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    Linus from Linus Tech to Possibly Retire

    Someone didn’t watch all of the video apparently
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    Gamers hate the Epic Game Store but spent $680 million there anyway.

    Considering the principals don’t matter to companies like epic or steam. It really doesn’t matter what you do. They are going to continue doing whatever they think will earn them the most money
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    Gamers hate the Epic Game Store but spent $680 million there anyway.

    I still prefer the epic game store for its simple no added crap features I don’t want. I can’t stand the steam store....
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    Intel challenges AMD: “Come beat us in Real World gaming”

    I would love to see AMD decide to produce a processor that hit 5.1ghz on all cores to spite Intel. I’m sure they have some of those new Ryzens binned that could do it.
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    EPIC store violates GDRP

    Am I the only one that actually prefers epic over steam? I really can’t stand steam....
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    Captain Marvel Will Lead the MCU, Kevin Feige Says

    I’m sick of actors spreading their political opinions. Not only am I less likely to watch whatever movie your in, but I’m probably more inclined to believe the opposite that your advocating
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    AMD Ryzen 5 Reviewer's Kit Giveaway

    I was a first time poster, but I've been following Hardocp since 02 or 03. Even attended there conference they put together down In Dallas back in 03 I think. Anyone remember what the name of that thing was?