra Note – Complete Tablet Platform

    In the market for a reading and movie watching tablet, would've definitely considered this if it were $150. Don't care about the stylus but the software support sounds interesting.
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    Looking for a cheap upgrade for my secondary PC

    I personally wouldn't get anything above a 650ti, that IMO is the best budget card and makes for a good value upgrade.
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    326.41 Official Beta Download Available

    I seem to be facing a no video signal issue. Sometimes when a game is set to run at a different resolution, the video output gets cut when I close that application. For instance, I play CSGO at 1024x768, and when I quit the game, the monitor loses all input. Currently connected using a DVI-VGA...
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    Valve Is Crowdsourcing The Banning of Cheaters

    Its a brilliant system, I just hope their selection for the mods are the right ones. Most of the hackers I've seen so far have the 2nd highest rank in the game, and I've been stuck with Master Legendary Eagle forever.
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    Best Buy Founder Drops Plans for Buyout

    lol you guys hate BB so much. I get good deals on phones (with contract) through BB. Someone always comes up to push me to buy something else, I politely decline and that's all there's to it.
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    Browser Wars: Chrome Hits 17-Month Low

    I have Chrome set as default only because it loads up fast and I don't generally stay for long on links that I get in emails, IMs etc. My primary browser is, and always has been, Opera. I tried switching many MANY times, things just don't work out. Something is always missing. I use Adfender so...
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    Apple Loses Its Shine

    ^^I'm in a similar boat as you are anthongy except I still play games. At the time of my purchase (July 2011) not a single Ultrabook came close to what the Air was back then, so the decision was easy. But UBs have changed a lot since then and the MBA design is still the same as it was 4 years...
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    so Best Buy was awesome to me tonight

    BB has always been great experiences for me too. I don't shop too often there, but I have no problems whatsoever when I do.
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    Nvidia\Metro 2033

    I already have the game and got another key. If anyone wants it then PM me.
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    Is 1GB Enough VRAM For 2560x1600 Gaming?

    I'd say even 2GB is low, but at the ranges of 7870, it's fine. You should definitely get something AMD since they seem to handle higher resolutions better.
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    Warning: Bestbuy's Amazon pricematch is full of it! BS.

    That's going to suck, I like my stuff tax free!
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    15 seconds for MB to post

    Did you add any new USB hardware? I had much longer POSTs when my SS Xai was connected.
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    i7 2600k @ 4.5GHz bottlenecking a GTX680 Sli?

    Yes it'll only bottleneck in CPU intense games like BF3 MP and Arma2, but I highly doubt a 3770k will remove the bottleneck and give you 100% GPU usage since the performance improvement won't be as much. You'll definitely have some improvement but not worth upgrading at this point for such...
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    With the Mac OS X, do most people upgrade every time a new one gets released?

    Well you won't see any major changes really. I have it installed on my 2011 11" Air and it's performance is generally the same with minor changes. It really depends on how much you value the $20. Don't expect anything revolutionary. But if you use iMessage (across iPhones and iPads) and...
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    GeForce Experience Beta

    Idea is great but needs to be integrated in to the Nvi Control Panel if they want people to use it. I installed it just to see what it was, uninstalled it soon after. Can't see myself downloading an application just for this, plus I think this aims for 30FPS average, I want 60 with 50 minimum...
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    7970 CFX vs GTX 670 SLI

    If it were just 670 vs 7970, then 7970 for sure. But with such a monstrous config, I'd want to use every feature of a game. And unfortunately that includes PhysX affects as well. Say what you want about it, but the big games that have it make a substantial difference compared to without it/off...
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    Keep iPhone 4S or upgrade to iPhone 5?

    I have a Verizon Jailbroken 4S with some marks on it's left bezel, how much would it sell for? Any idea?
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    Mathed Potatoes For The Holidays

    what the hell did I just see...brilliant stuff lmfao.
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    Black Friday Protests Doesn't Faze Shoppers

    I was thinking the same thing lol. I know a ton of people who just line up for the fun of it. They get an idea of the deals to expect and go in searching for things they want. If they don't find it, then so be it. On the other hand I also know people who line up because they see deep...
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    Windows 8 vs Windows 7 Performance

    Metro is junk and intrusive, I don't keep everything blown up to fullscreen and huge fonts. I tried really hard for a week, just didn't work out. Haven't used it ever since I installed classic shell and have no intention to ever use that trash again.
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    660ti or 7950

    7950, no doubt about it, preferrably with a custom cooler.
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    Is Showrooming Rude?

    I have done this many times, and obviously I wouldn't if the price difference wasn't as much. Is it my fault that used games in B&M cost the same (if not more) as new games in Amazon? If this is considered rude, then I'd prefer to be rude rather than downright stupid.
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    Amazon reminds me of why I am their customer...

    I love Amazon too! Love them so much that I once returned a package which they claimed was lost in transit and refunded my money :D I just wish they improved their price matching requests, and offered a membership for just the shipping benefits like Prime Student. I have no use for instant videos.
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    Dual cards to single card - help?

    Single card will be the better solution only when the FPS produced is close to the crossfire FPS. 660ti will be nothing close to that. 670/680 should be close to it, since you are on a tight budget, I suggest you look at the trade section of various forums. That's the only way you are going...
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    4-way SLI 680 and BF3 MP = ~70% GPU Usage

    I'll test out this Mesh theory in a while. But I find it weird that the OP and I have the same usage levels despite the number of GPUs. I filled a survey for nvidia, if everyone else did then it might get a fix soon.
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    4-way SLI 680 and BF3 MP = ~70% GPU Usage

    I don't get high GPU usage with 2-way SLI either, so I'm not surprised that 4 GPUs don't scale well. My 580s used to scale a lot better than my 670s, but my 670s do give higher FPS'.
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    New Keyboard & Mouse - what would you get???

    Ya I know I myself am using one right now :D What I meant was, higher quality mech KBs such as Filco, Ducky etc don't usually come with these keys. Only the ones made for gaming purposes do.
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    New Keyboard & Mouse - what would you get???

    I have a Zowie AM, it's relatively cheap and performs very well. It replaced my SteelSeries Sensei actually. Razer gears always break for me. SS is more reputable when it comes to durability I suppose. But then again the senor in my Sensei did die. I got my replacement mouse today, and I can...