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  1. dolphumous

    FS: DDR4 ECC RDIMMS and UDIMMS. Corsair HX1200I PSU, Quad port Intel NICs

    Mobo is paid for. GLWS for everything else. :)
  2. dolphumous

    Curved Monitor Worth It ?

    I've been using a 34" curved ultrawide for a few weeks now and it's meh. I already had a 27" 1440p and this wasn't worth the $525 I spend for an 'upgrade'. I'd recommend getting a good 1440p @ 27" and don't pay the premium for curved.
  3. dolphumous

    FS: EVGA 980 TI SC w/backplate

    PP sent!
  4. dolphumous

    Oneplus one 64gb

  5. dolphumous

    Oneplus one 64gb

    Heatware? Better pictures?
  6. dolphumous

    GPU's, memory, SSD, mobo combo

    Payment sent for EVGA 2GB 750Ti