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    How Well Do FreeSync Monitors Work with NVIDIA GPUs?

    So far so good on my LG 34UC98-W.
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    Doom Modder Uses Artificial Intelligence to Enhance the Textures of the Cult Classic

    There is no such thing as AI. Its just code. Until a program writes it own code and doing something different than what it was told to do its just good code. Quantum computers will introduce us to AI. AI is a marketing term where cloud meets useful code that looks so flashy that it tricks...
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    Diablo 3 Guest Pass Giveaway thread

    I'll take a key if anyone would like to PM me one. Thank you!
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    Back Tim Schafer's Next Game via Kickstarter

    I donated $15. This is going to be cool!!!
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    Display port monitor to DVI laptop

    Can someone please point me to a product or solution for converting a display port monitor to a laptop that only has VGA and DVI. The monitor's our company purchased has one VGA port and one Display Port port. We are running dual monitors, we can connect one of the monitors to the VGA port on...
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    Dragon Age II Demo - Feb. 22nd

    DX11 on a GTX285? Since when?
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    Dragon Age II Demo - Feb. 22nd

    Restarted my PC, steam updated my DA:2 demo I think and now its playing liking it should.
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    Dragon Age II Demo - Feb. 22nd

    Tried the demo last night, full of weird bugs. The cut scenes were all messed up for me, floating monsters, people out of view, wrong camera angles....weird stuff. This wrecked the demo for me because I could not tell what was going on between the battles. I did try the german demo a few...
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    Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

    because Corsair would be coming to my rescue! Power supply went out in a shower of sparks, it decided to take everything else out with it. So now I'm building a new mid-range gaming machine and this 12gb of sweet ass Corsair ram would make it hummmm! Hmmm....6 gb system ram, 6gb ram drive for...
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    Guru3d 6870/6850 review

    I was just going to create a thread on this.
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    Free Raffle from and MicroTemp

    Wooot, post 100, lol. Send one up to Canada!
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

    I'm pretty sure I'm your guy. :)
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    No SLI support so far in unreal engine 3?

    2x 7800 gtx's works great for me. 1680x1050 on my 24" widescreen is nice and smooth, was pretty good with just one card but better with two. Everything seems to be cranked up. I could try a higher rez but I'm not at home and into gaming much right now. SLI works great, nHancer works...
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    What MP3 player suits me?

    Hey guys and gals, I'm looking for an MP3 player. I intend to use it for snowboarding, riding my ATV, hiking, etc. It will be in the cold and warm weather. I would like something that is flash based so it doesn't skip and so it will last longer. AA or AAA battery would be great, long battery...
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    What is up with Dark Messiah of Might & Magic??

    patch it up and enjoy a great game!
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    Experience with NCIX??

    I have dealt with NCIX up here in Canada many times. Great service and prices and fast. Thats my experience with them.
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    Who remembers carmageddon?

    I'm pretty sure a new one is in the works, I remember reading that somewhere on the web.
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    Sin Stutters

    They must of seen the stuttering while developing and play testing the game. So why the hell did they think they can get away with releasing it to the public?
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    Sin Episodes: Emergence comes out today.

    You got some nice screen caps there, lol.
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    Sin Episodes: Emergence comes out today.

    What was the cost and how long do you figure this episode is?
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    new alliance race video
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    Live Streaming of my games?

    Webcam pointed at the TV or monitor, there you go.
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    Oblivion co-op gameplay

    What would it hurt to have a co-op mode? You ever play Serious Sam in Co-op mode, damn is that fun!
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    Oblivion co-op gameplay

    Wouldn't it be cool if you could play this game in co-op mode. You could export your characters or save them online. Go to a LAN party and bring some other people in the dungeon you just can't get past. Or help you close down that one gate that just won't die. Would be nice as an added...
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    Oblivion: Which of the two cards?

    Pentium M is a slower gaming CPU but the video card is better? The P4 I think might be better, download 3dMark06 and run it on both of them, tell us who has the better score.
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    Oblivion Selling Early?

    Tried futureshop and EB here where I live. Nothing. Futureshop had it listed as Get It First March 20th, they tried to tell me it ships that day and won't be here for another day or two. As if, they probably got it in the back. Oh well, I'll finish playing Serious Sam 2 tonight and play...
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    Physics card next month from BFG?

    Remember something called TrueForm? Yah, that was used alot too, one or two games will patch it in, it'll make very little difference and everyone will forget about it.
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    Quit WoW is CoV gonna be boring?

    I quit WoW, bought CoV to tide me over till DDO, played CoV for 30 minutes the day I got it and never played it again. Having more fun playing Farcry and NWN. WoW is a much better game but WoW is now boring.
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    Another WoW thread.. questions!

    I've been playing WoW since day 1. I quit once before in the spring and started playing again this fall. I quit last week to play other games. I've played so much WoW, I've seen alot of the quests and 90% of the content, I have zero desire to keep playing. I don't even want to login anymore...
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    Performance Issue in WoW

    I run dual GTX's and a dual core AMD CPU with 2 gigs. I also have a 24" monitor that supports 1900x1200, thats why he is probably using that rez and he can because he has 2xGTXs. I don't have any problems with running Wow at 1900x1200 on one GTX, SLI is evil in WoW, it makes you slower. A...
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    Performance Issue in WoW

    First, SLI and WoW don't work to well together performance wise for alot of people. Trying MC with only one video card, disable SLI using nHancer, great program! Second, mods do affect your frame rate. I used this one mod that when I targeted something my frame rate would be cut in half...
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    ogl vs d3d in wow

    Always use Direct 3D with WoW, unless your having rendering issues or game problems. Its basically for troubleshooting and MAC users. The performance sucks major balls as you can see with my benchmarks in WoW using openGL.
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    ogl vs d3d in wow

    2005-12-13 16:51:06 - WoW D3D Single Frames: 6836 - Time: 139794ms - Avg: 48.901 - Min: 33 - Max: 61 2005-12-13 16:56:08 - WoW openGL Single Frames: 2621 - Time: 135449ms - Avg: 19.350 - Min: 14 - Max: 30 2005-12-13 17:05:31 - WoW openGL SLI SFR Frames: 2669 - Time: 138932ms -...
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    ogl vs d3d in wow

    I got caught up in WoW last night, I tried this morning but its maintenace day. I did compare to login screen frame rates. openGL: 30 D3D: 61 I'll run a FRAPs benchmark on a flight path and compare the two tonight, I hope.
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    ogl vs d3d in wow

    I can test it for you, how do you run WoW in OpenGL?
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    Post your "Best Game Ever"

    Looking over the list and I notice alot of people either like the newer games much more, either forgot about their old gaming experiences or are all newish gamers. Gaming will never be as good as the old days, to be young again, ahhhhh................
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    Who remembers BioForge!

    Yah in Bioforge you could pick up alot of things as weapons. I think they had different animations for different weapons too, different attacks.
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    Who remembers BioForge!

    Very cool game back in the day. Here is another one you'll remember, CyberMage. That was a very fun game, god I miss those days.
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    Post your "Best Game Ever"

    I loved the old Sierra, they were the best development group back in the day. I played every King's, Space, Hero's and Police Quest game. Those games were amazing, so much fun and it made you learn how to type and think, unlike todays games. I wish Sierra today was like the Sierra 15 years ago.