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    Parallax doom3 mod

    I hate to ask this, but has anyone with LESS than the "required" FX-series cards installed this anyway and had it work? Only say so if it worked properly; i.e. no noticeable performance hit, no corrupted/too-dark textures, etc. Thanks in advance for the input...
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    Valve FOR SALE !!!

    Link is farked. Anyone have a cache?
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    Why Doom III is rated mature...

    I don't get it. I can't even discern what language they're speaking/screaming during the "level one" sequence. It's like some really bad homemade knockoff of the 'modern' knockoff of the Candid Camera TV series, but with a few spliced-in refs to Doom3. It's my hope that whoever they are turn...
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    Help Video card problems....

    I hate to be a wet blanket, but that light you're seeing has nothing to do with your RAM's performance. Corsair does, in fact, make a line of (sheesh, I sound like a geek, excuse me sir, sir for drinking so much sir) XMS PRO memory that features LEDs (do not ask me why) that light responding to...
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    Newest Mice Poll :-)

    Logitech Trackman Wheel Optical. Why waste all that energy and have to make so many complex muscle movements and worry about having the right surface and being leashed by the cord when you can do everything that much better with your thumb? Never any fatigue, super-precise, the ability to...
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    Need Your Help, Games Warping.

    The confusion, at least to me, was your usage of the phrase "warp" to describe problems you're having in games on your system. Perhaps this term has eluded me, but I haven't the slightest clue what you're talking about, perhaps you could explain the actual problems you're encountering? Are the...
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    Lets all make fun of Valve,Steam, and Gabe...

    Yeah, heaven knows, if they were, after all this hemming and hawing and sitting around with their thumbs up their asses, they'd release a game that's actually worth a shit. /Valve-and-their-fans are like Apple-and-its-fans in public, far as I can tell.
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    2 problems I am having with Doom 3...

    To add to the already good advice here, in the rare case that you guys happen to switch while still in-game, you can bring down the console (Ctrl-Alt-~) and type exec ****.cfg where **** is the name of the other brother's .cfg file; or, if you guys complicate the game with mods (which I, for...
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    Bought games just for multiplayer?

    Vietcong (also Fist Alpha expansion thereto), RTCW, Q3A, BF1942 (which quickly became one of the few regrets I have in this life, giving someone money for that), and had to, uh, re-acquire Doom II after mislaying certain parts for some at-work LAN at which I sucked conclusively.
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    CSSource - The secks.

    And why is the player shooting left-handed? That M4 Carbine doesn't have an ambi fire selector or safety; does it take extra time to change rate of fire that way? It should.
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    Doom3 Default Renderer?

    Well, at this point, I haven't had a chance to screw with them, but I think that their very inclusion into the engine like this is a great thing. Hopefully when the SDK is out, and hopefully if it's tool-heavy like I'm expecting, this will allow modders to essentially make a "Doom³ Lite" using...
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    Need a game to play.

    Vietcong. Best game of its kind made, period. Astounding multiplayer. Involving and thorough SP. Incredible attention to detail throughout. Buy the Purple Haze set, comes with the original as well as the Fist Alpha expansion. Definitely worth your money.