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    Dell has refurbished AW3423DWF for $655

    Link doesn't work
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    [H]OT? [EPIC] Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: On sale + Christmas Coupon $29.98

    Link to the coupon here:
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    [H]OT? [EPIC] Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: On sale + Christmas Coupon $29.98

    Yeap, got the 39.99. Is the coupon thing you mention still available?
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    [H]OT? [EPIC] Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: On sale + Christmas Coupon $29.98

    I'm not seeing it at this price when I look it up on Steam. Shoes up at $69.99?
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    *SOLD* FS: CASIO G-SHOCK MT-G MTG-B1000B-1AJF Bluetooth Solar Radio Men's Watch

    Beautiful watch. However, I don't know if the H crowd is the best to sell this to. Have you tried watchuseek forums?
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    FS: MSI X99A Godlike + i7 6800K $340 shipped OBO

    Selling what used to be one of THE top of the line X99A boards you could buy at the time. MSI X99A Godlike Gaming Comes with all the accessories that it came with originally along with the original box. $225 Shipped Also selling my trusty 6800k. I ran it 24/7 at around 4.1ghz with no issues...
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    Micro Center Limit 1 per household rules?

    Thought I'd clarify: I was able to buy the two 30 cards walking in and out. But this was NOT in the morning rush of people waiting outside the store. They do indeed check and write down what you buy in those rush hour times. However, they didn't do this in the afternoon.
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    Micro Center Limit 1 per household rules?

    Dang... I just didn't want to waste the 45 min drive. And I definitely can't buy just one or I risk a family crisis come Christmas time. It's been impossible to get anyone on the phone at the local Houston store to confirm.
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    Micro Center Limit 1 per household rules?

    Hi there! I had a quick question for any of you Micro Center knowledgeable people out there. Regarding the “limit 1 per household” for the new rtx3080 cards. Does the 1 per household limit apply to all 30 SERIES cards or is it per specific line/SKU of 30xx cards? For example: can I buy one 3080...
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    6700k Itching to upgrade (I'm using a 2080Ti@1440p and do some 4k video editing) - 3900x or keep on rocking my 6700k?

    I gotta thank the OP for this topic. I am literally in the same boat but with a 6800k. Based on what I've read here, I think I have more than enough juice int he tank to wait until the AMD 4 series vs Intel Ice Lake (or whatever) juicy battlethat will be unfolding by end of year or 2021.
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    Vizio 65" P65-F1 $899 shipped (down from $1200) DEAD

    Agreed. If you want a better scaler the Samsung nu8000 deal is better
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    Vizio 65" P65-F1 $899 shipped (down from $1200) DEAD One of THE best affordable 65" sets out there. This thing can run with the big boys. Get it while...
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    Sony XBR65X900F $1400(ish) shipped no tax

    Not really. You name your price for an item, and greentoe tries to broker a deal with their suppliers. In my case, I offered $1300 and got a counter offer within minutes for $1439. Some people on slickdeals have posted better results (flat $1400) by waiting a few days, uppung their original...
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    Sony XBR65X900F $1400(ish) shipped no tax

    Just did this and it worked for me. It's a great price for this tv. I can't guarantee the offer you will get but it will be in that range. You can buy it with a Citi credit card to make sure you can sill cash in on a better deal within 60 days with...
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    2018 Holiday Deals Compilation (Black Friday Cyber Monday)

    Props to you sir. Outstanding
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    [HOT]: Adata 960GB XPG SX8200 NVMe SSD $179, Adata DDR4 16GB (2x8GB) PC3200 $127

    Code is not working for me for some reason
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    ZOTAC GTX 1080 ti AMP Extreme Core $648 newegg ebay One of the highest clocked GTX 1080 ti i've seen for a...
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    FS: EVGA GTX 980 Ti GAMING ACX 2.0+ $270 Shipped

    Selling my trusty evga gtx 980 Ti GAMING ACX 2.0+. This card is an RMA replacement received in late 2017. I replaced the TIM with some Noctua NH-1 and that's about it. I doubt it has any warranty left on it but not sure. SOLD
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    Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 ti GV-N108TAORUS-11GD $727.99 OTD Brand new. Newegg on ebay is the seller. Free shipping, not tax. This is the lowest price I could find for this...
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    GIGABYTE GTX 1080 TI AORUS XTREME ED $634 in the CDW Outlet

    Got it! ;) $700 OTD with taxes and shipping but I still thought it was a good deal. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
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    GIGABYTE GTX 1080 TI AORUS XTREME ED $634 in the CDW Outlet

    Looks like I'm that someone!
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    Fallout 76

    HAHAHA! I know but... Power Armor Helmet They really got me. Stupid capitalism. Anyway, if I change my mind I'll just scalp it on ebay
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    Fallout 76

    BTW, did anyone get in on the pre-order for the Power Armor Edition?
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    Intel 5930K X99 2011V3 CPU BNIB

    Got for sale a just received from Intel BNIB 5930k CPU. This is a replacement CPU I received from Intel and has never been used still in it's sealed retail packaging. Looking to get $315 shipped Priority Mail Heatware in Sig
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    FS: Asus X99 Deluxe, i7 6800k

    Payment sent
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    MSI MSI Gaming X99A GODlike Gaming LGA 2011-v3 - $149.99 A/R @

    Thanks for the info. Just wanted to point out that the rebate was extended until 01/31/2018. It's still in stock