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    GTX 280 or X1950PRO

    great...thanks......ya it was amnesia...(not an expert just a good study)
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    GTX 280 or X1950PRO

    I would like to know which is the better graphics card. The Evga GTX 280 or the SAPPHIRE Radeon X1950PRO? I have a set of both and would like to use the better pair.
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    Who killed my thread

    who killed my troll thread?
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    Troll Troll Troll That's right I said TROLL!!

    I am sick and tired of how Trolls are left free here to do as they please. Why don't we have place HERE to post about possible Troll instead of having to go to other sites to find them. From now on I ask all of you to post Troll alerts. If they are not banned for trolling then we should not be...
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    WTB: 120gb or 128gb SSD

    Crucial M4 128gb bought from cuongnq.........thanks.
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    The Bargain Basement!

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    Corsair Vengeance™ 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit Drawing

    normal drivel, normal drivel, a b normal drivel.
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    WTB: 120gb or 128gb SSD

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    WTB: 120gb or 128gb SSD

    I'm looking to buy a 120gb or 128gb SSD. Somewhere in the $80-$110 range. PM me with what you have.
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    FS: 128GB PNY SSD

    Please get back to me if you'd like to sell this....thanks.
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    Glendor's Garage Sale

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    FS: 128GB PNY SSD

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    FS: Valve Complete Pack

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    Pc Partout

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    Scojer's FS Thread

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    Gigabyte I/O shields cheap

    Just a quick note to let you all (or at least those that did not) that you can get I/O shields for Gigabyte mobos directly for Gigabyte for only $ $6.00 shipping. It still beats what most auction sites sell them for. Email Gigabyte at with what you need and...
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    FS: Ipad(ENGRAVED CHEAP), Iphone 3G Razer Carcharias headset,Antec 1000W PSU ETC

    Nice iPad but I'm not changing my name to Rob least not right now.
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    Who cares about iPhone5 ? It's outdated already

    Really? This is almost as bad as PC vs Mac or Intel vs AMD. Just buy what YOU like and don't worry about what everyone else has or wants..............
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    New rig

    Good luck on the new build. Let us know how things work out............
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    Asus Motherboard Phone Support Screwed?

    They make it hard so you give up and but a new one and start the process all over again.................
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    i need a new monitor!

    I would look on newegg or tigerdirect and read the reviews and make a decision based on them and your needs.
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    Dungeons of Dredmor released on Steam, $4.50

    thanks for the update. gotta try it out soon..................
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    No mention of a directx 12 for windows 8?

    The question is do we need 12?...................yet.
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    Possible bad seller on [H]

    so has anyone been paid back by this guy?
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    Possible break-through in Computing -- Breaking the Gigahertz Barrier

    that's all fine and good if it works. the question is how long till WE see it?
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    I'm so freaking excited SDB-E is coming out. Here is a preview intel board......

    Those are some kick-a$$ mobo's. 8 ram slots...........gotta start savin' now!
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    AMD has a winner

    Like you said..........just release it..........then we can see for ourselves.
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    Is it bad to turn off the wall power every night?

    You do power down first...right?
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    What is Sprint doing!?

    They are all upping prices and dropping services. Can't go without a phone so they have us over a barrel.
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    My new AMD Llano APU mITX build (ASRock + A8-3850 + Antec ISK 310-150)

    Look sweet...keep us updated with your progress.
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    Any idea when I can jailbreak my iPad?

    iOS5 beta is out so it is only time till the jailbreak is out.
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    My theory

    I just don't think it's easy for Mac users to go to a PC and vice versa no matter what experience you have.
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    Best way to travel my rig?!

    I would put the tower in the box at least. You can never be over protected.
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    Amazon Kindle Tablet "Confirmed"

    Doesn't mean it will ever hit the street though!