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    SLI,..I want it but,...why bother?

    The 512 would be your best option then. Try to get them before they're switched to 1.2ns and 1.4ns memory.
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    SLI,..I want it but,...why bother?

    OP, you aren't even close with those statements. 7800GTX512 > 6800GS-SLI >= 7800GTX > 7800GT 7800GT-SLI > 7800GTX 7800GTX-SLI > 7800GTX512 7800GTX512-SLI > ALL Lots of reviews and benches out there, just search.
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    7800GT or 850XT??

    That's like saying a P4 3.2 is faster then FX57 at 2.8
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    7800GT or 850XT??

    raw power of 850XT? The 7800GT has more "raw power".
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    AMD to Intel, Need Advice.

    FWIW with a 6xx you should be able to hit 4ghz with ease.
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    I this Gainward graphic card or not ? See pictures...

    I think you mean GT because that's not an ultra.
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    Attaching aluminum fan to Thermalright XP120

    Just going to have to come up with an idea to rig it, rubberbands, zip ties, double sided tape, etc.
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    2Gig Overclocking ram?

    Then next year you'll sell your DDR when AMD goes DDR2, and you should hit 4ghz on air.
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    2Gig Overclocking ram?

    Instead why not get DDR2, even with a new MB + ram you'd still come out cheaper. Hell even the value 533 can run 667 @ 3-3-3-8.
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    no 16x12 which vid card will do?

    P4 @ 3.8 Asus P5LD2 2gigs DDR2 6800GTo 256mb DDR3 PCI-E 6800GTo is from a dell, it's a failed ultra. (dual slot) Has 400/1000 clocks, I don't overclock it, but it's only 12 pipe with 6 shaders. I get ~5400 in 3dmark05. 2gigs is for BF2, I get very good framerates @ 1280x1024, mostly at...
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    no 16x12 which vid card will do?

    You'll want to play at native res or it'll look like crap. Mine is 1280x1024 for my 19" LCD.
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    BFG 7800GTX problems Hot CPU Tester Pro 4.2.2(Lite Edition) Called Hot CPU Tester, load it up and run the diagnosic check, post back which one fails. It'll test more then the CPU, including ram since you don't have a floppy for memtest.
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    X800XL 3dmark 05 scores?

    Isn't that kinda low? I get 5228 on a 6800GTo which is 12 pipes. You have 16...and a FX55 to boot.
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    What's with my vcore?

    I just got a Asus P5DL2 945P motherboard and transplanted my dell 8400 guts. It's running a 540, but the vcore on the monitor going anywhere from 1.42-1.48 constantly, it just bounces all around. In the bios it's set to 1.40 It's also showing: 3v - 3.31 5v - 5.04 12v - 12.20 Does Asus...
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    question about xp-90

    FBA09A12L1BX 2100 RPM 42.7 CFM 27.0 dBA
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    Abit unlockes P4's

    All it does is allow the CPU to default back to 14x by "tricking" it back to defualt of 14. If you have a 3.2 then your option will be 16 or 14, 2.8 will only see 14 or 14. Asus has had this for awhile before Abit published this.
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    Dell - Nvidia 6800 GTO ; Help

    It seems the last batch of 6800GTOs that came from dell you can't unlock the last quad. Not because it's bad or artifacts, just because rivatuner can't do it. I have a thread going over on guru3d to the maker of RT. Anyway your 6800 3dmark seems low, on my 3.2p4 I'm getting almost 10900 stock...