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    CS:S beta

    If you think its a joke because the jittering, try cl_smooth 0 in console. I saw it on the steam forums and it worked like a charm for me.
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    cs:s problem already

    I encountered the anti aliasing bug but i disabled refresh force and now mine works fine. Wow this is awesome, the physics are simply amazing in this game. I have not been able to connect to any actual servers yet execpty my own, but wow a huge improvment. Oh one heads up, i couldnt open the...
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    Which game was your Best Multiplayer Experience Ever...

    Counter-Strike, but diablo II is a extremely close second. A few other honorable mentions: Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight is what i played up until about starcraft. Starcraft until I got UT, but starcraft i still play once in a while. Original UT was awesome, still my favortie lan game...
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    Tweakguide's Doom3 tweaking...

    Ok i think i found the problem with my autoexec.cfg. Look at this: It made my screen completley dark because it never loaded the lights possibly. At least thats my guess because after removing r_skipUpdates 1 my config worked so.
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    Tweakguide's Doom3 tweaking...

    I gotta ask you, can you post the contents of your autoexec.cfg? I tried all using the tweak guide and it made my screen competley black when i loaded a game. The only thing i could see was the hud. Also, if anyone has it could you post the default contents of the DoomConfig.cfg file?
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    Will this upgrade help my doom 3 performance a lot?

    well i mean, is the procssor upgrade necesary or not for the most part. The 8500 was a mistake for me to buy in the first place.
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    Will this upgrade help my doom 3 performance a lot?

    Evga Geforce 6800 NU 128mb AMD Athlon 2500+ Barton I'm hoping it will help my performance a bit.
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    Recommend me a freeware DVD player

    I've heard about this maximus dvd, but it appears that their website is down or something. Is there any other good freeware dvd players out there?
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    several issues with HL an CS in opengl!

    If you have a ati card, check out the newest omega drivers. He included a special cs driver which is basically a older version of the ati opengl drivers that preformed better in cs. also check out this program
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    Tweaks to CS?

    Here is a great little program i found called hl toolz it basically a program that writes a config file for you based on settings you put in
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    New winamp 5.04 out

    its also on major geeks now so this is probably the real thing. i like the new streaming media features
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    New winamp 5.04 out

    Not on the front page of the website yet but its stickied in the winamp forums so i'd assume its offical
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    WarCraft III Frozen Throne

    You really have had some bad luck then. Most players i have played with are really nice and don't seem to brag or make excuses. What realm do you play on?
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    B1942 w/ Desert Combat vs. Vietnam...

    No, bfv just has a terrible netcode and is crippled by punk buster too. If you really dont think its a online issue, try a botmatch.
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    B1942 w/ Desert Combat vs. Vietnam...

    Take a look at Unreal Tournament 2004 too. The onslaught mode is very similar to battlefield and can lead to some very awesome and fast paced battles in vechiles. UT 2004 i'd have to say really took me by suprise and is probably my favorite shooter since... the original Unreal Torunament :)
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    BF1942 DC slow to load why?

    Your not alone. I have had many issues with Desert Combat and I know my system is more then capable of handling it. If your really that desprate, either reinstall or defrag are my best guesses or you could just be like me and be battlefield-free :D
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    Besides Doom 3/HL2, what else are you excited about?

    Half-life 3 :D seriously though, i'm really looking forward to world of warcraft, but thats about it. I don't see too many other intresting pc games coming. And please don't say Brothers in Arms because I will never buy gearbox again.
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    Quick Question about Firefox

    Where does firefox store things like temporary internet files/cookies/history?
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    Well guys, i finally got ut2k4

    anyone try that golf one? Also i tried Frag.ops. Its pretty good, nothing i havent seen before though just with nicer graphics.
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    Well guys, i finally got ut2k4

    which map paks are you getting? I am notcing i am missing a lot of maps that people play. I got the xp one and the patch if it included any.
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    Well guys, i finally got ut2k4

    liking it so far. Got the single dvd version. what are some good mods?
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    THE best antivirus software?

    Sorry to bump this, but i just wanted to ask. What is the best free one? I see that nod32 is not any more and i'm using avast right now.
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    Question about agp bios tweak

    Well it also said this I tried it and could barely boot into windows, it took forever. It did not increase preformance at all, only decreased it. Thanks for that site though, looks like a nice one.
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    Question about agp bios tweak

    Will disabling agp fast writes in bios increase game preformance at all?
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    I know this is kinda a newbie question but

    Yeah, i use comcast too. Does having a router make any difrence?
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    Running games in OpenGL

    check this out I honestly think it looks better in d3d, but thats just my opinion.
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    I know this is kinda a newbie question but

    I was just curious. Does your ip address change when you format or replace a hard drive?
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    AGP problems with Gigabyte GA-7VAX

    Holy crap, that did it. Ctrl+F1 did wonders, it was almost like finding a code for a video game :) thanks a lot.
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    AGP problems with Gigabyte GA-7VAX

    I just tried it, it still says 2x and it says my chipset only supports 2x. I have tried reinstalling my chipset drivers numerous times and still had no good results. Any other ideas?
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    Really whats the deal?

    I'm getting tired of both really. Too much hype about their release has made me feel worse about pc gaming. I was planning on upgrading my pc a bunch for just those two games, but now its looking like consoles are making a comeback espically now that there are a lot of online games for them. As...
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    AGP problems with Gigabyte GA-7VAX

    Not too long ago, I attempted to flash my bios to the F12 using a windows based upgrade program from gigabyte. When i restarted my computer, i found that my bios was updated but windows was not starting. It gave me a error saying that ntfs.sys was corrupt or something among that line. I could...
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    been outta the game loop...what should i get?

    get a xbox and be ready for halo 2 :) would cost you less then upgrading your pc
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    How many of you guys play revolt for COD?

    Its a cool mod, but there are some changes i'd like to see. For example, i'm not to fond of the swearing in the radio commands (mostly because people spam them) but other then that, its shaping up to be a pretty nice mod. any one who has no clue what we are talking about, check out...
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    A few good games I play super web soccer all the time in school :)
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    CoD STILL locking up!

    disabling fast writes i heard works sometimes.
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    About to go pick up NeverWinter Nights... any suggestions?

    I have one suggestion, don't. Neverwinter nights is very overrated in my opinion. Download the demo first and see how you like it.
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    What's some good games to take on a laptop for a trip?

    And tribes is now free on fileplanet if you dont have it :)
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    What's some good games to take on a laptop for a trip?

    Jedi knight 1, quake 2 :) of course starcraft and diablo (why not diablo II as well)