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    New LG OLED TVs Are Only 2.6mm Thick

    Someone I know did just that... They installed the wall mount... They put the tv on it... plug all the cable... When they decide to show the client he could move the angle of the tv with the wall mount... The guy ripped off the wall mount from the wall... It seems that screwing in gypsum is not...
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    Broadband Declared A Basic Service In Canada

    Well by day I'm mostly outside (or inside doing maintenance) But at night I like watching TV/movies
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    New LG OLED TVs Are Only 2.6mm Thick

    I bought an LG OLED this christmas. The guy at the electronics stores told me about those. The problem LG as is "SHIPPING" because it's so thin it tends to bend and break... Like an Iphone for example :) So Lg will need to ship it sandwiched between or with a glass panel or other material...
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    Broadband Declared A Basic Service In Canada

    I live in Canada, and that is a good news. We have a "family cottage" that happens to be in a rural area. A few years ago with those federal grant they were able to pass cable around the lake to service everyone. We are paying 120$ a month for cable/internet and phone service. We used to pay...
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    Netflix Now Only Has 31 Movies From IMDB’s Top 250 List

    Come to Netflix Canada, it's worse
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    Self-Healing Fabric That Can Repair Itself

    I didn't think about washing... Think about a t-shirt... with the sweet, or the rain... you now have a permenant shirt stuck to your body hair! Is that a tatoo of a shirt?
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    NVIDIA Announces The New Titan X

    About the Titan X: I like it a lot, because it made me read this thread... And the thread is golden! Thanks guys! First computer, was in 1979 a Pc with Dos 1.x (don't remember) so... it took YEARS before they decided to have graphic cards. Back then we sometime add Math Co-Processor to "unslow"...
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    Naked ITX

    Maybe someone can help me on this: hos is the video card plugged into the mobo? Is there some sort of PCIX cable extension? wouldn't that slow down the card?
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN X Video Card PREVIEW @ [H]

    They say the price is niche... well not that much... A good GTX980 is around 730, A Titan X goes around 33% faster and enables 4K gaming truly. so 730$ + 33% = 970.90 If you have the $$ to have a 4K monitor, the extra 40$ is peanuts. And for us poor folks we'll have about 25 pounds of...
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    Issue with using and uninstalling Office 13

    Can you open word whitout any doc ? As you would when you want to make a new one? If it works put some stuff in it (cut and paste a web page or two) save the file. close word wait 15 sec reopen the file if this works then your file is corrupted. Then I'll find you how to uncorrupt it.
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    Issue with using and uninstalling Office 13

    Are you sure it's Word that is at fault or is it the document? The file could be corrupted... The repair you made was it on the document itself or on the software?
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    Custom Desk

    Wow this going to be a very tricked out desk!
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    Custom Desk

    nice job! Me instead of 4 2x4 in the legs at the back I would have remove the 2 in the middle inserted a bag, and after it's done fill it up with sand. which is far heavier. But if you already have the wood...
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    3dfx Voodoo5 6000 First Aircooler Edition

    Wow that card still in use in 2013 that's impressive! To me what your doing is akin to restoring a vintage car! Kudos!
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    Microsoft Aims To Sell 1B Xbox One Consoles

    Well if it's like the Xbox 360 where you get a RROD every 6 months for the first 2 years... They might make it... 1B is one Xbox per 7 people...Unless they plan on more then one console per household... it's quite unlikely...
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    multiple monitor bsod

    I got a Gigabyte 6970 oc 2GB card. Works real fine with one monitor but when I have 2 of them I get some BSODs. Now it wasnt with all game but consistent on which game : if it bugs with one it will bug again with it. After a lot of investigating, redoing my install from scratch (3-4 time)...
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    Watercooled desk

    I'll give you a trick: most major wood selling store (homedepot for exemple) Will be ready to cut it for you. Furthermore you could rent the toools you need, sometimes you'll rent the 500$ tool you cant afford for a weekend at less then 50$. Me with every project (IT or woodworking) I force...
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    I'm looking for a good fanbus that could control my fans. -- optional temp speed controlled, -- optional lcd output. about my setup: I have a big case that used to house a DELL XPS630... Now I just have the case with a new pc upgrade in it. In that case where two huge fans 120mm...
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    Raid-1 or Raid-5 ? Hardware based or Software based ?

    We recently had a raid 6 failure at the office on a SAN that was supported. That means 3 drive failed before the rebuild thus dead in the water. They where changing the first one when the 2nd failed and before the first onw was rebuilt we lost the third... Thank God for frequent backups!
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    Raid-1 or Raid-5 ? Hardware based or Software based ?

    I just wanted to know one thing: when you are saying software based raid, are you talking about using the raid option in windows OR using the Raid capability of your Mobo? Because Raid Software to me is Windows (big NONO) Hardware Raid is either on Mobo (good for normal users) or dedicated...
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    Raid-1 or Raid-5 ? Hardware based or Software based ?

    I'd like to had: TEST IT! I had a Raid 1 in my dell... one disk died on me. Never was able to rebuild it. So After i changed the hard drive, I took a spare I had I testedit: raid 1 with disk A+B, install os and one game... tested the game it works. shutdown remove disk B and insert...
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    Help - what's best way to mount a motherboard?

    Also used the brass standoff and once in a while a wooden peg... Well my first build I had an oversized mobo and not enough brass standoff... So I sculpted one! Now everytime I get rid of a pc I scrounge all the brass standoff and a few nuts and bolts...You never know.
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    Changing/Swapping/Installing new Capacitors

    I know it ain't that hard for someone who as a bit of electronic know-how, but... How do you test that this fix works? Because if you need to test it with a CPU... A CPU is a very pricy fuse to blow up... Personnaly I wouldn't do it... I still, from time to time, blow up LEDs when I...
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    Dell mobo... want to upgrade CPU...

    I shall... Sould be during the week-end!
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    Dell mobo... want to upgrade CPU...

    Dual sales tax: Canada is 5% and the province (Québec) is 9.5% But that's nothing to my 48% income taxes... The Joy of living in Canada... A good health systems cost you an arm and a leg... Ok So my upgrade as been purchase... just waiting on the delivery: Gigabyte Z68X-UD3H-B3 ATX...
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    Dell mobo... want to upgrade CPU...

    First, I would like to send my grateful appreciation to everyone who helped me here. Well when this all started I wanted to upgrade my GPU (GeForce9800) which is doing acceptable in Rift with minimal settings. I then realized that I was also CPU-bottleneck... Hence this thread. Now I...
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    Dell mobo... want to upgrade CPU...

    My other question would be is it worth to upgrading it? Or should I start replacing the mobo for a basic i7...
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    Dell mobo... want to upgrade CPU...

    My system is a XPS 630i, (tag is B69LPH1) from the forums it seems that my mobo would be a nvidia 650i... From the Bios i got the following: I have a Phoenix AwardBios v 1.0.8 from 07/15/2008 my CPU is a Q9300 2.5 ghz it says system type 630i... A search for info on my mobo (with the maglite...
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    Dell mobo... want to upgrade CPU...

    Last time I bought a computer, I went for a Dell... after 3 computers custum built... Well 3 years later, I'd like to upgraqde a few parts but according to Dell that is impossible. I would like to find out if I can change my CPU on my mobo and what is available out there that would be...
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    Microsoft Tossing Hat in Skype’s Ring?

    Skype must feel like the bell of the ball having three suitors. I hope there is a typo here: bell doesn't ring true i think you meant "belle" as beautiful not bell as idiot of the ball. This news takes a whole new way if we all consider skype an idiot to be courted by those 3 giants.
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    MSI N560GTX Ti Twin Frozr II OC Give-away!

    That would be the only way I'll get a MSI product... the last experience with them and their support made me ban them... If I win I'll gladly give them a second and 3rd chance!
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    Mother Necessity In Action?

    I did try somethin of this genre: pugging the green (logitech) ps2-usb adaptor. In my ps2 port. Well it works for logitech mouses... not all other mouses (got 2 generic that didn't work and one ms that did.) So if even for mouses we have trouble... Well I plugged my usb stick (one I had...
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    Analyst: PlayStation 3 to Win Console War

    Well that is really bad news for Sony... Actually those analyst didn't realize that Sony is LOOSING money everytime they sell you a PS3... So by 2014 they might go bankrupt! :eek: I like my PS3 alot. I chose it because I'm against paying for "live" service which should be free. And I...
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    Apple Store Cracked Step On Sale for $2,500

    Have you tried to find it on e-bay? I was curious... Just to check how much it was now at... well it's finished with no bid... so good publicity for apple!
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    Spy Photos

    Kyle I have to hand it to you, 1 nice spy "photo" 2 pages of discussion about a would be product 1 rant by the admin 4 pages of replies... People love more than the products you show us! And me I've read the saga just because it was fun to read. That was a nice lunch break for me!
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    New PS3 Client.

    I got the same problem at my cottage... But the UPS gives me 30-45min to realize there is a power outage and shut down the PS3 cleanly.
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    Futuristic Right Angle Radiator

    Sometimes... knowing French helps: The designer used fractals structures to boost the performance of this radiaton. What he intended to do was a radiator to heat your house with. They are more compact (34cm or 13 inches) and they can be left on the ground. The Idea was to replace an...
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    Looking for a good shop...

    I just e-mailed my friend telling him that he should move to Manchester! Should be easier to get a computer :) Thanks everyone... I'll keep on looking...
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    Looking for a good shop...

    Thanks I'll try that too...
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    Looking for a good shop...

    Hello, I am going to visit a friend in UK, in the subburbs of London, district of Kent the town is Bickley but it next to Bromley. Well my friend wants a new PC and would like my help... But the only store he knows is PC-World... I'm looking for a shop where he could have decent support...