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    All Intel CPUs in last 10 yrs have critical bug to show protected kernel memory areas

    Assuming consumers don't use system calls then ya, ~0%
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    Vega Rumors

    Have to say I like the open back design of the XFX custom more.
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    So what happens to the laptop market if... (intel+amd chip related)

    I believe you're discussing something else altogether. Please read
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    MINIX: The Most Popular OS in the World, Thanks to Intel

    I'll look for that video, but I'm dubious that the arm core doesn't run some OS.
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    MINIX: The Most Popular OS in the World, Thanks to Intel

    That arm core is undoubtedly running some software. AMD isn't just gonna stick an extra core into their chip and not have it do anything.
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    So what happens to the laptop market if... (intel+amd chip related)

    So what happens to the laptop market if intel pairs an amd chip to ALL high end laptop parts? The way I see it intel is taking a jab at nvidia with this amd deal and if they really want it to sting then why not pair an amd chip to the entire high end line? A few things could happen 1. Gaming...
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    Intel to use integrated AMD graphics in thier chips

    Current gen 15 inch macbook pros have a 45 watt intel chip and a polaris chip. This seems like a size reduction on the pair at least and maybe some power savings to boot. I'm curious if there will be a lower wattage version made as well.
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    From ATI to AMD back to ATI? A Journey in Futility @ [H]

    Intel does on package dram so.... memory access might be there. On CUs you've got a point, but even a 7850k with a better memory system is at least interesting and with updated cores it might even be compelling.
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    Navi Rumors

    If it launches in 2018 I find it really hard to believe that it won't have HBM2. We haven't even gotten a rumor of a new memory standard. Not that that's a bad thing.
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    From ATI to AMD back to ATI? A Journey in Futility @ [H]

    AMD wouldn't kill raven's ridge, but they would kill a good deal of laptops with geforces. Intel still commands the high end market, and a quad core intel chip with mid range vega sounds like a discrete gpu killer to me.
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    Linux HTPC Video card question...

    Anything pre-maxwell from nvidia or pre-vega gcn on amd should work with open drivers. Not sure what chip the 710 has in it, but if it's kepler that might be the card to get. AMD wise it looks like the r7 240 is the cheapest thing, but it's 3x the price of the 710 so.... ya.
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    Strange Ryzen behavior with Nvidia vs Amd

    According to this nvidia drivers rely on the cpu for more than amd graphics drivers do. It's very possible that with more cores nvidia just issues out more worker threads.
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    Feren OS game changer

    I think these distros that aim to look/work like windows are a bit of a trap. On first glance they're fine, but when you start using them and start running into problems you get stuck. Linux isn't windows and dressing it up to feel like windows just means that if you try to solve a problem the...
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    Vega Rumors

    Ya, I'm not sure. The art department clearly knows it's vega given the big V on the rendered silicon. I guess we'll find out at computex. The Polaris die art was angled. This looks more like a reused hawaii render if anything. Edit: Hawaii die for comparison
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    Vega Rumors

    Note this render from the financial presentation
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    Vega Rumors

    It shouldn't be. This is what the seamicro purchase was all about.
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    AMD Epyc (Naples)

    It's announced. AMD ThreadRipper HEDT CPU Officially Announced AMD just officially announced the new AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper High End Desktop CPU that will be released this summer at its Financial Analyst Day. A 16-Core 32-Thread CPU sounds...
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    Vega Rumors

    Because MOAR!
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    Linux, iTunes Coming to Microsoft's App Store
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    Raven Ridge spotted. 3Ghz CPU 800Mhz GPU

    Fingers crossed for an stx board.
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    Radeon RX Vega Discussion Thread

    Ya, I don't claim to know enough about these nodes to make an informed guess, but there's more than just TSMC 16nm to use. It's just conceivable to me that nvidia could make volta on one of the new nodes and that might be enough to get an extra 200Mhz across the board or something.
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    Radeon RX Vega Discussion Thread

    12nm and 10nm are also possible. There was some news of nvidia taking some wafers from samsung (probably testing for now) so any node provided by TSMC or samsung is a possibility.
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    Place your bets on Vega

    I've got 3 billion Zimbabwe dollars on red!
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    AMD's Stock Plummets, Worst Single-Day Drop In More Than A Decade

    and it's still better than it was 3 months ago
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    Radeon Pro Duo Polaris

    Depends on the application. If you want it to show up as 32GB in a single pool on a dx11 game then no.
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    Vega performance compared to the Geforce GTX 1080 Ti and the Titan Xp looks really nice!

    In the right light bulldozer looked like it should have
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    Vega performance compared to the Geforce GTX 1080 Ti and the Titan Xp looks really nice!

    Vega looks nice, volta looks decent, pascal 2 looks agreeable, navi looks satisfactory ... uh cannonlake looks pleasant, zen 2 looks fine etc... Let me know if any of those descriptions ever fail to materialize.
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    Best Linux distro for Ryzen?

    Just get the newest kernel you can. There should be no substantial difference between distros.
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    Bit of a Rant about Ryzen & AMD

    Get with the times. I use linux daily and the open source driver from amd FAR better to live with than the nvidia one.
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    ARM server status update / reality check

    System76 now has an arm server. Cavium ThunderX based.
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    Bit of a Rant about Ryzen & AMD

    I use linux here and I only buy amd if I'm buying a discrete card.
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    Bit of a Rant about Ryzen & AMD

    tl;dr it's a reasonable product at a reasonable price.
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    Linux newb checking out distros and general info is worth being aware of. If a new distro gets released then you'll find a news item about it on distro watch. Great for broadening your horizons :)
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    Polaris 20/21/12 as RX580/570/560/550.

    Considering these will launch either along side vega or within a month I doubt people will really care that much.
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    Where are the AM4 ITX boards?

    At this rate the x300 chipset might launch with the ryzen 5 chips.
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    GeForce Now: a dream come true for familly members

    Cloud service gaming has got to be the least [H]ard way to play a game.