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    The Desktop PC Needs A Makeover

    As a PC enthusiast I prefer having options and being able to build my version of the "dream machine" but the idea of standardizing connectors and integrating power delivery and I/O ports into the case makes a lot of sense to me. The use of SFF in enthusiast components leaves a lot to be desired...
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    What haswell motherboard are you getting?

    I am finally retiring my OC'ed Q6700 + Maximus Formula and getting a i7-4770K + ROG Gene and a Swiftech H220 watercooling kit. I already have the chip and the board is shipping today from Directron.
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    ASUS & [H]ardOCP Haswell Z87 Motherboard Giveaway! Week 1

    I would finally have time to overclock my GPU and RAM
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    Corsair "Barebones" Christmas Giveaway!

    I have used various Corsair components (memory, PSUs and a headset) in my personal PCs during the last 8 years and all of them have met and exceeded my expectations. Keep up the good work!
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    KÜHLER as it Gets! - Antec Big [H] Giveaway!

    If I win this I will be able to finally get a decent overclock out of my aging Q6700. My daughter's PC has an Antec PSU, it's much quieter than the rest of the fans in her system.
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    Seasonic M12II-620 PSU Drawing

    I promise to give it a good home :)
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    OCZ Z Series: Z850 Power Supply Drawing @ [H]

    Thank you OCZ for this giveaway!
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    Upgrading an -qpack: need heatsink help

    FrostyTech have a list of low profile heatsinks sorted by socket compatability and height here: Another option may be the Corsair H50, which may offer better performance than a low profile air cooler for a similar price.
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    HP Voodoo gaming keyboard (Razer) $37.50 shipped

    I had the Razer Lycosa and the backlight on the keys (in the regular backlight mode) is VERY dim. With the backlight off, the letters on the keys are impossible to read. IMO the quality of the keyboard is not very impressive either. I was pretty disappointed with it, especially for the price...
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    HOT: XFX 4850 512MB $55 shipped after $20 MIR and $30 eBillMe rebate

    The only time I didn't get a MIR (out of more than 10 I have submitted) was TigerDirect. They came up with some bogus reason not to pay it so I stopped buying from them. I had good experiences with Corsair, Galaxy, Patriot, Newegg and EVGA.
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    NZXT Beta ATX Case - $40 AR @ the egg

    Here is the case on newegg. This case seems like a very good budget case. Here is a review of it. $10 Rebate IMHO it's an interesting alternative to the Antec Three Hundred.
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    Your CPU progression

    Apple II+ clone (6502 1MHz) Intel 486 DX 33MHz (first time I have done any upgrade by myself - added memory to the video card) Intel Pentium 200MHz (first time I upgraded RAM, HD and optical drive) Intel Pentium III 500MHz (first time I overclocked a video card) Intel III 1.2GHz (first non...
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    Disturbing Image of the Day

    Does this reside in the church of RTFM or the synagogue of WYSIWYG?
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    Help me choose a mouse pad - URGENT

    I have a XTrac Pro HS at work with a Logitech G5 and an older (more than 4 years old) XTrac Pro with a DeathAdder at home. Very durable and personally I like the hex design.
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    Most comfortable mouse you ever had?

    I had a MX1000 that died a few months ago - it had the perfect size and shape but was too heavy. I have a G5 V2.0 at work which is OK and a Deathadder at home. I think I like the shape and weight of the Deathadder better than the G5. I think that the G5 has better build quality than the...
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    Starting a new SFF build and I have a few questions...

    I had a SilenX PSU years ago in a Athlon XP 2500 system. The PSU died after a couple of years. When I opened it I found out it was a rebranded FSP. I stopped buying FSP after that.
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    Say goodbye to those Fry's ECS mobo/cpu combos...

    All ECS and Biostar boards I heve ever owned have failed prematurely, but at least the ECS ones lasted more than a year. My least favorite brands are Biostar, ECS and MSI. Every time I tried saving a few bucks on a mobo it was a huge mistake. Now I only buy Asus.
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    Any interesting mid-tower case?

    I got an Antec 300 from the egg last week - they had them on sale for $60. It is very quiet with both fans set to low.
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    At Work Only do you have 1 or 2 or maybe even 3 monitors?

    1x26" Acer. I do database administration and web development. It's great to have VS.Net on a large screen. At my previous job I had a 19" CRT connected to my 15" laptop - outlook ot the 15", SQL and a terminal server session on the 19".
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    ASUS Rampage II X58 mATX ETA ...

    I mentioned the 8800 Ultra because of the "hump" for the fan, not the performance.
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    ASUS Rampage II X58 mATX ETA ...

    I was all psyched about this board until I realized that it doesn't have a connector for my floppy drive, j/k. That V10 does dwarf the entire board. Imagine what it would like like with 8800Ultra in SLI and the V10...
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    New SFF Build :)

    I don't know if it fits either, but CoolerMaster have a refurb GeminII for sale on their site for $14.
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    Lian Li PC- Q7 itx case.

    From what I can see it looks like the PSU sits above the board so I am guessing that there are no expansion slots in that case.
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    Cheapest I7, Have some parts already

    You will need the 1366 adapter for the heatsink, mobo, CPU and RAM. If you are not planning on using SLI you can get a mobo that does not support SLI and save a few bucks (I think MSI has one). The least expensive i7 is the 920 - just check the deals section, there are plenty of deals there (I...
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    Can XP/Vista run without a graphics card?

    I know the OP was asking about XP/Vista, but doesn't WHS allow you to run a headless system?
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    Q6600/HD4850 can't do Clear Sky, disappointed in card performance

    I played STALKER:CS on my Q6700@3GHz and a 8800GTS (G92) on a 22" (1680x1050) and everything was fine. I had some of the eye candy turned on but not a lot of it because I wanted to have high framerates. Your hardware has enough power to handle it so I am guessing it's software. Make sure you are...
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    What are you all using for HTPC case?

    I have a Ahanix D-Vine 5. It's all aluminum, black and has very clean lines. The problems with it are that it has room for very few drives, very poor cooling, has a ridiculously bright blue power LED and needs a SFX PSU. Mine came without the PSU and without the VFD, so I placed the IR receiver...
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    Steam - 10-90% off everything

    I played both and I liked the first one (SoC) better. I don't like what they did to the artifacts in Clear Sky, and I think that the story is better in the first one. The thing I liked about Clear Sky is the ability to create custon upgraded weapons and armor. As soon as I could afford, I got an...
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    $600 Micro ATX DJ Computer, help!

    Case: ($50) CPU: ($190) Mobo: ($135) PSU...
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    Recommend Your Favorite Gaming Mouse!

    I have the G5 Rev 2 at work and a DeathAdder at home. Both are pretty good but I really miss my MX1000.
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    Cosmos 100 Black

    CoolerMaster have revealed the Cosmos 1000 Black limited edition: A window and the top fans are 140mm instead of 120mm. I am not impressed. Let the flaming begin...
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    Small Case - NEW project

    Dude, chill out. It seems that you are getting rather upset over a very small issue. I am saying that IMHO the perfect SFF case does not currently exist - all cases have made some compromise that I am unhappy with. The QMicra for example can pretty much handle all of the components that you...
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    Small Case - NEW project

    The problem is that we as users want to put high end components in mATX cases - but the case designers force us to make compromises. Just look at how many threads here ask: "Can I fit...". I am not saying that people do not have high end systems in small cases, I am saying that it is HARD to fit...
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    Small Case - NEW project

    I have tried building a number of custom mATX cases and always had a problem with the size and location of the PSU. I solved the problem in 2 ways: 1. Take the PSU apart and change the size of the enclosure - I moved and replaced the fans and split the AC power jack from the rest of the PSU...
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    What happened to the Nano?

    Nothing so far. I vote for it to win the Vaporware award for 2008. In the meantime, the dual core Atom is already available here.
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    What D9 sticks do I have?

    You can probably remove the heatspreaders and take a look at the chips. There is some info here: