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    79 days till #1 for HardOCP

    Got my 2500k back up and running, glad to help.
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    The official Red Orchestra 2 thread

    Well I fixed the crashes, dont set your shadows to low because that will cause em. Great game! Guns feel really nice imo
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    The official Red Orchestra 2 thread

    Argh I keep crashing a few minutes after I start playing, 6950 w/latest drivers and Win 7 64 bit :(
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    3DS Price Drop: $169.99

    Yeah I got one today at Best Buy, I am even more impressed with the 3d than I was when I first saw it, I never had an n64 so bring on the remakes. Loving OOT so far
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    Officially Confirmed....BF3 will not be available on Steam

    Kinda sad just cause I'd like to have it on Steam but I'll just buy a hard copy
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    Would you upgrade this?

    From what I've seen theres not a huge jump from the first gen cores to the second, I'd spend your money on a new graphics card or maybe some cooling to try and squeeze more mhz out of your i7 Also if your comp is seeming slow run some benchmars and try and get a feel of what numbers your build...
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    Rate my build... any suggestions?

    Sandy Bridge or don't upgrade, buy it piece by piece if you have to
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    My [H]ard Rig is 4 years old, time for a new one !!

    With the i5-2500k being so cheap I feel like you're throwing your money away if you have any way to stretch your budget a little more i5-2500k=200 Cheap P67 mobo=130 600 watt Psu=80 6850 video card=150 case=60 4gb Decent Ram=60 So youre like 100 dollars over, I'm assuming you have the small...
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    Brand avoidance?

    I've read enough horror stories about MSI mobos to avoid them
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    Is there a generally preferred board/manufacturer for Sandybridge?

    I like Gigabyte myself, Asus has a pretty good reputation as well
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    Q9550 upgrade or not?

    Do it, you know you want the shinies
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    Sandy Bridge adopters -- post your new build.

    I5 2500k(4.4Ghz) Sapphire 6950 1Gb Gigabyte P67-ud3 Asus Xonar D2 4gb RipjawsX 1600mhz :)
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    So, yeah...Razer can pound sand...

    I like the design of Razers products but the quality doesn't seem up to par. My deathadders left button eventually would not click right and my Lycosa will randomly have keys stuck and or have keys that just won't work until I reconnect it.
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    Which P67 Mobo

    I went with the Gigabyte UD3, Gigabyte has always been very good to me
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    BCBF2: Hardcore vs. Normal

    Hardcore all the way really takes me out of the game when I spray someone with lead and they walk it off
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    AVP thoughts and impressions

    Game feels like it was thrown together haphazardly. Controls are terrible, animations as well. Whole thing just feels junky.
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    HUGE WoW NEWS: 3rd Exp World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

    The game died for me when I spent entire arena matches chasing people around different pillars
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    games from elementry school

    Arkanoid Zany Golf Kyrandia Carmen Sandiego
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    Help choose a 40 inch TV for the master bedroom (Plasma, LCD, etc...)

    If you are dead set to get one now the samsung 4081 is really at the top of the heap for performance to price ratio. It has led backlight so the blacks are pretty black. If you can wait till the end of this year though the new 950 will probably be around what the 81 series is now. The 81 is...
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    Mega Man 9!!!

    I disagree completely that the game doesn't stand on it's own. More complicated is not always good.
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    Remember the first time you played Doom?

    Doom was such an awesome game on every level. My computer could barely run it when I first played it but it still rocked. Going into hell from mars and kicking ass, I really wish they could recapture that feeling with a new Doom game. 3 was pretty cool but still not up to the godliness of the...
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    Direct2drive VS. Steam

    D2d isn't bad but steam is just great. Great layout, fast downloads and no clutter. I wish every game was available on steam.
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    Best bang for buck Q6600 build critique!

    I'd get a slightly larger psu, 650 might last you through another video card upgrade.
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    HTPC vs PS3?

    The PS3 actually puts out a slightly better blu ray image than my pc. I've read it has the best image quality of any Blu ray player and I believe it it does look good.
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    Should I trade my 4870 for a gtx280?

    Wait for a newer card. The 4870 is a good card no need to replace it with something slightly faster.
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    TF2: Heavy getting achievement upgrade next

    Not all of these new weapons are meant to be obvious "upgrades". Valve themselves said they didn't want to make heavy+medic any more powerful (understandable since they are so powerful already). These new weapons offer some more options for the heavy which is all valve is trying to do.
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    HTPC vs PS3?

    Without some tweaking the PS3 seems to put out a slightly nicer Blu Ray image than my 1950xt. Not sure whether it's my video card or what.
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    diablo 3 needs a highend system?

    Im pretty sure the neatest effects from the gameplay demo are DX10. If you're not worried about eye candy tho I'm sure it will run on a lowish end system. Might not look spectacular though.
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    Age of Conan is now FUBAR

    Can't say Im surprised. These companies that ave never done big mmo's like this have alot of growing pains.
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    Best TV for Wii?

    The absolute best would be some kind of 480p tv around 30ish inches. I dont think they made too many of those tho so your next best bet would be a nice 480i tv thats below 32 inches. You don't wanna get anything hd because the upconversion delay is noticeable on some games. If you...
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    Red Orchestra

    I find myself coming back to RO even with all these new games out. The iron sight only is really realistic and everything is handled very well. Great game.
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    Whatever happened to LED Backlighting on LCD panels?

    I really wish we'd start to see this tech trickle down into our monitors. My Samsung 225bw would be an almost perfect monitor if dark movies looked better.
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    Brawl is Coming!

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    PS3, XBox 360 or Wii

    Wii was my choice with all its exclusive AAA content. Only thing that would tempt me to buy a ps3 would be gt5. Blu-Ray is a very nice bonus if you have a good hdtv. 360 really doesn't have any exclusives that get me hot and bothered.
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    Brawl is Coming!

    Soooooo excited.
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    your pc game of the year v4

    TF2 for me. I started out liking cod 4 but the maps got old fast and the hit detection seems kind of screwy.
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    Developers of UT3 and Crysis are unhappy with PC sales of their games

    I didn't buy crysis because it didn't run very well on my comp. And it's pretty new. I feel like my next computer might run it well.
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    Crysis Benchmarks: Performance is Remarkable

    My system is not top of the line (1950XT, E6400 at 2.8) but the game really dissapointed me performance wise. I couldn't find the balance between graphics and framerate that made the game fun. Once you start turning down the rez, putting things on medium, no AA.... The game just looks butt...