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    Who Killed PC Audio, and will Soundcards Ever Be a Thing Again?

    Since I realized that HDMI audio out of any Nvidia or AMD video card was so hassle free for 5.1 and 7.1 I have not looked back. I have a killer sounding Harmon Kardon receiver that I have used since the DTS-HD standard came around and it has eliminated the need for any internal sound card as...
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    Windows 10: Upgrade Now or Upgrade Tonight

    This is why I disable Windows Updates. I mainly game and watch movies and I never seem to have issues from not having them. Win 8.1 and no annoying crap here.
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    Dotcom’s Extradition Hearing ‘Ambushed’ With New Evidence

    All evidence is supposed to be out in the open before the discovery phase is completed. This gives both sides equal time to prepare their case with all cards on the table. Could cause the evidence to get tossed. Up to the judge when this happens.
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    is DSR good? worth it to go team green?

    By the way, when you enable it at the global level it just adds new resolutions that can be selected in game or even at the desktop. I think watching 4k youtube vids looks way better with the desktop at 4k.
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    is DSR good? worth it to go team green?

    I had to come out of lurking to answer this one. IMO YES, god yes ! DSR is really just driver supported downsampling as you may already know. It uses a nice filter (adjustable) that can make even older games like Drakken, order of the flame look nice in faked 4k. Nothing beats real 4k but this...
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    Gamers Misled Over Dark Souls II Graphics Quality

    This is why I always wait a couple of days to get any game. Wait for bug reports and people posting game play footage on youtube or twitch. Get a better idea of what you are spending your money on. Patience pays off when it comes to buying new games these days since so many companies release...
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    Why Best Buy is Going out of Business...Gradually

    I once heard some BB kid telling an older couple that they needed a laptop with a blu-ray drive so it would run faster. No kidding.. I corrected him right there and they walked.
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    Killer gfx demo. No polys all particles. 580 gtx on its knees !

    No doubt. Its not the game companies showing us for the most part ! These demos also have the luxury of no AI and collision to calculate so you have more headroom for GFX. Every thing is being consoled it seems with good and bad results. I dont mind a standard being developed for pc gaming but...
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    Killer gfx demo. No polys all particles. 580 gtx on its knees !

    Good idea to keep an eye on the scene. I think that the demo scene has done more for modern gaming that it will ever receive credit for. Seeing 3d structures done with particles like that is something that if refined or used in a game engine as opposed to traditional polys (the tech might not...
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    Killer gfx demo. No polys all particles. 580 gtx on its knees !

    Cant believe I left out the link. Its called ceasefire. Check them all out. Another one is all particles too from the same team.
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    Killer gfx demo. No polys all particles. 580 gtx on its knees !

    For those that do not know, there is a very large artistic graphics demo scene that has been alive and well in Europe since the early 80's along side the releases of Commodore 64 and Amiga. Each system was a bit ahead of its time especially the Amiga as it could do 4096 colors at once in HAM...
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    2600k voltage question

    Seems that I have to run 1.367v for stability at 4.6 and 4.7 fails even at 1.5v so WTF ?!?!. There was a report that a bios update caused the need for more cpu voltage at the same clock speeds. Is this voltage about on base on above. When I run PRime the voltage in cpu-z hits 1.401. Temps are...
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    To those with a G0 Q6600

    Bought a G0 when they launched. Ran at 3.6 (450x9) and 1.45v. Just sold to friend so it is still running strong. Ram was at like 1128. Still a speedy machine. 2600k just eats it though,,
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    MSI P67A-GD65 LGA1155 Chipset Motherboard Review @ [H]

    I updated the bios over a week ago to 1.8b7 and nothing seemed to change. Never had the saving or vcore bug. Notice that vcore in windows is different that vcore in bios. How can I be sure the intel management agent was updated ? I did use the msi forum tool and bios flashing method. Just looked...
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    MSI P67A-GD65 LGA1155 Chipset Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Any chance you could post you bios settings for your OC ? I am having to pump 1.37v (1.408 under prime load) in to a 2600k to be prime stable at only 4.6ghz Its supposed to be from a good batch known for low vcores as well. I may have a crap chip and thats ok. Just want to be sure as some of...
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    Upmixing 2.0 to 5.1 in W7, routing possible?

    It does. CMSS is broken and was never fixed. Creative Sux. Running HDMI out to a receiver and not using a sound card at all (well I guess the 480gtx is kind of a sound card) is the best sound I have ever heard from my pc. Period. Even games are working in surround like this. I am more concerned...
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    Upmixing 2.0 to 5.1 in W7, routing possible?

    Foobar + the channel mixer plugin is all you need. I am using wasapi to bypass the windows 7 audio engine for bitmached playback so basically I am outputting pcm over hdmi to my harmon kardon. Almost as if my receiver is the sound card now. For music and especially high bit rate 96/24 (my dvd...
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    3DTV Content

    Dont forget about the sacrifices that have to be made to get 3d on a console. For instance, Wipeout for PS3 is native 1080p60. To get the 3d implemented 3d version will be 720p@30 fps. First of all you can not do 1080p at 120hz over a single HDMI from what I have read which means 3d 1080p gaming...
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    Got a PSU question with the GTX 480

    Running an antec 650w no clue on amperage. Rock solid with q6600 at 3.6 1.45v, GTX 480 at 816 core and 1000mem over volted to 1075mv, 3 wd hard drives, 4 case fans, way too many usb devices and no issues at all.
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    Impressions from a 5870 to GTX 480

    Maybe triple buffering isnt working ? Try riva tuner but only install it. You dont have to run it. The item of interest is the d3doverider.exe that comes with it in the tools directory. Sounds like your frame rate drops might be double buffering causing the rate from 60 to 30 if it drops below...
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    So many mobo choices. Which one for i7 and at least 4.ghz

    Thanks guys. I didnt think about price range. I guess $200.00 would be the most I want to spend. I will check the ones suggested so far. Thanks ! Is a 920 the best choice for 4ghz ?
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    So many mobo choices. Which one for i7 and at least 4.ghz

    Well, I have been on the q6600 platform since launch with a nice healthy 3.6 ghz and want to move to i7 to push my Gtx 480 a little more. I know that overclocking the i7 is a bit different with qpi etc. Could someone suggest a mobo ? usb 3 and the new sata standard would be nice. Sli maybe in...
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    Gtx 480. No temp issues with nice oc on air.

    Maybe I just got one with a proper thermal grease application from factory. Most often they gob it on there like mad. Dont know but happy with temps however I did have to back it down to 791 from 806. It was stable in furmark at 806 but in heavan bench It locked up vid and threw garbage all over...
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    Gtx 480. No temp issues with nice oc on air.

    Furmark run was 10min. Even Crysis Warhead benches were not pushing it over 75c ?!?! Hope its not under reporting or something but that is what I am seeing. In response to the above on core temps... Mine are unchanged from my 280 that I just retired.
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    Gtx 480. No temp issues with nice oc on air.

    Do not understand what all the bad press was about. My card has not hit above 90c with fan forced at 70% (which isnt loud to me at all) running extreme burn on furmark. Keep in mind my core is running at 806 (default 701), shader at 1612 (Default 1400) and to my surprise is rock solid. The...
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    8 Million Reasons for Real Surveillance Oversight

    B.S. I have nothing to hide but who is to say that law enforcement can be trusted ? Who has access to this system ? Are they using it to hunt down old girl friends ? A dirty cop might use it in ways we cant imagine. The idea that if you are not doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry is...
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    PS3 as HTPC?

    Now using ps3 for all movie and video playback from pc as I think it does a much better job. Running PS3 media server max settings over gigabit. DTS pasthrough works great and full 1080p rips with DTS sound plays back looking and sounding amazing. Just need an hdmi soundcard now so i can listen...
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    Measuring Controller Lag in Console Gaming

    I used my guitar processor with an echo setting of 2,5,10,20,30,40ms all the way up to 200 ms to see if I could hear what I couldnt see. Normally you would never use delay settings that low because you wont hear the slap back. I know this is apples and oranges but I wanted to see if hearing...
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    Vizio Leads US LCD TV Shippers

    I just bought and returned a 55 inch vizio. You guys should test for input lag. It was terrible on my set across all inputs with smooth motion disabled. The picture was outstanding but the input lag was a deal killer. My cod5 scores were way down (pc version) and it felt a bit spongy. Anyone...
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    Gaming on 120HZ LCD hdtv's and smooth motion. Wow !!

    I have 90 days to return it (more like 84 now). I wonder if I should worry about 3d ? I have no problem with the pc input being 60hz. I am jumping from pc gaming at 1280x720 on a 50 inch to 1920x1080 on a 55 inch. WOW. I tried my pc on a friends 1080p dlp and didnt see a huge difference but...
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    Gaming on 120HZ LCD hdtv's and smooth motion. Wow !!

    Oh man, I locked Cod at 24 fps with a console command and turned on the smooth motion.. It looked like 60 fps BUT it controlled like a rubber band !! HEhe. This works good at 60fps and I dont feel lag even when switching between low and off but with high vs low you can feel and see the lag. As...
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    Gaming on 120HZ LCD hdtv's and smooth motion. Wow !!

    Guys I would have never thought it possible but it seems to be. Let me start by saying that I am very sensitive to input lag. I can not perceive any lag using some of the advanced features of this set. I have not measured it and figure if I cant feel it then fine. I played Dirt and Grid...
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    Why aren't LCD TVs used more often as a computer monitor?

    I game at 720p from my couch. I know a lot of people complain that the resolution is so low, jaggies etc. Nhancer is all that is needed because at 720p you have the power to use high levels of super sampling of AA. ALmost every game runs great with the 16xs combined mode and is shimmer/jaggy...
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    Presonus Firebox...does anyone have one?

    I have a Presounus Firepod and I am pretty sure it uses the same mic pre amps as the firebox. If so GET IT NOW.. Clear, warm, tons of head room and doesnt color the sound... I could go on and on. Presonus is well known for producing great affordable mic pre amps..
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    Guy Busted For Selling Hacked Cable Modems

    Guys, The details are too many. IF you use a hacked cable modem you will get caught. It is only a matter of time and some providers will prosecute you for it and some will just ban you for life.. Is it really worth the risk ? They can report bogus speeds to the routers all they want and it is...
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    Best Racing Game?

    Amen on Powerslide man.. Old voodoo user I see ? For its time (late 90's) this game had awesome visuals, control, feel and was one of the 1st games I owned that not only looked awsome but ran at 60fps most all the time...
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    Guy Busted For Selling Hacked Cable Modems

    I would like to see a response from the person that sells these modems. How do they avoid detection ?
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    Guy Busted For Selling Hacked Cable Modems

    I used to work for insight Broadband (part of AT&T) and it was sooo easy to catch a hacked modem.. The cisco ubr routers can query a modem and dislplay whatever the config file has set for upload and download speeds. Someone smarter than I wrote a pearl script that checked each ubr router at...
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    FarCry 2 DX9 vs. DX10 Performance @ [H]

    With Nvidia cards use nhancer and make a profile for farcry 2 if there isnt a driver profile already. There is a setting called pre-render in the optimization tab pictured here ( ) Set that to one under global or game profile and mouse lag is gone...