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    P4 combo: 2.4/1GB/Abit IS7-E

    $65, for the Mobo, CPU, Ram, PSU AND A Radeon 9800 (I dont think its a pro, but seriously...) Is there any reason in particular that there has been zero interest in this bundle? -K
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    P4 combo: 2.4/1GB/Abit IS7-E

    price drop to $50 for the Mobo, HSF, Ram. 70 for the same combo + psu.
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    P4 combo: 2.4/1GB/Abit IS7-E

    any interest if I part it out?
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    P4 combo: 2.4/1GB/Abit IS7-E

    Hey, I have a system that I built several years ago that needs a new home. I have a P4 2.4 with 1GB Geil PC3200 ram. 864 It comes on an Abit IS7-E, with the INTEL 865 chipset. The processor and ram are in fine/perfect condition. The motherboard's chipset fan is dead. Some of the clips...
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    WTB: Blackberry 8830

    Hello. I would like to buy a blackberry 8830 Verizon phone. I need a new phone, and am not eligible for a rebate, so I thought I'd ask here. email me at if you have any offers. thanks. -K
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    WTB: AGP video card

    would you be interested in a radeon 9800 pro for 70, shipped? email heat under mojojojo~1
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    WTB: Wii (w/ extras ok)

    check arstechnica's openforum > agora classified.
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    FS: 3 vid cards, 2 hubs

    All prices are price, SHIPPED. Payment only via Paypal. I have for sale 3 video cards: 1 x Radeon 9800 Pro, 128 Meg AGP - $35 1 x Radeon 9700, 128 Meg AGP - $30 1 x Radeon 9250 256 Meg PCI(Deamond Stealth, almost NIB) - $50 I also have 2 Netgeat Hubs 2 x Netgear FS105 5 port hubs -...
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    FS: Router Linksys WRT54G V4 + Linksys Modem

    Hello, I am selling my Linksys WRT54G Router. The hardware is V4, for those interested in hacking it (i have not tried). The unit is fully functional and physically in excellent condition. Price: $40 shipped via FEDEX I am also selling my Linksys Cable Modem, BEFCMU10 Price: $30 shipped via...
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    Dell Latitude D600, 1.4M, 1GBRam, DVDR, Dock, Monitor Stand + extra battery $470

    Still for sale, price drop to $440 shipped.
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    Dell Latitude D600, 1.4M, 1GBRam, DVDR, Dock, Monitor Stand + extra battery $470

    Its back up and available; buyer bailed :( Swatbat, its available and I do have heat; ill send you a PM.
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    Dell Latitude D600, 1.4M, 1GBRam, DVDR, Dock, Monitor Stand + extra battery $470

    Sold the whole things, sorry cant part it out.
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    Dell Latitude D600, 1.4M, 1GBRam, DVDR, Dock, Monitor Stand + extra battery $470

    I am willing to part out my package and sell the Dock+monitor stand (+ i will throw in a slimline CD drive). I would like to get about $75 shipped OBO for the combo.
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    Dell Latitude D600, 1.4M, 1GBRam, DVDR, Dock, Monitor Stand + extra battery $470

    It pains me to do this, but i have to sell my beloved laptop setup. The laptop is a Dell Latitude D600. It is in fine working order. it has: 14.1 inch screen 1.4 GHZ Pentium M 1 GB of ram 40 GIG HD DVD+R drive (upgraded) An extra battery. The computer's keyboard is missing the J...
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    Dell Dimension Random Reboots - Multiple!

    Hey, so i was at home for winter break, and (go figure) i had a few relatives who needed computer work. I was glad to do it, cuz im broke. Anyway, all of them had dell dimensions, and all of them were suffering from random reboots (at school, i have another 2 friends with the same prob). I...
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    Litescribe DVD's

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    Old Scanner - no win2k driver

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    WTB: PS2 games (GOD HAND OR DevMayCry3)+ controller

    Hey, im interested in picking up either God Hand or Devil May Cry 3 for the ps2. Also, if you have a good condition DualShock 2, I may be interested in that too. Shoot me offers at THNX, and happy new year.
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    WTB: 865 mobo (atx, microATX)

    bump again. Nobodys got an 865 board just laying around? Will consider other socket 478 boards, but they must support 800mhz fsb.
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    WTB: 865 mobo (atx, microATX)

    bump I have paypal (non cc) available for immidiate payment.
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    WTB: 865 mobo (atx, microATX)

    forgot to throw out my contact info. email
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    WTB: 865 mobo (atx, microATX)

    Hey, im looking for an atx or microATX intel 865 motherboard, socket 478. Perferably Asus, Abit, Intel, or other quality brand (no PCchips). Im looking to keep the price down (doing a salvage/repair). May be interested in a black case bundle too. Thanks for your interest. Have refs...
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    eMachineAthlon64 3200+ /256MB DDR/80GB/DVD±RW/XPH NO REBATE!

    Back in the day (we're talking celeron 1's) eMachines sucked, hard. I have not worked with any of the newer ones, but ive heard that since being purchased by gateway, their quality is pretty good. As for being a TD refurb, i have no experience with that.
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    Litescribe DVD's

    Hey, so i am looking to get a DVD burner. I know about litescribe (the technology side) but i was wondering how prevalent it is? Is it easy to find DVD's that litescribe can write to? I hit up ebay and only found burners w/ the tech, no disc for it though. thanks
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    Slocket question and other randomness

    Im almost 100% sure that you cant do this. If i remember correctly, intel disabled SMP on celerons faster than 533mhz. I would research this before purchasing anything.
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    hi def cables for xbox

    ive got the MS highdef cables. Like has been posted before, the biggest difference you will see will be in the clarity of the picture, not in the quality of the graphics. Infact, the cables will accentuate the the graphics' lackings. However, text and dashboards will look much much much...
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    FS/T GC package, DS, PS2

    wow, getting rid of all three. you must really love that kid :D
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    FS: PSP Value Pack

    Still available? I may be willing to partial trade a 9700 pro for it (unsure atm, but if you email me i'll make a decision asap)
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    FS: Laptop and Projectors plus other stuff

    Hey, i am interested in a possible partial trade of a modded xbox+cash for the projector. Please tell me if you are interested. . Hope to do business with you. PS - money part can only be done via paypal (non cc). also, whats the make/model of the projector. also...
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    FS: Rare Japanese PSP Firmware 1.0!

    1.0's are not too hard to acquire, but they are still quite valuble, and the 1.5 card method is dangerous and annoying to do. Dont crap on other peoples thread.
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    WTB: Linksys wireless router (b or g)

    Hey, im looking for a quality Linksys wireless router. It can be either B or G. Shoot me an offer. email:
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    Win2k SP2 laptop processor speed probelem

    Hey, my roommate just got a PC (laptop by cyberpower, no OS b/c our shcool offers seriously reduced cost lisences for windows and he wants to dualboot). Anyway, the thing has a an Athalon 64 3000+ i believe, however the install of windows XP SP2 slipstreamed yeilded the computer with a...