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    Xbox Live Gold 39.99 @Wal-Mart

    Thank you OP My Son will be very happy. His expires in 4 days! Renewal on the way!
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    Gigabyte Holiday [H] Give-Away!!!

    I am still in P4 land and time, All machines useing Gigabyte of course.. I am in GREAT need to break out of the OLD shell and start fresh with a new Gigabyte board
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    DL Dvd Media ***NEW*** Info

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    Addicting On line game

    great game....
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    Fun Little Sniper game

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    Addicting On line game

    Some peoples profile page they have a picture which could be NSFW... the game it self is all texted..based. If you stay away from the profile's no pictures just language ;)
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    Addicting On line game

    yes text based game...
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    Addicting On line game

    BTW.. works better with Firefox.. The maker programed it to work with that rather than MS.. MS still works though
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    Addicting On line game

    Crack Slinger. MUST BE 18 and up... Due to content and language... Just add your name, e mail, password.. I have yet to get a e mail from them.. so no spam ;) Not your FPS but still fun to play.. can be frustraiting also.. You can join or Make...
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    Secret to overclocking! (see inside)

    Wrong.... Turn it up till it dont boot, Back it off by 5% at a time till it boots then Worry about cooling it off... :D I always start by doing a 20% jump off the bat..If it sticks I tweak from there... It if dont stick.. I throw it away and get another one.. :p The OP picture looks...
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    FX55 for $149.99

    Fuk after 15 minutes trying to get page loaded, I got it added to cart, sign in, hit to check out and basket was empty, went back to product and get this Deal is dead... dam.. so close... I was already figuring out the e bay page :D Cheers to those who got it! Thanks OP.. this was...
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    Connecting my comps

    Google is your friend. You will basicly set up a network, Allow sharing on both.. And your all done.. Its not hard to do. Just follow directions Help :D
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    Intel in grave danger!

    :D OK
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    Intel Core 2 Gaming Performance

    Someware in this mess or the review I saw Kyle state it was 45 days.. If not oh well...I quoted about the bad axe board...mainly not the time..
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    Intel Core 2 Gaming Performance

    Wonder what the results with that board showed? Didnt they say they tested for 45 days? I would guess that board was at least tried out! :confused:
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    Intel Core 2 Gaming Performance

    My thoughts.. Kyle tested the way he wanted. Did a MAJOR write up on not only gameing but a few other CPU related tasks. "All were well written, I would grade "A" for a school paper. and thank Him as his team. Bottom line, The CPU is far better than the AMD in most all areas, Most areas...
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    Frys: Logitech G7 $50.00 After MIR.

    nice find, went to frys, found the sale tag.... And found a EMPTY shelf :( But i did find on sale............... 3 super soaker water guns :D :D Me, the wifey and kids just water logged our saelfs and the back yard, I love being the hose master haha
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    3.0E s478 for $107 @ the egg OEM

    VERY nice deal for a very nice CPU..... I have 3 of them, all run warm to hot, but scream with no hiccups.. OC is easy to 20%=3.6 TU.... picked up 2 for the extra boards I have..
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    Enter to win Free Western Digital 250GB Network Storage Value $249.99 from

    Bump? Sweepstakes page vanished .....and the winner is ???????????????????
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    AMD A64 3000+ Box CPU and ECS nForce3A combo $109.98

    Sweet deal.. Was good when it was 130. Thank you OP :D EDIT.... Also gives you a nice option to buy XP pro or home for $129.99 or $79.99 both OEM full.
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    Workshop Evoloution

    Very nice... I Like ideas.... hmm how to aproach the wifey.... :p
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    Intel Pentium D 930 + ECS P4M8900PRO-M mobo $159 @ Fry's NO rebates

    Its a fishing sale... Yes they will/ should try to upgrade you "At full price" for the board, If the upgraded board is normal priced, its still a great deal on the CPU.. The guys at Fry's know me now, They dont try to upsale/ add sell etc... they say hi, They ask what I want, Get the manager...
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    Can't burn Vista to a dvd

    Dont choose to make a bootable DVD.. Just rt click your ISO file on desk top and choose to burn it..Nero should open up and your ready to go..
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    Post your fastest internet speed!

    Cox new service.. 14985 down 1 up :D Very sweet... I was the first in the area to get it, install day was hitting 19xxx
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    Nvidia X64 Vista control panel?

    My Computer control panel. Then switch to classic view.. you should see 2 icons for it.
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    Nvidia X64 Vista control panel?

    Go to control panle and switch to Old style... You will find 2 differant Nvida Icns to go and adjust,, YOU MUST download Nvidias drivers first though... BTW.. the setting area for Nvidia LOOKS way differant...
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    Vista Beta, Mind warping headaches+question

    Vista gone, Clean XP Loaded, Headaches gone... Refresh rate was correct,etc..... To much...rif raf... I will load it on my 3.06 rig tonight and play with it..... Dont need headaches on My main rig... Man 850 to 900 idle memory useage, 5 to 15 CPu at Idle... would get jumps to 80% at times...
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    xifi and vista?

    I was able to load the driver and get sound, But cannot get the software up and going..?? Anyone? OP.... You may want to enable the Vista speaker in the sys tray and make sure the volume is up?
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    Vista Beta, Mind warping headaches+question

    Is it just me, I have Beta up and going, Full blast, Everything on... etc.. "took a few hours to get it stable" I get dizzy headaches??? I turned off all the magic stuff and no more dizzy??? Anyone else feeling this? I was able to get the new driver for SB Xfi, But cannot get the...
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    The Coolermaster Gallery

    Sleeve the Power supply
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    2006 Post Your Workstation

    Oceanside never gets too hot, I have a kick ass fan that I kick on, Crack the garage door 2 feet open and its a cool comfy..70 ish on the hotest days... Also the house faces north south, so the sun hammers the rt side of the house from noon on, so the garage never gets to hot..
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    2006 Post Your Workstation

    I love it... I can even fit the Tahoe in on the left side behind the RC work table and walk in front of it with the door closed :D
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    2006 Post Your Workstation

    Good question? you may want to read your own quote.. :confused:
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    2006 Post Your Workstation

    The re worked garage "work station"s"
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    The Coolermaster Gallery

    SVC they have silver also
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    microsoft sidewinder force feedback 2 looking for driver

    :confused: Its the VERY FIRST LINK Clicky here Look in the lower left corner of the post,LOOK FOR Download Links: there is actualy 3 links. I did not actualy download them and test, but they show to be live links. If none of the 3 work.. Google will help you. Just take a minute and seach it.
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    500 licences for windows xp professional.

    I would call MS, You should beable to find your answer. Our company has the multi user deal, I have no Idea what it costs, I do know they also tag alot of other deals for all the workers, I just purchased Office 03 pro Full version for $34 bucks! Not bad for a $399 software Can also get Xp...
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    2006 Post Your Workstation

    Holy go deaf batman.... :eek: Spread those things out.. You will enjoy the sound more...and still go deaf :D
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    The Coolermaster Gallery

    Not from cooler master, Custom paint.. would run you about $150+ Not worth it unless it is for you.. To pay someone to do it for the intent to sell is a waste of money and time.."Wont get what you put init" Unless you have good friends who dont charge much.. average cost....materials would...