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    200GB microsd back to $99.99 on amazon

    Well I'm in for 10 as soon as price comes down. Who cares what you use other people make long videos or keep big storage on phone and always running out space even with 32gb on board and 64gb Samsung pro card.. so ya would be nice to have a few for each device. No sharing no delete .. just enjoy
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    WTB: Laptop w/ Dedicated GPU

    970m is almost 500... where do we get good deal..
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    Wtb laptop

    Prices help when msg me .. my range is 80 to 800 depending how great.. need a few I guess
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    Wtb laptop

    Any price is fine if has gfx card but looking for some budget ones to donate to poor children that have nothing. So I think aNY speed be fine but rather always pay little bit more for little bit better. Thanks!
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    AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 4, 32gb, Black with extras!

    oo i love my note 4.. only thing i dont like is the fact its so bright and the lowest setting is still amazingly bright.. maybe can see from 100 feet away ;) i love using external charger with 2 other battery never having to plug your phone in is great.. wireless chargers are so slow! if you...
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    WTS/ WTT xbox one with accessories & games and micro atx gaming rig

    lulz is like from 10 years ago so maybe you not hear of.. /bump
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    WTS/ WTT xbox one with accessories & games and micro atx gaming rig

    payment sent for xboxone.... thanks
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Unlocked Refurbished B+ $248 Free Shipping

    I noticed note 4 Verizon for 330 to 360.. note 5 will be out soon i guess so note prices dropping before worth less.. was considering the note 4 really happy w galaxys5 sprint. Wonder if its flashable to verizon prepaid
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    Amazon Fire Phone Unlocked $159 with Free 1 Year Prime

    says 449 guess missed it .. year of prime was like 100 bux i think.
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    Lulz says seven verizon left.. well i guess i shoulda check before send payment but.. just sent payment fir 7.. so hope they still avaliable heheh
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    FS: Parting Out 1YR Old PC W/Name Brand Parts: CaseLabs, Asus, Corsair, Samsung ETC

    wonder what this means!? lowered ram to 15$... its not 15$ per stick.. its not 15 per gb.. shrug..
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    Battlefield 4 Premium Edition for $30 @Amazon. Base game and DLC package.

    wow that site is annoying.. I might buy if its 18$ after code.. but I see 50$ with 23% off only don't know how that would be 18$.. maybe the could share how they did it.. or maybe they just saying low price to make others jealous.. ;P Premium access was 40.. but did not include game...
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    FS: plenty of stuff coming over the next month

    can we ask why you didnt want keep it?
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    My options for replacing a cracked screen on a Moto X

    you are not intelligent enough to replace it your self? the screen it self prob costs half the price of phone so best to just sell phone and get new better one sad as it is.. but maybe it has cheap replacement if lucky..
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    Lenovo Y410P Gaming Laptop w/ 250GB SSD

    is there a price? I don't have ebay here ;( wont work
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    wtb: xmas present for wife. ATT galaxy s3

    Might as well stay away from galaxy 3 since the 4 is like 10 $ more than the used 3 prices..
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    $$ sent for starbuxks cards %THANKS
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    Shell Shocker - PNY Optima 480GB SSD - $189.99 ($169.99 w/ Rebate)

    oh i only bitch because i thought it was a FAST drive when i got it (I returned it..) .. xlr8 made it sound great but it didnt perform like the specs said.. When you doing alot of things a few seconds here and there add up.. i am just impatient i guess.
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    Shell Shocker - PNY Optima 480GB SSD - $189.99 ($169.99 w/ Rebate)

    Maybe some of us dont want 10th best when the best is just a few bux more.. sick of buying things sub quality and regretting not getting the best.. guess u happy with mcdonalds since its better than eatimg from the trash right? Haha I dont eat that crap
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    WTB: Nintendo 3DS/2DS

    id have to recommend get a gateway cart and a fw 4.5 or less 3dsxl off ebay.. Total 275 tops...
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    Shell Shocker - PNY Optima 480GB SSD - $189.99 ($169.99 w/ Rebate)

    well idk about everyone else.. but the 240 xl8 pro or what ever its called was kinda slow for me but already had intel 335? ill just wait for next gen ssd hear its 2 months?
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    5x100$ gc sold to me (at least payment is sent) THAnks now i gotta figure out how to use so much starbucks
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    Novaform Queen Mattress $399 Costco

    ya you just put it on the floor right?! hahahah.. i use one with this very bed so im not on the floor like savage.
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    WTB Original Xbox, Splinter Cell games

    i have so ooooooo many original xbox. if you have some skills i can sell you one with modchip that needs to be flashed still for decent price. i have maybe 4 working ones also. they are all hardmodded tho. I have the splinter cell game that lets you glitch stock xbox also to turn it into softmod...
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    Newegg Shellshocker: $80 Pioneer SP-BS41-LR 2 CH Bookshelf Loudspeakers Pair

    grabbed two polk 55T from newegg for 100 each but 50 rebate.. If dont mind rebate it came out to 100 for the two. I dont know how they sound compared to anything else tho it all sounds the same to me maybe i should have spent more.. idk
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    amazon daily deal I5 4670K $190 w prime

    i feel like a idiot.. but this is 1150 socket and it doesnt say anywhere that it is.. here is link.. glad its 1150 because i have 1155 2500k that has not...
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    BLAZING! Verizon HTC One M8 $100AR @ Diamond Wireless!

    Oh no.. just ordered m8 with sprint after seeing this thread. But,,, i ordered it becauss thought camera was super good. Saw the front 5mp and figured the back camera be amazing, however i am worried it is not worth the upgrade from 13mp optimus g pro. . Any thoughts? They told me dont open...
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    Vizio 47 inch smart HDTV refurbished $299 @

    Seems like not even close to worth hassle,, tempting if had 80% chamce not damaged. Walmart is 50 miles away, better tv be nice also. Like thin bezle led 120hz true,, but idk,, 300 is low price so guess be fine def wont work for pc monitor tho unless not picky
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 670 4GB+ w/Backplate - $199.99 (

    3 year warranty? whats the point of the backplate? looks great except fr the stock cooler ;/
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    3TB 90 bucks Desktop Mainstream IntelliPower Sata HDD

    My experience things fail just after warranty expires.. not like the manufacturer has no idea what they doing and just randomly pick amounts of time,,, if u are right i imagine everything would have same warranty,,but alas you are not and diff drives are designed for diff types of use. Glad you...
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    3TB 90 bucks Desktop Mainstream IntelliPower Sata HDD

    ya 2 year warranty scared me off.. i like the wd red drive for 110 after rebate but I dont want to do rebates.. i guess i might tho ;0
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    3TB 90 bucks Desktop Mainstream IntelliPower Sata HDD

    Basicly a wd green? 6$ ship 10$ tax.. hmmm but have to create a account to be sure.
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    Groupon New LG e970 179.99

    I take it back, dont get this att version.. mine has 2mp fron camera and 13mp rear,, 1.3 is unusable imo. 8Mp is like five years ago technology no wonder so cheap..
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    Groupon New LG e970 179.99

    I have been use the sprint optimus g for about a year? Screen is fine speed is great.. battery is non removable and no memory card. Other than that its great. I have a galaxys4 also but trying use this opimus gtill it breaks.. hasnt broke yet arrgh (oh but the back is glass i did break that...
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    Xbox live 12 months for $39.99 at BB

    Really shady? They take paypal and delivered valid code instantly.. was super legit for me.. /shrug ya if no tax the dealis close to same.,
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    Xbox live 12 months for $39.99 at BB

    Why not use google and buy them everyday for 43.99 for 13 months? Im not math expert but its lower price.. hope this isnt threadcrap but why not spend one dollar more since no tax....
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    XFX 270x for $141.99, free shipping

    Really wish the 7970 i boufht for 220 would have shipped to me..guy said he was in car accident and didnt ship it for a week maynehe kept it to sell for d o uble price sincw it was at that time,,, now still run damn 6850 or somthing seem fine tho
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    Surface Pro 128gb (First Gen) $599 Best Buy (Clearance YMMV)

    Had no idea what this is .. i thought it was a ultra fast ssd type device, looks so cool can you just buy multiple batteries? Ima check one out when i can and decide after that.. my only fear would be breaking it :)
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    M- Audio AV-40 for 119.99

    Lulz at mixing with a 2.1 setup is this comedy hour? The av40 are fine i think the 60 shipped i paid is fine for them have them paired with a set of lame 12" subs and never even consider the klipsh sitting in the garage in a box.. should sell them butso heavy not worth it,,, ya get something...