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    Project CheckMate by E.E.L. Ambiense

    Thanks, man! Glad you enjoyed it. She's sitting right next to me as I type, although I'm not using her right now.
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    I got my LianLi PC-A05B ! it's Small!

    Most, if not all, modern heat pipes on mobos have wicks in them, so orientation does not matter to heat dissipation and management.
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    Audio Ripping - Degration?

    If you're merely burning a data CD of the .mp3 files, won't have any degradation of the file (aside from obvious low-quality media issues aside). Now, if you're burning the .mp3s as a new audio CD and re-ripping off that--yes, of course there'd be a loss in quality; you're ripping to...
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    Scratchbuild Project BluBawx by E.E.L. Ambiense

    One final little bump to the thread before I let it rot in past-project purgatory. The Custom PC Magazine article for this project has finally been published and is available on newsstands now! If interested, pick one up. You can throw darts at it or have an E.E.L. pic-burning ritual in...
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    DFI To Stop Lan Party MB?

    They're not going anywhere. Not with their relative success in the upper-tier hardcore user market. Personally, I tend to go to DFI first with builds, and have done so since the K8 days. The 939 days were friggin' awesome. I currently run an (aging) X38 that's OCed to the wall with my ole...
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    DFI To Stop Lan Party MB?
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    I got my LianLi PC-A05B ! it's Small!

    In my experience with the chassis, it's just not needed at all. The PSU draws the air from within the case and out the front, and seems to work quite well.
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    8800gtx pushes 32" 1920x1080 fine what about 37" with same rez?

    Same res, so no it doesn't matter physical size. It'll just have more coarse pixels, is all.
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    Thinking about doing my 1st watercooling setup...EK?

    EK is a high-quality company. Eddy's products are always top-notch. Personally, I tend to go to him first for something I need. Good luck with getting your feet wet. :)
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    I got my LianLi PC-A05B ! it's Small!

    All those MNPCTech templates are my work. I'm Bill's designer. I made them to make things easier for the community as a whole. I don't normally use tin snips for that kind of work.... I'm the holesaw kind of guy. ;) I'd imagine starting some holes with a drill first as pilots and start...
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    I got my LianLi PC-A05B ! it's Small!

    My templates I made there cover all common spacing for rads, and by extension fans in general. They can't get any more easy than that. Although, tin shears should be interesting... Good luck!
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    Scratchbuild Project BluBawx by E.E.L. Ambiense

    Thank you, Elledan! I appreciate it. Thank you kindly! I appreciate you following it. Thanks, man!
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    Scratchbuild Project BluBawx by E.E.L. Ambiense

    Just a quick little bump letting those interested in it that a front-page article went up for this project over at B-T. Final photos of the build are included since I haven't actually shown anything final just yet. Thank you to all who posted in this log, or just followed it quietly. I...
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    Why compression fittings?

    After probably 40+ systems built, odds are it won't happen. :) But you're right; I've seen leaks happen to folks and it does suck, but mostly that happens from negligence and lack of preparation. Sometimes, luck is just bad.
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    Why compression fittings?

    Alternatively, you don't have to use clamps on barbs if you use a slightly smaller diameter tubing pushed onto the barb. Example: 7/16" tubing on a 1/2" barb. I use this method regularly if I'm not using compression fittings. Here's an example... Very secure and looks a lot better than...
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    Project Lumière Noire by E.E.L. Ambiense

    Just a quick bump saying thanks for the kind words I've gotten off the grid from some of you as well as the traditional posts, etc. It's sincerely appreciated. Lumière Noire was just announced as a finalist in Intel's Core Challenge. It's an honor being among all the other esteemed...
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    I got my LianLi PC-A05B ! it's Small!

    Like Spair-Flair said. I actually have an HX520 in my A05 and the spacing is more than sufficient for getting air to the PSU.
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    Must Have Case Modding Tools

    A really good drill is certainly a nice start (good amount of torque) and a good collection of decent drillbits, as well as a rotary tool (which you already have). A holesaw is a good thing to have as well. I'd start small and practice on 'garbage' cases like freebees and throwaways, etc...
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    DFI Patent Dual System Platform, Hybrid is Disclosed

    ION platform = Atom CPU + 9400M
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    New DFI Mini-ITX MI P55-T36

    Probably around 1.5A give or take, but I wouldn't try to get close to that number. A safe range would be 5w-10w per header. I don't think I need to say - do not overload it; you'll regret it! ;)
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    [Review] Triple Radiators V2

    Excellent exhaustive review, Skinnee. I appreciate your efforts sincerely. This just goes to show why I don't buy Feser products, because it is hype. :p I say that lightly though; no offense to Feser owners. ;) I own multiple Thermochill PAs, a couple XSPC RXs, a few HWL rads and a...
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    [YourNewCase] SUGO ... 5! GO!

    Thanks for posting it in here too. I meant to drop it in this thread because I've seen it floating around, but I've been too busy with current projects to take care of the past ones! :p Thanks again.
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    Reapply thermal paste?

    It's up to you and how you feel about warranty coverage. I don't know EVGA's policy on 'tampering' with their boards. Personally, it's the first thing I do when I get a board. I guess I'm just pessimistic about manufacturing and assembly detail from all the years of poor application of TIM...
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    Are PSU calculators accurate?

    Sure, go with that. Semantics more than anything. Regardless, a crappy 800w PSU isn't going to be as good as a good quality 600w unit, regardless of the numbers they slap on it. But there are plenty of variables involved. Bottom line; make sure your rails are good enough.
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    Are PSU calculators accurate?

    I would use it as a simple guideline more than anything else. Edit: And the PSU's wattage isn't really the issue, it's the PSU's rails themselves.
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    The Silverstone Gallery *post your Silverstone case here*

    Project NOTalis - by MNPCTech and E.E.L. Ambiense Finished mod over a two-day jam-session mod collaboration. Silverstone SG05 modified. We're deliberately linking the case mod movie off-site, so you can watch in HD. Watch "Project NOTalis: The Case Mod Movie" in HD and the...
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    Netflix coming to PS3

    Probably for transportation to a friend's house that hasn't switched over yet, would be my guess.
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    Netflix coming to PS3

    It will probably never be the same quality as packaged media. We just don't have the pipes for it. Even if it's streamed at 1080P (and this goes for 1080i/720P as well), the bitrate is lower in comparison to packaged media (obviously). Here's some interesting info from the CEA just released...
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    Source for 80mm x 10mm fans?

    PPC's has a 'slot bracket cooler' that claims it has an 80mmx10mm fan attached to it. Simply remove the fan and toss the bracket. Tada!
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    Single slot GTX280 bracket

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    I got my LianLi PC-A05B ! it's Small!

    In Lian Li code, A = aluminum (silver) and B = black