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    Google Says Its Self-Driving Cars Can Tackle City Streets Now

    Can't wait for the Nascar mod pack to upgrade the self driving parameters
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    Be Wary of the Fake Chrome, Adobe Flash Updates

    Yeah, had to clean this off son's computer. It installed search conduit and some other Trojan. had to use a malwarebytes and autoruns after fixing the his browers
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    The Elder Scrolls Online: Character Creation

    Could we see an Obama look alike online?
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    CES Dumps CNET, Gives Best of Show Award To DISH

    I vote for [H] to run next years Best of Show Awards. :)
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    Senator To Gamers: Shut Up, You Have No Credibility

    Finally someone to bust the stereo type that all Chinese are smart.
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    How To Fix Your Mac The Right Way

    It is the New Apple TV he found at a local bar and is trying to sell it to MS for some $$$.
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    Instagram Has The Right To Sell Your Photos

    Actually start uploading copyrighted pornographic images and turn instagram into the largest pirate porn site in the world and destroy its value.
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    Apple: Scratches On Aluminum Are Normal

    I thought of a new product to sell. The iScratcher. Description : This product is used to scratch and scar up your iPhone 5 to give it that worn out, tore up look that a few people desire. For the low price of $50, you will receive a genuine piece of abrasive paper that can be applied to any...
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    Apparently Apple's New Map App Sucks

    It is magical
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    Taiwan Company Fined $500M for LCD Price Fixing

    The DOJ is full of shit. I haven't seen them send ANY UBS, BOA, JP Morgan, or Goldman Sachs Execs to jail either and they don't complain. They only guy they sent to jail was the whistle blower that got the IRS hunting the tax evaders.
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    Hackers Lied About Source of Stolen Apple UDIDs

    Just goes to show you can't trust Anonymous.
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    Court Affirms $675K Penalty In Music-Downloading Case

    For a Harvard Law student the guy was a dumb ass. He downloads the big deal. He then uploads them for others to "share" what he "stole" ...gray area. His crowning achievement was the willful infringement that got him the $675K penalty. He blatantly ignored the repeated requests for...
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    Man Claiming Half Ownership Of Facebook Fined Again

    Forget the fine. Just read it, he has been ordered to pay court cost and attorney fees for Zuckerberg. Probably over a thousand billable hours LOL. His former attorneys got out in time
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    India Says It'll Will Be On Mars By 2013

    Imagine if their Mars rover has a technical issue/mechanical problem and they have to call their tech support.
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    Woman Gets Grant To Photograph Facebook Friends

    The real crime here is she sucks as a photographer. If the "portraits" shown are her best examples of what she can do, she had better go back to her part time jobs. What is the deal with taking pictures with windows in the background and not using fill flash. Hell she probably doesn't even know...
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    Unboxing Videos Are Lame: Example #2,419,004

    I wonder if this is a negative ad sponsored by Apple, message being that Nexus 7 is purchased by idiots who can't even open a box.
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    Antec Case & PSU Combo Lucky Draw!!!!!

    Antec has a great reputation for reliable PSU.
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    'Siri, Kill That Guy'

    I think Apple got the idea of Siri from a Japanese Anime called Eden of the East. The main characters just talk to a computer linked to the phones and makes things happen.
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    Mannequin Used To Manipulate 3D Models

    I would say motion capture from a real person would be better except that the Japanese are probably thinking about using this tech to manipulate the 3D model into positions most real humans are not capable of.
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    If This Game Studio Collapses, Taxpayers Will Owe $112.6M

    Government needs to stay out of business. Especially non essential businesses like game companies. An argument can be made for Solyndra or Tesla Motors but goddamn 38 Studios????
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    Cool Craigslist Crime of the Day

    Should have told police there would be a box of Krispy Kreme donuts for the responding unit and he would have had the SWAT team there to take him down.
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    Cool Craigslist Crime of the Day

    Vigilante? Hardly! Batman would have broken both the crooks arms and legs and left him in traction for 6 months
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    John McAfee House Raided Megaupload Style

    I read up a little on the situation in Belize, apparently his mistake was a failure to donate to the local Orange Walk politician. The raid was just a shake down to show what could happen. The GSU are just enforcers they have running around.
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    Kid Pees On $36,000 Worth of MacBooks

    The kid was probably told to pee on the machines so they could make an insurance claim to replace the Macbook junk they had.
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    Prototype Quadrotor with Machine Gun

    How about replace him with a hot babe and I will watch the damn videos. What a waste of my time this was.
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    Shipping Damage FTW!

    I see this and then we still here about people laughing about how Amazon over packs some stuff in triple boxing.
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    Boeing Selling A $15,000 Android Phone

    I just just heard the phone is also capable of scanning for nearby lifeforms and sample the air and ground. Perfect for my next away team mission when I land on Planet X.
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    Apple Paid Off iPhone Search Victim?

    Well Apple is a public company and I suppose if the settlement was large enough we would be able to find it some where in their audits if you looked hard enough.
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    Groupon Restatement Sparks More Worries

    And that is exactly the problem. Their business model is really unknown. How do they make money or in this case how do they burn it? Do they drive a dumpster truck full cash straight into a furnace or do they shred it one Benjamin at a time.
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    Groupon Restatement Sparks More Worries

    I am going out on a limb and say there is mismanagement at best and embezzlement at worst going on at Groupon. How can you not make money on essentially a business model of collecting commissions on Groupons sold?
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    iDevice Deal of the Day

    Did you guys read the review Feedback on the item? That was simply the best laugh I have had in a LONG time.
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    Diablo III Collector’s Edition Revealed and Detailed

    Hardly news. Amazon posted a picture of the collectors edition a while ago and if you blew up the picture you could read on the back of the box all the goodies it came with.
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    Study: Throttling Unlimited Data Plans Is Pointless

    I seriously think that ATT is trying to get rid of their high usage customers and get them to migrate to Sprint. I have a theory that ATT's bandwidth that it owns is close to saturation. They have more iPhone users then Verizon and Sprint ...and it is an established fact that iPhone users use...
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    Guild Wars 2 Beta Sign-Ups

    GW was and still is one of the best games EVER. Right up there with Diablo II. I thought i was going to have to choose between them but Diablo III being delayed again...... made up my mind for me.
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    Secret Twitter Subpoena Not So Secret

    Well the prosecutor can always take Twitter to court on obstruction of justice charges for impeding their investigation and possibly aiding a criminal enterprise. Twitter can't plead ignorance as they were informed it was an on going investigation. The other story where Telecoms get immunity for...
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    Apple Fined For Misleading Customers

    Apple pushes the same junk here in the US
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    Iran Bans Battlefield 3

    They only banned the game because the Iranians get slaughtered in large numbers. If the release a modified version of BF3 where the opposite happens ...US forces get the crushed and they successful deploy Nukes on US soil. They would be handing out free copies.
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    Wal-Mart Ready to Settle Netflix Case for $27.5M

    I think we need a law to limit the percentage lawyers can make steal for themselves from class actions. 25% is ridiculous especially when the aggrieved members of the class action are seeing less then $1. How about the most the lawyers can take for themselves be equal to or less then 1000 times...
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    Zynga To Employees: Give Back Stocks or You're Fired

    I think it is a great idea. We should be hiring all CEOs and other executives the same way. If the company performs poorly, strip them of their shares or face termination.
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    Enermax Platimax 850W Drawing!!!!!!!!!!

    Platimax 850!!!! Just the right size PSU I need