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    Chat message

    Dunamis slaps himself around a bit with a large trout
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    Tabs vs spaces

    It's tabs of course :cool:
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    Quake II on Vulkan API Now Available on GitHub

    Hmm.. did not see that. Although it gave an interesting morning project to setup Visual Studio, Vulkan SDK, etc. Managed to compile them ok. It seems to be buggy though, as it randomly, but reproducible, crash on loading a saved slot or changing level/map.
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    Metro 2033 is FREE for 24 hrs

    Was just about to post this. Still prefers the original over the redux.
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    Shadow Warrior 2 free on GOG
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    Northrop Grumman Announces 100Gbps Wireless Transmission Testing

    For a second there I thought it's [H]'s Northrop ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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    Study: Mobile Phone Radiation May Affect Memory Performance in Adolescents

    I'll start using my left ears then...
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    Shadow Warrior Is Currently Free on Steam

    It's 50% off on Steam as well
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    Very slow NVMe write speed

    I don't think it's heat issues, will checkout the AMD all in one as suggested and also the bios settings. Thanks for all the replies, will check them tomorrow.
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    Very slow NVMe write speed

    Any ideas why my new Ryzen build have a very low write speed? It's a WD Black 512 M.2, with ASRock AB350M Pro4. Write speed should be around 600-800 MB/s. Thoughts?
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    GIGABYTE and AORUS at Computex

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    WannaCry RansomWare RansomWorm Analysis

    Link doesn't load atm, cached page:
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    Punycode Exploit the Newest Phishing Attack

    Doesn't work in Vivaldi either, Opera on the other hand behaves more like Chrome. Both are using Chromium engine, though I'm guessing this has nothing to do with how browser displays text on their address bar.
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    Family Sues Apple Over Wreck Caused by FaceTime

    This is why we can't have nice things..
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    Snake Oil Software: How SoftRAM Hoodwinked The World

    This actually have some merits as some programs back in the days didn't clean up all of it's files or changes to the system where disk space were at premium. It works by comparing and/or monitoring the changes before and after install.
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    What Is Optic AMOLED?

    Saturation Plus 3
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    Ubisoft Graphics Downgrades: E3 vs. Retail

    Because it's not fair to the console players :rolleyes:
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    Robocop Is Real And Could Be Patrolling A Mall Near You

    Just missing the toilet plunger
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    Bill Gates 1995 DOOM Video

    Was just about to post this.. possibly idfa as well Dang it now I have to play it..
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    How 3D Printing Works

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    Quantum Computer Could Mean End Of Encryption

    We need fractal encryption
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    New DOOM Campaign Trailer

    Kind of reminds me of Serious Sam with the eye gouging and general brutality against monster.
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    Worst Passwords Of 2015

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    Stupid Patent Of The Month: Microsoft’s Design Patent On A Slider

    This is mainly for defensive purposes, Microsoft is not known to patents trolling. .
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    Goodbye MagStripe, Hello Chip Cards

    The newer devices seems to improve the process time with faster SOC. I remember a few years back when we rolled out the chip, some POS machines can take 5 whole seconds before asking for PIN code which then takes another a few more seconds to process it. Nowadays I'd say its pretty close to...
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    The Tesla-Killer Porsche Has To Build

    Just another car common people can't afford...
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    DIY Star Wars EP7 BB-8 Droid

    Dude's talented.. checkout his hulkbuster
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    Steam Ending Paid Mods; Providing Refunds

    The kind of standard I expected from Valve
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    Windows 93 Is Real, and It's Spectacular

    There is a full version of Wolfenstein 3D there..
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    How I Hacked Your Facebook Photos

    That's a pretty handsome payment of $12k of bug bounty.
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    AMD Radeon Graphics Presents: The Fixer 3

    "4 GB, no really!" :D
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    Ralph Baer, 'Father of Video Games,' Passes Away

    Ralph Baer and David Winter playing with the Brown Box