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    Final thread before I drop $600 on a new 2407WFP

    He can't fit a 37" on his desk.
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    Final thread before I drop $600 on a new 2407WFP

    I was on and saw this post: Is this true?:confused:
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    I'm going to purchase the 2407wfp monitor

    is this monitor still using the samsung panel?
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    XP Pro x86 and x64 activation

    Basically, Microsoft knows that the 2 serials (1 for x64 and 1 for x86) is only for 1 license?
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    XP Pro x86 and x64 activation

    but will it work? that's all i want to know. :)
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    I'm going to purchase the 2407wfp monitor

    but before i do that, does latest a04 revision fix all the problems or at least most of them? I'm also considering buying the soundbar that can be attached to the bottom of the monitor. I'm not a huge audiophile so the sound quality isn't very important. I would just like some comments on the...
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    XP Pro x86 and x64 activation

    I bought XP Pro from my school's bookstore and they included both x86 and x64 versions. I've already activated the x86 version but I haven't opened the x64 version yet. Can I still register and use the x64 version of XP or is it somehow tied to my already registered x86 version? Both versions of...
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    What does the "/" mean for an IP address? (firewall rule)

    I think it means from IP ranges -
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    Question about these Dell 2407 A04 1:1

    Can someone explain what exactly is 1:1 on this monitor? Does the ratio only apply to videos from the computer, or does it also apply to set top bluray-HDdvd players?
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    Is my rig underpowered to play h.264 files?

    oops i forgot. it's a 6600gt agp.
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    Is my rig underpowered to play h.264 files?

    Rig specs: 2.8Ghz P4 Prescott 1024MB PC3200 RAM 6600GT 128MB I've installed CCCP decoder to play some 1080p H.264 files, however, the audio doesn't sync with the video. I've tried installing CoreAVC 1.3 but that didn't work in Vista. Is my hardware too slow to play these 1080p files?
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    Can't decide on 2007WFP or 2407WFP

    That's what I tried and it didn't work. So I installed CCCP but the audio is out of sync. I'm playing this on a 2.8ghz p4 w/ 1024gb ram.
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    Can't decide on 2007WFP or 2407WFP

    dell 2407wfp it is then. thanks for all the responses. :)
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    Can't decide on 2007WFP or 2407WFP

    I couldn't get CoreAVC to work with Vista. :(
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    Can't decide on 2007WFP or 2407WFP

    What exactly does this CoreAVC software do? I see that it's a h.264 decoder. How is that different than using VLC for example?
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    Can't decide on 2007WFP or 2407WFP

    I was also thinking of playing HD-DVD and Blu-Ray movies on it in 1080P. bump.
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    Can't decide on 2007WFP or 2407WFP

    I have a 6600GT which should handle 1920 x 1200 resolution just fine. I'm more concerned about the HD videos I download off the internet and would like to take advantage of them. That's why I want a monitor that supports HD resolutions.
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    Getting the Dell 2407 but have a few questions

    I was just reading about the 2007WFP "lottery". Some people got non-S-IPS models and some did. Is Dell still doing this?
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    Can't decide on 2007WFP or 2407WFP

    I'm torn between these two monitors. I've owned a 2005WFP a while ago, so I know how big a 20" LCD is. Unfortunately I sold it and now I'm wishing I hadn't. The reason why I'm considering the 2407WFP is for the true HD resolution. However, the 2007WFP has better color reproduction because it...
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    Your Laptop Picture [H]ere (read first post for rules please)

    Thinkpad X30 Black_Macbook.jpg (haven't bothered taking pics of it yet)
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    HP Pavilion notebook ZE2308WM won't turn on

    For some reason, the laptop decided to automatically shut off on me when I unplugged it from the AC. When I pressed the power button again, it would power up for 1 second and immediately turn off. I tried re-plugging it into the AC, but it still turns off by itself after 1 second. I've tried...
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    Unofficial HP Pavillion ZE2308WM (WalMart BF '05 Laptop) Support Thread

    My HP laptop just died recently. The laptop won't power on properly. It turns on for one second then automatically turns off. Not sure what I'm going to do with it now, possibly sell it on craiglist as is.
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    Unofficial HP Pavillion ZE2308WM (WalMart BF '05 Laptop) Support Thread

    Yeah, I just noticed after I posted. How would they fix the overheating issue though? Do you think they'll send you a new one by any chance? :)
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    Unofficial HP Pavillion ZE2308WM (WalMart BF '05 Laptop) Support Thread

    The screen hinge is really loose as many of you are experiencing. The laptop runs very hot after about 20 minutes, therefore, causing the CPU fan to spin non-stop. I guess you get what you pay for. Is it normal for the CPU to fan even when you're just web surfing (~70C ambient)? I'm considering...
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    ISA Server 2004 ?

    All outbound/inbound traffic is set to deny by default. You'll need to create an access rule (outbound) on ports 80, 53, and 443 to surf on the internet. Add your gaming computer's IP to the computer folder in ISA. Create an access rule with no restriction for the gaming computer.
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    What is a good web content filtering software package for a corporate environment?

    Microsoft ISA Server 2004. Cache/Proxy/Firewall Server. This is a good all-in-one solution. I believe Cisco PIX also does content filtering, but I'm not too familiar with their appliances.
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    dyndns use for a website?

    Your IP shouldn't change if your connection is always on. I host my own websites on a dynamic IP and haven't seen it change unless I force it to. I suggest for your DNS configurations. They're free and they have a small program you can download to update your DNS records in...
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    Brand new Sony PSP for sale... won it, don't need it!

    what kind of trades are you looking for?
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    $2000 for a PC

    if he's only going to play cs 1.6, find him a used geforce 2 ti.
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    Dell 700M, worth the price?

    it's worth it only if you can buy it with the $750 off coupon. other than that, the battery life sucks.
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    recommended Windows 2k3 server mail server?

    microsoft exchange
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    what causes windows to freeze?

    try to run memtest86 for a couple of hours.
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    $500 PC

    i dont think a $500 pc would need a x600 video card. if this is for the general public, an onboard video would be fine. however, if this article is aimed towards gaming, i'd consider the 9800pro or 6600g instead.
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    2005FPW Odd scanlines? Try this.

    it's a monitor defect. the A01 owners aren't experiencing this problem.
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    2005FPW Replacement - Got a question for ALL AO2 owners.

    mine has this problem. it is a may A02. i called up dell to get a replacement. unfortunatly, my 21 days has passed. i will be receiving a refurbished. =\
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    Dell Hookup again!

    i'm not sure, but i'll be using it within an hour for a 1905fp. edit: i just used the coupon and it can only be used once. :(
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    Dell Hookup again!

    it works for me. =\
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    it uses a standard VESA mounting mechanism. the mount can be bought at stores.
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    2405 arrived scot-free... phew

    what racing game is that?