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    WII U 32gb $200

    I just picked up donkey kong tropical freeze, I have the pre order of marion kart, my free game will be Mario 3d..
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    WII U 32gb $200

    Bingo, I already have mine pre ordered.. You also get another free game after you register Mario kart 8. Pick from the following games. New Super Mario Bros.™ U • Pikmin™ 3 • The Legend of Zelda™: The Wind Waker HD • Wii Party™ U...
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    WII U 32gb $200

    Refurb, carries same warranty as new. $200 bux I bought one and and few people over at anandtech...
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    Intel Devil's Canyon i7 To Be 4GHz Out of the Box?

    I agree, I need to have a good upgrade path for my aging 3930k system.
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    FS Corsair AX1200i power supply new in box

    300 shipped. Heatware is under filezz
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    MacBook Pro Running GTX 780 Ti Via Thunderbolt 2

    always wondered when we could do this.. Nice
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    UPS Delivers $400K Drone To Wrong Person

    LOL good enough for government work.
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    New World Record For Beating Halo on Legendary

    nice set of skills
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    Tractor Beam Made of Sound

    beam me up scottie
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    Symantec Calls Antivirus 'Doomed'

    I can wait to see how this impacts their stocks.
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    Electronic Arts Reports Financial Results

    EA is the evil empire
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    Major ISPs Accused Of Deliberately Throttling Traffic

    If it was in the terms of service not much you can do or say.
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    Ten Things Not To Buy In 2014

    guess my tablet can play far cry now.
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    Nintendo Continues To Blame Wii U For Its Financial Woes

    should I get a Wii u. I was thinking about it.
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    Paying The Price For Unfinished Games

    Kerbal Space Program is and was cool. some of the others being sold in alpha and beta sucks
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    Street View + Climate Change = World Under Water

    that was a waste of my time
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    Is PhysX even relevant anymore?

    Not much supports it.. and when it does its not like you cant live without it.
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    The Official Post Pics Of Your Rig 2014 Thread!

    Pics to come soon.
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    The Wii U is done

    I was thinking of picking up a wii u just for the bolwing with a friend online.
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    iPhone Air ( iPhone 6 ) September

    When is the new phone coming? Rumored to come that is.
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    So I guess Vista is pretty much dead

    Vista made 64 bit OS common. for this we should be thankful. I still have a vista ult disk now being unused as well.
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    eVGA E-Leet Tuning Utility

    link for download I will have a look
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    What is your video card upgrade history?

    No way I can remember all that.. LOL But it has always been MULTI GPU setups going back to dual voodoo's The last cards as of current were. anything before these and its like that's to far to remember. LOL . 2x6990 3x7970's 3x780 gtx..
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    What power supply should I use

    Electrolytic capacitor aging. When used heavily or over an extended period of time (1+ years) a power supply will slowly lose some of its initial wattage capacity. We recommend you add 10-20% if you plan to keep your PSU for more than 1 year, or 20-30% for 24/7 usage and 1+ years from...
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    What power supply should I use

    I can't say for sure but it has to be on the edge of 1200 to kill 2 ax1200 power supplies
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    Need help adding $700 Water Loop added to my PC!

    I think my loop ended up being around 1200 bux. they are not cheap.
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    Intel Retail Edge "Summer Deal" 2014

    anyone wanna sell me a 4930k?
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    SanDisk Announces 4TB SSD

    Me wants one
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    What power supply should I use

    I own a evga 1300 g2 using it at the moment. I have owned the ax1200 it died 2 times in current rig. Corsair sent me back a ax1200i as a replacement. should I just sell the two I currently have and get a ax1500i Running 3 780 gtx cards OC'd a 3930k oc @4.8 Rampage iv extreme board...
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    Corsair AX1500i Digital ATX 1500W PSU

    wonder if I should dump my ax1200i for the 1500 flavor.