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  1. J

    Looking for ARMA 3 players

    The wasteland mod is pretty fun for Arma3: Your Guide: Alright so here you see is the airbase complete with guard tower..wait, is there someone up there? "Hey there friend!" - *you hear the sound of a sniper as your guide is shot in the head* "Well that was a good tour".
  2. J

    What is everyone playing now?

    BF3, Planetside 2, Defiance ( releases in a week - beta was awesome =D ), Diablo 3.
  3. J

    PCGA: PC Gaming remains 'strong.'

    It's an inevitability as low/mid range gaming comes more attainable for much less of an up front investment. Better and better GPUs are being placed on-dye or integrated into more compact and powerful chipsets. I was never afraid of any market decline for PC gaming, I've always had a large...
  4. J

    Why is GPU core clock cutting itself in half?

    Make sure temps are ok, you can turn off AMDs overclocking profiles and just use MSI afterburner to force it. All it sounds like is a conflict. What driver version do you have? I've never had great success with AMDs own overclocking/power management tools.
  5. J

    Anyone else bummed out that BF4 is coming out already?

    Not sure if serious. If you are, then you can disable Motion blur and out of focus vision is only when under suppressed fire. I also would like to see what you mean by blue filters and lens flare 98% of the time as neither off these are huge factors IMO
  6. J

    Defiance MMO (codes)

    I have had a lot of fun with it. It has a dynamic event system like Rift, which makes for interesting random encounters when exploring. Plus, you can drive around in vehicles and ramping off stuff is fun too. :)