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    9900k or 3800x

    Skimming through watchcount looks like Ryzen 1600 go from about $60 to $100 and I5 7600k from about $100 to $189 (WTF?lol) with most 7600k above $145 and most 1600 under $95.
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    9900k or 3800x

    What you're saying makes sense and is true but I think there is more to it. Because even the I5's hold value well from what I can see. Lets include the fact that Intel CPU's are rarely discounted even when replaced by next gen and are more sought after (higher demand). Plus most Intel CPUs...
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    9900k or 3800x

    Some people care about resale value of their CPU and some don't. Intel in my experience holds better value. Even the lower end Intel's hold value well. I always sell my old computer parts and last month parted out my wife's computer since she no longer needs it for work. Bought the I7 7700k for...
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    9900k or 3800x

    If it's for gaming I would say another good option would be I5-9400F that cost $150. Then get a budget or used Z390 or Z370 board. The Gigabyte Z390 UD can be found on sale new for $99 sometimes. So for gaming I would say 9400F is in that $200 value category you mention.
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    9900k or 3800x

    Wasn't the point I was trying to make. AMD should easily last 4+ years. My point was the upgrade path advantage of AM4 didn't matter to me. PCIe 4.0 could very well be an advantage later. Depends if future graphics cards actually use more bandwidth than PCIe 3.0 16x can handle. From what I read...
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    9900k or 3800x

    For me it was simple. The most demanding thing I do with my computer is game. So I skipped to the gaming benchmarks. After reading and watching many reviews it was clear to go Intel this round for gaming. I was hoping to build an AMD computer this time but it didn't make sense. If I build a new...
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    Motherboard for 9900K

    I recently got the Z390 Aorus Master from Newegg Ebay. It was 20% off otherwise I would have gotten the Aorus Ultra. So far I really like the board. Some reviews said the bios is difficult but I don't find that to be the case at all. I really like that I can run my graphics card AIO fan from the...
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    The End of Blu-ray

    Samsung had crappy 4K bluray players anyways... same with LG. I will still buy and enjoy UHD bluray. It's just better when you have a 7.2 surround and 75'' TV.
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    Amazon is Reportedly Tired of Selling Low Cost Items

    So you destroy the competition by selling everything fast and cheap... then decide you don't want to sell low cost items fast and cheap because now you're better than that? OK cool.
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    LawGeex AI Beats 20 Top Lawyers

    So judges can be replaced by A.I. too? sentenced to death by A.I... :vomit:
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    Is the Cost of a Cable Box Really Too Darn High?

    First off most of the boxes (equipment) are total slow POS and considering what Aris, Pace, Motorola, etc... are charging for these units the TV companies are getting ripped off as well. A Roku running the spectrum app is 10x faster and pays for it's self in 6 months (less or more depending on...
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    CDKeys halloween sale.

    Thanks. I picked up Tyranny - Overload Edition.
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    Alienware Co-Founder Frank Azor Discusses How Gaming Has Changed

    I had an Alienware PC back in 2000. It broke shorty after I got it and encouraged me to build my own PC. Thanks Alienware! I still have the case.
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    Intel Core i9-9900K 9th Generation CPU Review @ [H]

    Seems like a kick ass CPU to me. It's the best desktop CPU and they are pricing it that way. I'm actually impressed what they have been able to do on 14mn. For those that wanted high clocks, great IPC, AND 8 cores... here it is.
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    Intel to Split Manufacturing Branch Into Three Divisions

    Retired? LOL More like forced to retire.
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    Some Citizens Are Concerned About New Robotic Patrols in NYC

    What if I run into it with my car by mistake? Would that be an assault of an officer like a K9? How much longer before these start handing out tickets... you know they have to pay for it somehow. I'm starting to think Demolition Man was spot on.
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    Seasonic FOCUS PLUS Gold 550W Power Supply Review @ [H]

    Good to hear. I put this in my wife's build and another to replaced an EVGA in my HTPC that had a loud fan that sounded like a diesel engine. I didn't bother with EVGA RMA since it's the 2nd EVGA PSU to have a bad fan (different models). I just moved on...
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    Sony Confirms PlayStation 4 Successor

    Hope it has a 4K Blu-ray player. The PS4 Pro should've had one. If it can't do solid 4K gaming I don't see the point of another Playstation.
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    HP OMEN X Mindframe Gaming Headset Review: Peltiers Keep Your Ears Cool

    I was just thinking the other day I wished someone made cooled headphones. Not kidding. However, I won't pay $200. In the summer with the door shut my office gets hot AF. If I turn the AC down then the other rooms get too cold. First world problems... I know.
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    World of Warcraft Classic Demo Will Be Included with the BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Ticket

    Vanilla was more intimate vs all other expansions. I played all, but the current one. In vanilla you actually had to explore the World of Warcraft to get around. Instead of insta q everywhere. It was a lot more exciting to hit max level in vanilla and world PVP was better. While I had fun...
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    LG V40 Has 5 Cameras

    You need 3 cameras so you can take a picture of 3 different girls wearing yoga pants at the same time... sometimes they sneak away quickly.
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    Ninja Becomes the First Twitch Streamer to Reach 10 Million Followers

    It's this simple. He is an entertainer. Entertainers have a history of making a lot of money. Pro athletes are entertainers. Kids probably watch him on their way to school.
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    Frisco, Texas Gets Ugliest Self-driving Vehicles in Nation

    Uglier than the taxi from Total Recall...
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    Microsoft Is Working on Two New Xbox Consoles, One of Which Is Streaming Only

    This will be so confusing for parents that don't know jack to figure out which one to buy for their kids. They will just say F it and buy a PS5.
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    Uber Drivers Win Employee Status in New York After Labor Board Ruling

    Uber > taxi any day of the week. I can't tell you how many times a taxi driver tried to rip me off. Some BS about not having change, then we said then you won't get paid... now he has change... triple the price for the same route we took 2 days in a row... list goes on. No thanks. It's not like...
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    HBO Under Pressure From AT&T to Broaden Lineup and Grow

    Why didn't ATT just start their own streaming service with all those billions? Total lack of creativity in my book.
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    Microsoft Re-Releases The IntelliMouse

    I used an optical for 12 years until the sensor just couldn't track perfect anymore. It would still work fine for non-gaming use. If MS brought this mouse back it would be a day one purchase for me. The closest mouse I could find to the optical was the Steelseries kana, but they don't make it...
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    AMD Thinks Intel's 10nm Stumble will Open Doors

    2019 will likely been a great year for AMD CPU's. I'm excited to see what Ryzen 3000 can do. However, Intel has more cash and they have Jim Keller now. Anyone that thinks AMD wouldn't have done the same thing Intel did without competition, you're lying to yourself. As for GPU's I hope Intel does...
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    The First Real Flying Car Is Open for Test Flights

    I don't trust people operating their cars, much less this.
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    Jim Keller Joins Intel

    The future looks very bright for CPUs. Ryzen 3xxx next year on 7nm 12 cores 24 threads and 5ghz (rumors) sounds bad a$$. I bet Jim can make an impact the current on Intel design. At least I hope we don't have to wait that long. Think of it this way, AMD needed a completely new core design, Intel...
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    AMD Combat Crate Bundle Leaked

    Showing $549.99 for me. Wonder if we will see combos from other vendors like Asus??
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    AT&T Getting Ready to Offer Skinny TV Streaming Package for $15

    Plus, OTA will most likely have better picture quality (PQ). PlayStation Vue has slightly better PQ form the streaming services I tried (DTV Now, PS Vue, and Sling TV) and OTA still looks appreciably better. I can stream live TV over my network with my HDHomerun connect to any device. The...
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    AMD 2nd Gen Ryzen 2 2700X Zen+ CPU Review @ [H]

    Looks like a great all around CPU out of the box. Wish all the 8700k OC numbers were in there. Small gains from Ryzen 1xxx and not worth upgrading if you have a Ryzen 7 1xxx already ($300+$300=$600 on CPUs in 1 year). Was hoping for 4.5ghz average chip OC since it moved to 12nm... I'm really...