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    6800...a power hog?

    Should be fine.
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    6800GT fps wierdness

    I've had the exact same problem ever since I got Doom 3, and I have a FX 5900XT. I fixed it by rolling my drivers all the way back to 56.72. I used to get FPS at around 60+, but whenever a certain texture or effect (often fire) would come on screen I would drop to about 15 FPS. It also...
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    Video Card Question !

    Wow, I have the exact same computer, and yes, it runs CS great. Counterstrike will run great on cards going waaaay back, including intergrated.
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    how many video cards?

    Nvidia TNT 2 32MB Nvidia GeForce 4 ti4200 64MB Radeon 7000 Series 64MB Nvidia MX440SE 64MB Nvidia FX 5900XT These are from 2 different computers. I used to have a 486 but I have no idea what was in that. I still have all these cards either laying around or in use.
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    What Video Card(s) You Currently Own

    I have a FX5900XT and a Radeon 7000 Series. Yes, the 7000 is old, but it's still capable of gaming, Warcraft III, Counterstrike etc.