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    Has anyone tried the painting trick on an ipod?

    ill be waiting for the results on this...
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    Password input on startup...

    then there is the openfirmware password. similar to a bios password
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    Change Folder Picture for icons you download, just select the icon ctrl-click, get info, select the icon and copy it. then do the same to paste it onto the folder you want. other wise you have to either create icons in photoshop or similar or get an icon builder like the one at iconfactory.
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    Forgot Log-On Password?

    reset it or crack it
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    dont want to keep spending money on canned air

    you dont have to fill it with liquids, you can just as easily fill it with air.
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    G5 HardDrives
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    w00t! Dual-core Power Macs

    wow, 4 full size pci-e slots for support of up to 4 video cards..could you imagine having 8 30" cinema dislays..splooge..dammit... upped the L2 cache to 1MB for each of the 4 cores, each processor has its own system bus. support for 4 terabytes of ram (for when, you know, we have 500GB...
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    Applescript execute on close

    you could tell it to pause for a few seconds between loops, but yes
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    Is this the video Ipod

    that is a photoshop. it is the startup animation of a Toshiba handheld after a hard reset with the version number and everything, photoshoped into an ipod frame. fake.
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    Mac Mini?

    if you do intensive graphic work, then i would go with something more powerful. At least an iMac. But if you want to use both of those monitors, you will have to get a PowerMac as the Mini and iMac only support one monitor.
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    .pdf files look like 35mm film negs..!

    you could run it through the quartz invert filter
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    iPod Nano and Phone announced

    iPod Nano announced as well as the rumored ROKR motorola phone. Also iTunes 5 and Quicktime 7.0.2 avaliable. iTunes has a new look, I like it. And now that I just got a new iPod mini, I frikcin want a Nano.
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    Add "new" as an option to right click dock icon?

    You can also hide windows, via command-H or command-option-H. Expose is nicer though.
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    iBook plays MP3s a little slower than my PCs

    Songs dont have to play at the exact same rate for them to sound good, so they dont put a tremendous ammount of effort into exact timekeeping. Try the same thing with a portable CD player compared with the one in your car and you will probably have similar results.
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    using another itunes computer as "remote speakers"

    itunes has a server built in. just select share my music under sharing in the prefs, but you cant control it. You can use one of these programs to do that. I hear netTunes is pretty good.
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    Startup Sound

    If your machine is muted when it is shut off or restarted then it will not make the bong when you turn it back on (same with the volume adjustment-the volume also applies to the following startup sound). As for the screen res - that sounds like what happens when the PRAM is reset or the PRAM...
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    anyway to keep applications from using the internet?

    second on little snitch. zonealarm is a nofer on the Mac (bad Footer, bad.) . :)
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    Free/low cost IDE for OS X

    Ummm.. XCode is free and pretty soon you will be required to use it for Mac development. Just go buy Tiger.
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    Powermac 9500 power issues

    The PowerMac 9500 requires a connector similar to the +12V connector in PC's but is larger and with more pins in addition to the ATX-style connector. It will be cheaper to buy a new Mac than to replace this unless you can open it up and replace whatever component is burnt out.
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    What to do with a old iMac ?

    Tiger does not actually require firewire. It just happens that the introduction of firewire into Apple's lineup coincided with the actual requirements. It is just easier to say "you need firewire" than to rattle off a bunch of technical specs. XPostFacto will allow you to put Tiger on that...
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    Booting to external Firewire there ya go.
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    Help w/ Safari ?

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    Help w/ Safari ?

    uhhhh.. right click (ctrl click) and select save as..
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    Booting to external Firewire

    holding down t puts your comp into target disk mode (makes your machine into a giant external harddrive/cd encolsure). just select your ipod from the startup disk control panel
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    codecs for quicktime
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    Star Wars III Made on Mac?

    for final rendering. I'm sure that the artists were allowed to use whatever they wanted to.
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    Apple laptop noob question

    Lets try to make complete sentences here fellas. My advice: it depends. If you mean one external in addition to the internal drive then it might not be a bad idea. I you mean two external drives, I would suggest getting one large one unless for some reason you need two separate drives.
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    Apple USB Power Adaptor Universal?

    it is only the 120v adapter.
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    how to extend airport extreme's range very top port is a standard orinoco antenna connector the AXBS has the same port as well Some linksys routers support the range extending too. you just have to check dr bott has some expensive antennas...
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    It's offical, apple moving to x86 Intel chips by June 6th 2006

    if it allows direct hardware access or at least hardware acceleration.
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    It's offical, apple moving to x86 Intel chips by June 6th 2006

    I like the fact that Apple will not stop Windows from being run on thier boxes. I just hope that they dont integrate it into the OS ala startup disk or the like. It will ultimately force Apple to go the way of OS/2. It allowed Windows apps to be run and nobody wanted to write apps for it. I...
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    It's offical, apple moving to x86 Intel chips by June 6th 2006

    True, they did not invent it single handedly but they were the primary developer, not much difference.
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    It's offical, apple moving to x86 Intel chips by June 6th 2006

    Relevant points. Apple has a time ahead of them. The more I think about this the better I feel. I hope that this will at least partially put behind us the problem of incompatible hardware upgrades like video cards, and make it easier to port games.
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    It's offical, apple moving to x86 Intel chips by June 6th 2006

    hellphyre, Methodical, and Dew, You were correct in that I am not privy to future X86 developments, but: Keyword: performance, I know OS X is better. I just have a hard time believing that with a hand full of SE's in 5 years, Apple has been able to optimize X for X86 the way MS has been...
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    It's offical, apple moving to x86 Intel chips by June 6th 2006

    Quit citing this. Apple has said that what they have now is better but the future G5's dont look as good compared to future Intel chips, so they are changing to prevent that.
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    It's offical, apple moving to x86 Intel chips by June 6th 2006

    I woke up in the twilight zone and Apple anounced today that starting in June of next year Apple will be using Intel processors and all Macs will use intel by June of 2007. I have yet to fully digest all the implications of this announcement, but I have to admit that I in no way saw this...
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    It's offical, apple moving to x86 Intel chips by June 6th 2006

    Nooooo! Why, God, why???!!!!
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    Apple to start using Intel chips?

    A non-issue unless Apple decides to start making cars. Remember IBM's new $3billion Fishkill plant built just to keep demand on the new PPC fabs? IBM would not let Apple just throw that away. There would be deals made to keep Apple. Also IBM is making some good changes to their processor...
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    apple switching to intel possibly good news for pc's?

    It is liquid cooled. The external cache uses heat pipe tech but the procs use water run through a pump and heat exchanger. Check your facts.