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    Phones got expensive

    I have T-Mobiles ZTE Zemax 5.7" smartphone and I like it. If you don't mind the size increase, it's an overall good phone for 200. It has a near stock Android KitKat OS, a quad core 1.2ghz CPU, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of internal storage, Micro SD slot and a beefy 3400mah battery (non-removable) The S3...
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    Possible Samsung Galaxy S6 specs leaked.

    I agree. .4mm increase from the 5.1" on the S5 to 5.5" on the S6 would be too big of a jump. I would guess a 5.3" size screen with QHD. Make the bezels slimmer to have its physical dimensions to be similar to the GS5
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    Budget Build Help -- $500 possible??

    Get this HP Pavilion p7xt system. You got 90 day return policy also...
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    Help me bring my build from 2000 closer to 1000

    Lets go with this. Get the Core i5 2500K + Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H combo for $289.98 from microcenter The Gigabyte is the original mobo that you specified in your OP. Plus, it can run dual X8 mode on the PCI-E slots Then, get these parts...
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    Need assistance determining build

    That's because the Asus monitors are TN (twisted nematic) panels that suffers from poor horizontal/vertical viewing angles vs the 1080P lcd/tv that you have which is either an S-PVA or IPS display panel. Consider either 3 x HP ZR24W 24" displays or 3 x Dell U2412M 24" IPS monitors
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    Need new video card and power supply

    You haven't mentioned price. What about this combo for $250 Corsair TX650 + Powercooler Radeon HD 68710 1GB both for $249.98
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    Looking to put a mid-range system together for under $500

    You can swap the cpu + psu combo with this AMD Phenom II X4 955 + EVGA Geforce GTX 550Ti both for $247.98 The Geforce GTX 550Ti is still overall faster than the Radeon HD 5770 Oh, I would say stick with the Radeon 6870 1Gb video card if you want to consider gaming on a 24" 1920 x 1200 res. You...
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    Looking to put a mid-range system together for under $500

    $500 budget with those components and gaming, you'll have to go AMD Quad. Right under $500 CASE - COOLER MASTER Elite 430 for $39.99 w/free shipping MOBO - MSI 870S-G46 AM3 AMD 870 SATA 6Gb/s for $79.99 w/free shipping...
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    Former WOW addict looking to move on!

    If you want that Antec 300 Illusion case, let's go with this build instead for a better deal. Alot cheaper than your build. CASE + O/S - MS Windows 7 64bit + Antec Illusion both for $164.98 CPU + VIDEO...
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    Build Review!

    Let's go with this. Case - LIAN LI Lancool First Knight Series for $59.99 w/free shipping Or, stick with the LIAN LI case you have for $70 PSU - Antec NEO ECO 620C for $69.99...
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    Suggestions building a PC

    You can also do this, swap out the case for a cheaper one and upgrade the PSU to a Antec 620C with 48A on the +12V CASE – Coolermaster Elite 430 for $39.99 w/free shipping PSU - Antec NEO ECO 620C for $69.99...
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    Suggestions building a PC

    That AMD Phenom II 955 Quad + GTX 460 build doesn't compare in price/performance compared to the Intel Core i5 2400 Quad + Radeon 6870 Also, the Antec 520 with 40A on the +12V is more than enough for the build. The Intel Sandy Bridge line of cpus along with the Radeon 6870 video card don't...
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    Suggestions building a PC

    Go with this. Case - LIAN LI Lancool for $59.99 w/free shipping PSU - Antec NEO ECO 520C for $49.99 w/free shipping ($10 off promo) + $5 MIR MOBO - MSI P67S-C43...
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    Looking for Upgrade Advice

    Your cpu, mobo is pretty dated. I feel it would be best you upgrade your cpu and mobo and graphics. What power supply do you have? For $500 budget, I'd go AMD Phenom II X4 955 cpu + AMD AM3 mobo, G Skill 2x4GB DDR3 RAM, Radeon 6870 1 GB video and possibly a new power supply also. This should...
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    Need Help finalizing a build on the fly.

    I would go with Tiraides build but, adjust a few things CPU + MOBO (combo) I2500K + MSI P67A-C43 both for $314.98 I personally have this mobo and setup was smooth with no issues. PSU - Antec NEO ECO 520C for $49.99 This is a really good deal plus it has a $10 off promo and $5 MIR...
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    Looking for Upgrade Advice

    Depends on your budget for this upgrade. What size monitor do you have and its resolution? Also, what parts will you be reusing? List the parts
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    Monitor for a new pc.

    Not sure if your local Costco carries the Samsung P2770HD but, I do see it at my local Costco for $279.99. What's good about purchasing it at your local Costco is the 90 day return policy. I think you are referring to dead pixels. You may receive a model with dead pixels or another model without...
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    Budget Upgrade: x4/6870 or x6/6850?

    Get the AM3+ board(GA-78LMT-S2P) and a x4 965 for $119 and then get the XFX Radeon 6870 1GB for $170 w/free shipping at
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    Former WOW addict looking to move on!

    You have a pretty good build. But, I agree on Danny on the Antec 300 case. It's a good case but at $70, I don't think its worth it now considering it was $45 on Best Buy and a few days ago. The case is small and you'll have issues with longer video cards that's 11" or longer. Plus, id...
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    First build, need help!

    This is a very good build by Danny. But, personally, I'd go cheaper on the case like the Antec 300 case, go bigger on the monitor with a 22" 1680 x 1050 res display. The extra size and higher res, especially the vertical height pixels of 1050 on the 22" vs 900 on the 20" will help when viewing...
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    Bulldozer Build! (help please)

    This is a pretty good build. But, I would do this, Core i7 2600K from for $308 NZXT HALE90-850 for $161.87 The HALE90 models are very good line of PSU and it's 80 Plus Gold certified or get the Corsair HX850 for $163.53 That white colored NZXT PSU may not appeal to some people...
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    Need advice on monitors

    Consider the HP ZR24W 24" for $356.05 on Amazon w/free shipping
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    2500K cpu idle temp too high

    I just put together a Core i5 2500K build last night. I’m a bit surprised on how high the cpu temp is on idle. This is checking it via the Click Bios in the MSI P67A-C43 motherboard. I’m running the stock cooler on the cpu. The cpu temp in the Click Bios is showing 55 degrees C while the System...
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    Building a new PC

    This should kick ass at under $700. Should play current titles very decently also on your 22" display CASE - Coolermaster Elite 430 for $49.99 with $5 MIR CPU + MOBO (combo) Intel Core i5-2500K + MSI P67A-C43 (B3) both for $314.98...
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    Laptop vs Desktop

    This is a solid notebook for the price/performance. But, get it from for $1,299.99 w/free shipping You can also consider the ASUS G53SX-XA1 for $1,212.49 w/free shipping. Main difference is that this one is with 8GB vs 12GB. But, 8GB is already plenty.
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    Which motherboard for new i5 2500k

    I would go with the MSI GD65 mobo myself. I like the new MSI boards now. The Z68-GD65 like the P67-GD65 chipset mobo from MSI are both solid boards. Plus, Mr. Wolf already has first hand experience with the MSI Z68-GD65 mobo. I would go that route.
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    $1400 gaming rig for my buddies

    Solid mobo. I was looking at this particular mobo also.
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    $1400 gaming rig for my buddies

    Damn, you think the same as me hehe. I would do pretty much exactly the same thing as what Skillz posted. I was just configuring a build with the same parts for my brothers pc upgrade.
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    1st time new build

    I think right now, it boils down to is what is more important to you, gaming such as fps type gaming.or image quality for PhotoShop? Coming from a crt to say a TN pal monitor, the viewing angle and color quality may bother you. But, the response time is faster than an IPS lcd monitor that...
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    Seeking some upgrade advice for my mobo/CPU/RAM - Rate my own attempt

    Not sure what your budget on a new video card upgrade but, a Radeon HD 6950 1Gb or Geforce GTX 560Ti will be a very noticeable upgrade for $250
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    Looking for upgrade advice, about $300

    Most definitely unlock the cpu and overclock the cpu. Your motherboard has the SB710 southbridge chipset. With the proper BIOS, you should have a feature called ACC - Advanced Chip Calibration. You'll need to set EC Firmware Selection to Hybrid and ACC to Auto in the BIOS. Download cpu-z...
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    Seeking some upgrade advice for my mobo/CPU/RAM - Rate my own attempt

    The Radeon 4850 is old man. It's NVIDIA match would be the Geforce gts 250. The GTX 460 has 1gb Vram vs 512mb on your HD 4850. The memory clock data rate is much higher on the GTX 460. Plus, its using GDDR5 RAM vs GDDR3 on the 4850. Also, the default core clock speed on the GTX 460 is higher...
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    Computer Died Make a New Budget Build Thread

    Time for an AMD Athlon II X4 630 build Hmm.....I guess you can bump it up a bit.
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    Video Card upgrade question

    What's the specs of the system that you have?
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    $700 Gaming Desktop

    Go with this. But, upgrade the PSU to the Antec EA650 for $70. This should give you more headroom down the road. Stick with the ASUS Mobo you selected for $100 and the 1TB Samsung drive for $60. But, drop the cpu heatsink. Cases, you can consider the one that Jeremyshaw listed for $50 on...
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    $700 Gaming Desktop

    You'll need a better video card than that Radeon HD 5670. Also, the power supply needs to be changed
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    Suggestions on a new build

    Hmmm....I guess you opted for a Radeon 6950 over a 6850 video card.
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    Putting together PC want opinions.

    Pretty straightforward. PSU, RAM, positioning the standoff for the motherboard, Looks like they still using the pushpin method on installing the factory heatsink on the cpu. Careful when installing the factory heatsink onto the 2500k cpu. It's different than installing the factory heatsink on...
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    New Build Advice CONFUSION!!

    Oh yes. The SSD drive as a boot drive with Windows o/s installed will show a noticeable performance. You can't install a program and run it without an o/s.
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    New Build Advice CONFUSION!!

    1866 speed RAM is not needed especially for someone who is not O/C. Even if you O/C with 1600 or 1333,is doable. Depending on what you do, 8GB of RAM is alot. But, you might as well just 8GB of RAM now while its cheap. I would if I was building a Sandy Bridge computer. The 2500K cpu has an...