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    Gigabyte ITX now live... Doesnt show up under any searches though

    Rig: R1700 with Cryorig M9A, RX480, Crucial 32GB DDR4 2400, MX300 250GB M.2, 2 SSDs, Seasonic 650. Received this morning and installed in a Fractal Node 304. That USB 3.0 header is a long stretch in that case (coming from the bottom right). There is enough slack with the default cable, but...
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    Gigabyte ITX now live... Doesnt show up under any searches though

    Thanks. Placed mine as well. Also got this $20 rebate link through a gigabyte promo email a few days ago if you leave a review with amazon/newegg.
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    Is there a way for me to fit a 2280 M.2 in MSI Z170I Gaming Pro AC (Supports 2242 and 2260)?

    I have this same motherboard with a MX300 installed (2280). The installation of the larger size is not the challenge (as nothing prevents it), but securing it is. I ended up using some fishing string to wrap around secure it to the old 2260 mounting screw (with electric tap on top to prevent...
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    Canopus Pure 3D II (Voodoo 2), Canopus Spectra 2500 (TnT), and Voodoo 5

    Canopus Bundle Voodoo 5...
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    FS: Batman Arkham Knight Steam Key (Nvidia Promotion)

    bump. Adding Diablo III and Reaper of Soles (extra copy I had)
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    [W]arm- BEst Buy Nvidia GTX970 (stock) $329 (Incl. Arkham Knight)

    Sorry about that. At least from my own experience, it does perform very good for a blower style cooler. I know noise was a common complaint with the other blower style coolers.
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    [W]arm- BEst Buy Nvidia GTX970 (stock) $329 (Incl. Arkham Knight)

    Not yet. I know noise, as I run an ITX box (node 304) that is on a shelf at ear level, was a big concern (outside of coil whine). I ran a XFX DD 7950 previously and this is noticeably quieter under load. At idle I can't even hear it. I have not heard any coil whine either with my Seasonic PSU.
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    [W]arm- BEst Buy Nvidia GTX970 (stock) $329 (Incl. Arkham Knight)

    I picked one up, earlier in the week, and the card also includes a back plate. As others have pointed out, it does have the Titan X cooler. I was torn between this or the MSI, but glad this came up as I had BB credit and it turned out to be very quiet (even at load in FarCry 4).
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    FS: Batman Arkham Knight Steam Key (Nvidia Promotion)

    Batman Arkham Knight (Steam Key Available (Unused) from the Nvidia Promotion): SOLD Diablo III and Reaper of Souls: SOLD Heatware=LordGestle (83-0)
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    Poor Microsoft account practices (xbox)

    Did you buy the game within the console, or from another device on The reason I ask is I have used split points/credit and cc from a console, but they removed using points/credit if you try from
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    ASUS & HardOCP 20th Anniversary GTX 980 Gold Edition Lucky Draw

    concrete-core chokes and hardened MOSFETs
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    Biggest selection of RAM in bricks and mortar shopping

    I would say Fry's at least in my experience between those two.
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    MSI Mobo died 2 months out of warranty :( Anything I can do?

    Sucks, but writing a company off because they would not support a product with expired warranty might be a little harsh. On the bright side you had a product that had no issues for the advertised warranty length of the product. I have seen far worse with people trying to get in warranty support...