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    Just got my new p4c...

    As soon as I got my 2.4c, I oc'ed it to what I have now. Some people believe in burning in, and some don't. I don't have any experience with the 2.6c. I have a 9800pro as well, and I'm not aware of any software based way to get a temp. The only that I know to get a temp reading is to...
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    Considering increasing voltages through vidpinning.

    I used the vid pin trick on a p4 2.5 with a p4t-e, but it was just to raise the voltage to allow me get to a higher fsb. I'm not aware of a way to oc by just doing the wire trick. I think that it would just increase the volts and produce more heat with no increase in speed. Here are the...
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    Post your watercooled systems HERE! Pics, etc..

    When I posted these on oc forums, my lack of hose clamps was questioned(which is understandable). I only put ties on the areas where there was not a complete seal. Anything without a clamp is 5/8 inch. There was originally supposed to be a dd chipset block, but it wouldn't cooperate. I...
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    Do you clean your HS before installing it? [POLL]

    I use denatured alcohol and q-tips.
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    Whats your 9800 Pro OC?

    454/378 is the highest i've been able to go with water cooling and ramsinks. Once upon a time that was with no artifacts, but lately i've had to keep it a little lower to avoid them. I'm trying to decide if i'm going to volt mod the gpu and memory to go higher. If i were to ruin my card, my wife...