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    I saw you posted on a x58 board thread. Do you have one for sale or trade? I have a 920 and need...

    I saw you posted on a x58 board thread. Do you have one for sale or trade? I have a 920 and need a new board.
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    Yeah Microcenter has 21 stores now, moving up to 23 at the end of '09. Opening one in St. Louis MIZ

    Yeah Microcenter has 21 stores now, moving up to 23 at the end of '09. Opening one in St. Louis MIZ
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    EVGA X58 3X SLI Sneak Peek

    dbl post.. sry...:p
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    EVGA X58 3X SLI Sneak Peek

    Gotta love the Evga board sneak peak, with a BFG hat on! FTW :P
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    Coors Sued Over iPhone Beer App

    mmm The taste of the rockies.
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    Windows 7 To Be Named Windows 7

    Simple. Higher the Number, the Newer the version. Much easier to explain to dumb customers.
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    Should I buy it?

    I found a Asus F8Sv-X1 for $672 new in box Specs: Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor T5450 2048MB DDR2-667 RAM 160GB 5,400RPM Hard Drive LightScribe SuperMulti DVD±RW Drive NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT Intel® Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN 14.0" WXGA Display Microsoft Windows Vista Business...
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    Intel Core2Duo / Intel Centrino?

    I sell these things all day and this is 100% correct. Centrino = Intel mobility setup basiclly, and C2D in a desktop is just a C2D. Alot of the new laptops coming out have the new Centrino setup on them, Centrino2. Sony is basiclly rolling this out on all their higher end units.
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    Anyone used Intel's Warranty Program?

    Topic says it all. I built a real budget desktop for my mom 2 years ago and we used a celeron 346 socket 775. I tried one of my E6300's and her machine works just fine, so I just need to get it replaced, is it a big deal w/ Intel?
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    Biostar Tpower Fan

    TY for the tip
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    Biostar Tpower Fan

    I just bought a Tpower I45, E7200, and a 4870 Gfx Card. Any suggestions on a replacment fan for the extra cooling fan that comes with the motherboard?
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    E6300 or E4300

    I have an E6300 and a E4300 with a Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3 motherboard. The question is which one do I keep in the board to overclock with? The memory I have is 4 GB of OCZ-Sli DDR2 1066MHz.
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    what kind of PSU should i buy?

    Best bang/Buck
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    What to do with a box of dead hard drives.

    Make a clock out of them
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    Some one say mITX?

    These are making me wet.... I have been researching making a PC for my in-dash mod to my car and these look like the ticket to fit my need
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    Lian-Li PC-A20B thoughts?

    I love this case. It has worked well for my main machine
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    Stalker Clear Sky

    wow. just wow.
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    Is Bestbuy the best place to buy a laptop?

    I would agree with MicroCenter. They have a HUGE selection of Laptops and generally are willing to help you instead of BS you into something that wont work well for you. The hard part is BB is willing to take a huge loss on their laptops to draw customer's in over a better shopping experience. :(
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    Thinking of buying first Mac ever...

    I'd suggest either: a) Try a hackintosh b) Get a MacBook at like $1200 and bootcamp it.
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    What ram to get for an E8400?

    I'm planning on running my e8400 with some OCZ Sli-Ready 1066MHz ram. This thing is gonna kick.
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    Picked up one of those Walmart $200 specials...

    It's great to see these UMPC hit that need for the consumers.
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    Finding the Optimal Laptop Configuration

    Since you really cannot find a huge supply of XP Pro based laptops on the market anymore, I believe the point behind this article is about a year too late. For those people who have an XP machine, upgrading now might only get them a performance increase because they have an old battery already...
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    Who makes workstation notebooks.

    I work with a ton of biz clients that need CAD effects, and the T61p takes the cake. As another solution, check with a T61. It won't be as top of the line as the T61p, but it will still have similar features. As in locations to pick one of the t61's up, MicroCenter seems to stock them on...
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    AMD Radeon HD 4800 Series @ [H]

    I look forward to seeing the AMD / ATi one two punch make it's mark on the BYOPC market. I might just have to build my computer 2 months early.