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    Longtime instability (Core i7 920)

    If you are overclocking you should have gone a bit higher than 650. Try reseating the CPU, water should ALWAYS give better results than stock cooler. What was the lowest possible vcore that CPU needed to run stock properly? 1.3 vcore sounds bit high; if my memory serves me right my i7...
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    i7 950, When should I upgrade?

    I have a 950 on my backup PC, and it plays all my games flawlessly [I use it for single screen 2560x1600]. If you feel you need an upgrade, might want to look at maybe some more/faster RAM, a vga upgrade, or some SSDs [if you don't have either]. 3.7Ghz is fairly easy on a 950; you should be...
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    EVGA 512-P3-N873-AR GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512MB No reserve!

    Does it require 1 or 2 power connections? And can this one be used for physx?
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    Ebay: Water cooling parts

    Hmm, should close this thread, everything is sold.
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    INTEL i3-3225 - Feb 19th - $115

    Item has been re-listed due to fraudulent purchase attempt. New information: INTEL i3-3225 - Feb 23rd - $115 Same offers made for forum members under original listing apply.
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    INTEL i3-3225 - Feb 19th - $115

    Auction has ended via Buy Now.
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    Seagate Backup plus USB 3.0 enclosure [no drive] - Feb 22nd - $20

    This auction is for an empty Seagate Backup plus USB 3.0 enclosure. It is literally brand new, in the sense that I bought it 2 days ago; I removed the drive and have no use for the enclosure. This is an USB 3.0 enclosure with its own power supply, and the connection to the drive [SATA...
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    INTEL i3-3225 - Feb 19th - $115

    Item is sealed, BNIB. Due to the nature of the item, and the mishandling that occurs when building a PC, item can be returned within 14 days, but only if not opened. If a forum member buys it, and the unlikely scenario that it goes bad occurs, I will provide assistance in replacing it. I...
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    Warning: Bestbuy's Amazon pricematch is full of it! BS.

    PS: The site clearly states the price matching is for LOCAL STORES within 25 miles from the store you show up at. I don't believe they price match online only stores; and if they have for someone, consider a gift.
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    Warning: Bestbuy's Amazon pricematch is full of it! BS.

    BestBuy always comes through for me price matching wise; don't know why so many of you don't get it. Just 2 days ago I got them to price match the Costco ad on the Seagate 4TB drives, got 2 from the website [said they had a 2 item limit] and two from the local store.
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    Samsung 840 Pro SSD Review @ [H]

    Just got two of these for $209.99 each at Newegg... everyone else has it for $224.99 and up. Thanks for the info in this review, it really pushed me to grab it.
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    Prepping for IB 3770K build, what RAM to buy?

    There are plenty of guides on how to OC RAM per platform [SB, X58, X48, AMD]. The values you actually change are the ones corresponding to the x-x-x-xx xT and the voltage; meaning if you buy RAM that is said to do 9-9-9-28 2T on 1.5v you can in most cases manipulate those values as the vendor...
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    Prepping for IB 3770K build, what RAM to buy?

    It is highly unlikely that you will see any new EA games pop up on Steam, those two companies don't see eye to eye anymore.
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    Prepping for IB 3770K build, what RAM to buy?

    I got this one because it can do 8-8-8-24 on 1.5 - 1.5v I'm aiming for either a 2x8GB or a 4x8GB set when I'm done building it.
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    Prepping for IB 3770K build, what RAM to buy?

    Holding myself over with a set of these, until IB is released and I see what is out there.
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    Prepping for IB 3770K build, what RAM to buy?

    So its a no go on the 1.65v RAM? I'm in his shoes as well, wort of. I already have a MB and a 2500K CPU and I'm looking for some nice RAM that I can use once I change over to IB.
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    I need some Video card direction

    I second this. If you are a single screen player, then SLI and xfire won't be that much of a difference as would be to upgrade your MB/CPU. You can still rack in about $200-300 for your current MB/CPU, and then grab a Z68 with a 2500K or 2600K. Then you can even contemplate going to Ivy Bridge.
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    Sensible HSF for Sandy Bridge LGA2011 parts?

    Why not try a Corsair H60/H70/H80/H100? It will run you a little more than those high end air coolers and it is better.
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    i7 3930K LGA2011 vs i7 2700K LGA1155 vs waiting for Ivey Bridge?

    SB-E is better than SB and might be better than IB. Now the question is what does your budget look like? If you can swing it, I would say go for SB-E, because you can later dump the 3930K and then get IB-E; if you can't, then get a 2500k and a good Z68 board and then get yourself an IB chip.
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    new system: P79X79,3930k,32gb 1855DDR3. cpu seems to be stuck in turbo mode, runs ???

    You don't need such a high VCCSA for 1866. Try lowering it to like 1.10 or 1.15 and do some RAM testing after. Your ambient temp is decent so I would suggest to re-seat your HSF/block [whatever it is that you are using to cool it] and see what happens. Other than that it looks good. You don't...
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    new system: P79X79,3930k,32gb 1855DDR3. cpu seems to be stuck in turbo mode, runs ???

    Except for the part that Prime95 took the temperature up to 74 degrees everything sounds good; 74 degrees is Linx type stress temperature. What is the temperature like in your room? Also, what is the vcore voltage set to? If you download CPU-Z it will tell you without having to go into the BIOS.
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    New rig setup , what GPU to get ?

    If you don't like AMD, then your best bet for your budget is a GTX 560 Ti. If you don't mind buying it second hand, you should be able to snatch a pair for just over $300.
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    Video Card Recommendation! ($450 Budget)

    I would follow his advise. Although, all of the reviews point out that the HD7970 is severely under clocked from factory which makes it a monster of a card. It should reach the UK at a price point between 325-380 pounds [depending on the mark up].
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    9800GT Upgrade to... ?

    NewEgg has the GTX 550 on sale for like $130 at the moment. That is more than enough card [since you have gone so long with that 9800GT].
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    Video Card for Photoshop - First time build

    Any of the current cards can provide more than enough power to run CS5. When it comes to Photoshop [as you more than likely know] is more about your monitor's ability to reproduce the Adobe Color Gamut [color space]. More evidence on this subject can found by simply looking up current Mac Pro...
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    How can this be explained? (shared video mem)

    If you look at the GPU screen, it tells you the following: 1] That it has a built in 64MB of RAM [you can scan your MB and you will see some RAM chips around the GPU]. 2] You have assigned 0MB of dedicated RAM [RAM that it will already have assigned to it]. 3] It will use up a max of 358MB...
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    new system: P79X79,3930k,32gb 1855DDR3. cpu seems to be stuck in turbo mode, runs ???

    Your CPU is running stock. 32x is the base multi [it is a 3.2Ghz CPU] and 38x is when it kicks in with Turbo [not using more than one core at the time]. Next time you boot up, download and use any of the multi core/thread stress programs [Linx, Prime95, etc] and see if your CPU still locks at...
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    i5 2500k Problem?

    There are a lot of SlipStream fans that are quiet; I own about 12 of them and I have [right now] 8 of them in use [in 3 dif setups] and they are hardly noticeable. You can run the H60 in push/pull config taking the inside case air out, that is how I have my H70; you just need to align an intake...
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    i5 2500k Problem?

    You are right the H60 should be able to handle that CPU, but it is also dependent of your ambient temps. Have you tried re-seating the H60 block/pump? I dropped a good 5-8 degrees from re-seating my H70 the last time. Getting back to the BSOD, it doesn't look like your PSU is the culprit, so...
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    Need new mobo for C2Q Q9500

    To put it in simple terms, you will pay through your nose for a X79 setup right now; unless you can afford it I'd say stay back. CPU alone is $600. The 2600k is a good chip, but if you really want to last 3 or so years without needing to upgrade, get the 2500k for now, then jump to Ivy Bridge...
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    Which mobo to go with 2500K?

    From the two models mentioned by OP, I'd go with the Maximus.
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    Does my motherboard support this video card?

    That MB is quite old, have you upgraded to the latest BIOS?
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    new system: P79X79,3930k,32gb 1855DDR3. cpu seems to be stuck in turbo mode, runs ???

    From what you stated, seems like that CPU is slightly OC'ed [600Mhz or so]. For the most part, you should be able to obtain that much by bumping up the Bclk, and the voltage to the cpu might not even need to be touched. I would really recommend that you go into the BIOS and just LOOK, don't...
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    new system: P79X79,3930k,32gb 1855DDR3. cpu seems to be stuck in turbo mode, runs ???

    What was your CPU frequency before [when you received it] and after the call to customer support? Do you remember what they asked you to change?
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    3930k newegg anger

    First off, you can't blame Intel for over charging for their CPUs; it is basic capitalism, if they do not have competition and they control the supply, hence making a fake demand for the item, they will price it however they feel like. People need to stop talking crap about Intel and making AMD...
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    i5 2500k Problem?

    Hmmm... I thought this was a thread about helping out r2yneth? r2yneth, can you please provide more details about your PC? So far all I've seen is your CPU and MB models, and the voltage you have the CPU set to. I think telling us which GPU you use, PSU wattage, amount of RAM [value of each...
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    Is my CPU bottlenecking my GPUs? Should i OC?

    You can slap a Corsair H50 - H70 on that CPU and get more than the air configuration; probably cheaper too. I use a H70 as my testing cooler, and I was able to jack up my i7 950 to 4.2Ghz Lynx stable. Using that same cooler I took my 2600k to 5Ghz and the temps don't cross 80 degrees; and that...
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    Whats with pricing on the i3 stuff?

    If you think that price point is an indication of lack of competition... take a look at the 3930k; a mere $400 from the Extreme Edition 3960X. If I decide to go for an X79 build, I won't bother shelling out the $600 for the 3930K, I would go striaght for the 3960X; specially since some forum...
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    Which X79?

    First off, the water block question... in particular I buy EK stuff, and they did not have a block for the G1 series of boards that GB put out with the X58 chipset; they did have a few formula level blocks for some of the ASUS boards [rampage, maximus]. With that said, you can go here...
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    Overclocked Sandy Bridge a worthy upgrade from i7 950 @ 4ghz?

    I have a 950 OC'ed to 4.2Ghz and it is not bottlenecking anything about my crossfired HD6970s.To make a real evaluation between you and your friend, you both need to have identical setup and settings. Just because he has around 10FPS more than you on a game, doesn't specifically point into the...