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    Intel Haswell i7-4770K IPC and Overclocking Review @ [H]

    How noticable is the jump in speed? I'm moving from a q9450 soon and would love to hear how big the improvement actually is.
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    Three Dead Zed Awesome Game

    In for one. Thanks.
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    Just installed S.T.A.L.K.E.R. for the first time, two questions

    On my first play through i played with Oblivion Lost and it is one of the best gaming experiences I have had. Just completed CoP although I played this vanilla it is the most polished great game first one off he ba with a managable level of bugs.
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    Dying 4870...Ideas for upgrade?

    Baking looks interesting. Might have to try that. And if it goes wrong who cares the card was dying anyway. and if it works try and get a crossfire configuration on the go.
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    Dying 4870...Ideas for upgrade?

    Yeah thats what I was thinking, alot of those are side grades but the difference in price between the 5770 and the 5850 is almost £100 and thats alot. In an ideal world i would buy a 5870 and be done with it. DX 11 suppoort is a bonus thats why I was thinking of taking the 5770. Any one know...
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    Dying 4870...Ideas for upgrade?

    I currently have an 18 month old PowerColor 4870 512Mb card that is showing light son the card then crashing during the launch of any 3d game but if I restart the machine the problem is gone. Until it will crash after a period of time. These periods of time are getting shorter. I know the card...
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    Battlefield BC2 keys

    Yeah I too would like to try it out. Don't want to preorder never got into the Battlefield series so thinking I should check this out. Any free keys PM please.
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    checkpoints in pc games

    Farcry2 checkpoints are the most horrible checkpoint system i have used as they still required me to make default saves anyway. Borderlands uses checkpoint but i never once thought that they got in the way of me playing the game, they where well distributed and useful. But some games just...
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    MX 518 Gaming Mouse Scroll Wheel

    They are hyped and are also unreliable. Friend of mine has been through 4 different Razer mice finally gave up on them and uses a Logitech now.
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    Recommend Your Favorite Gaming Mouse

    MX518 best mouse ever, durable and very long lasting i have had mine about 4 years now still as good as the day i bought it!
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    tf2 halloween update

    I played it for awhile its fun and seeing that you can play vanilla gametypes there is no gripe. I think its a cool idea, a real sense that valve still care about the TF2 community keeping the game fresh and new. I hope they continue with this kind of thing.
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    Gameswipe TV programme. Funny stuff

    Yes it is true. Why didn't you just go to the site and see if your not UK based?
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    Gameswipe TV programme. Funny stuff

    Social satire at its very best...Loved that show. Have you ever heard of the website TVGOHome it was maintained by Brooker and was the birth place of Barly. It was a fake TV listing with fake shows and descriptions which he made. TrashBat dot cock registered in the Cook Islands. Funny...
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    What surface do you play on?

    everglide titan, Just love my cloth pads. I am intrigued by the ratpadz xt though.
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    suggest accurate, yet inexpensive mouse?

    Has to be the logitech MX518 i wouldn't use anything else!
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    Borderlands : Old Style or New Style

    I too am eagerly awaiting this game. The new art direction is for the better it stops it looking so generic and makes it stand out more. The sheer number of random weapons i think kinda of makes up for the customisation but I would have liked to have seen it included. OLD STYLE...
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    Clear Sky: Must Have Mods?

    Agreed OL is absolutely a must. Have had to stick this on the back buner my machine is having a hissy fit. I recently in stalled COJ:Bound in Blood and aafter about 45 mins the screen would go blank and my monitor would say no input but the game continues as you can hear the sounds and control...
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    Clear Sky: Must Have Mods?

    I am currently thinking about devoting some time to STALKER Clear Sky, I played SOC and loved it, but i played it with the Oblivion Lost mod and it was an amazing game, very fun and atmospheric. I played Clear Sky at lunch but it was just so buggy that i decided not to play it until it had been...
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    Mouse click test.

    Not including the time to post in this section about the applet! :p 175 no coffee all day
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    Gemcraft chapter Zero is a tower defense game like alot of others but it adds RPG elements,my mates and I have been loving it. Well worth a look.
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    22" Gaming Monitor - Recommendations

    Gaming is most definately the priority. Cheers for the Samsung T220 idea looks really nice and has some positive feedback from the reviews i was looking at. Same price as...
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    22" Gaming Monitor - Recommendations

    Im currently using a old 19" LCD and want to upgrade to a 22" but im not sure what monitor would best suit my needs; Gaming and Multimedia (Films and Photo editing) I will be using a 4870 to power it. I was looking at the following...
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    Will World of Warcraft help PC gaming in the long run?

    WOW is an MMO some people just play that genre so Starcraft2 and Diablo wouldnt necessarily appeal to the same demographic.
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    Gaming headphones w/ a mic. Need recommendations.

    I was also looking a new set of headphones with a mic but im interested in getting myself a USB headset any recommendations?
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    Far Cry 2 explanation please

    I was enjoying the game too at the start say for the first 8-12 hours but once i had accumulated some decent weapons it became a bit to easy and the fact that every mission is very similar it began to field like a grind and i stopped playing. I thought that trying some different things like...
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    Bloons Tower Defense 3 is out

    Agreed! Yeah its such an addictive little game got most of my friends in college hooked! Still cant beat the last level on med though every other one was reasonably easy!
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    Gaming at Work

    I work in a Bookmakers and with the financial situation alot of people have better things to spend there money on than horses, I also work the later shift 5-10pm usually and its only part time as I'm still in college. I usually play some flash games because it can get pretty lonely and boring...
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    Game With Your Spouse Or S/O?

    I would occasionally game with my GF she prefers retro games like Theme Hospital and puzzle games like Bloons Tower Defence III (best flash game ever)! She aint interested in FPS's at all where as im a FPS whore, she isnt even keen on watching me play any FPSs.
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    Left 4 Dead Opening Cinematic Trailer

    Downloaded the trailer looks sweet was a bit short though. Thinking of waiting for a free demo weekend just to see what its like.
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    Stalker Clear Sky.

    Where does STALKER store saved files I want to back up my current game before I apply the new patch.
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    Stalker Clear Sky.

    Yeah but did your friend not tell you that you get your items back after about 5mins but your money it gone it gone forever which just plain sucks, as I was saving for a new suit!
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    Stalker Clear Sky.

    I had a NPC issue the guy that stands on the rocks fighting blind dogs doesn't jump of the rock so I have to stab him to get the information.... wreckless. Side note possible spoiler******* I'm just into the underground after i have met with the Duty leader and I just keep getting...
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    Extended Left4Dead Interview

    Looking good liking the style they have went for the polish on this game is noticable from the earlier videos. Seems that as the survivors you get your ass handed to you by the zombies appears like it will take awhile to get used to that. Valve have a good group there, CSS,TF2, now LFD all...
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    Stalker Clear Sky.

    Where are the save files located?
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    Fav COD4 Weapon...

    "more better" that made me laugh! :p I'm from the UK,no USA servers please! yeah gimme a shout xfire: tebruno
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    Fav COD4 Weapon...

    PRO-MOD FTW!!! :p Usually AK47 Stopping power and Deep impact on normal servers. G3 Stopping Power and Deep Impact on hardcore servers. P90 Silencer, Steady Aim and Double Tap - "The SCARE90"! for some run and gun DM or TDM.
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    32bit vs 64bit OS Q's

    Thank you, I stand corrected! But he still wont be able to use his 4GB or RAM. :p
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    32bit vs 64bit OS Q's

    Yo will need a 64 bit OS to address that 4GB of ram along with your graphics card memory is that not reason enough seeing as you do photo editing etc.
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    TF2 Crashes?!?

    Yes they are source engine games like HL2 and CS:S
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    TF2 Crashes?!?

    Im using the most up to date version and still have the issue. The game now doesnt even loads and restarts the machine at the preparing to launch TF2 window. The system is stable, I'm sure the stress testing i was doing such as prime95 and superPi are more taxing on the machine rather than...