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    Chrome Fades as Users Return to IE, Firefox

    Since we use Google Apps at work I use it mail, calendar and apps. The JavaScript engine is very fast. For web development, there is still nothing that comes close to FF, although I'd put Crome in second place it does have a built in JavaScript debugger and DOM viewer. Did I mention the...
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    Poll: Reliability of Various Storage Drives

    1. Have you ever had a hard drive fail on you? Yes 2. Have you ever had a USB Pen fail on you? (if you've used these) No 3. Have you ever had an external Hard Drive Fail on you? (if you've used these) No 4. Have you ever had a CD-R, DVD-R, or other optical media fail/corrupt on you? Yes...
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    Wow. (56k warning, big pics)

    That's nothing! I used to work as a network tech for a timber processing company. The PC's in the factory would last on average about 2 months before dust finally clogged them up for them to over heat and die (after about 3 replacements management FINALLY took our advise and agreed to let us buy...
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    CSS/Javascript Working in Everything else but IE?

    I can take a look at it, PM me the js source code that is not on a single line.
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    Three dimensional data on MySQL datatbase

    100000 is not a very big number for database rows! Current system I'm working on tracks millions of items that refer to others. Remeber that when you are every time you have to call to a database it is a slow process. The method you have described above would require you to go to the...
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    I cannot for the life of me figure this out....

    A few things, in C++ a "string" is simply an array of char's. So when you pass a array into the strcmp function you need to refer to the array not the first element (the char). Second NEVER use strcmp always use strncmp as this is much safer and will prevent buffer overuns. It's a good idea...
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    Javascript object on in IE?

    A little off topic but... If you are ever writing JavaScript code don't write your first version for Internet Explorer for a couple of reasons: Internet Explorer error reporting for any scripting language is pathetic. Internet Explorer has many differences from standard JavaScript. I...
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    Freelance billing

    With the company I work for we all do electronic time sheets. As we complete each job we enter what we did into out time sheets along with the customer and the specific order. Time is devided into 15 minute blocks. If the customer ever wants a breakdown of what we are charging for we can simply...
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    VB6 Finance Manager program help

    Simple bit of SQL will do that: SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE dateField BETWEEN date-week TO today Make sure you replace the * with a distinct list of the required fields using * is very bad practice. If you want to work out the date values use the DateAdd function, documentation is in MSDN (or...
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    simple Mysql question

    Look at the MySQL docs there is a option to execute commands from a text file. Too slow heh ;)
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    Cat 5 my home?

    Notice the green and orange lines are swapped. Basically one pair are the TX (data transmit) and the other RX (data receive) lines. If you are connecting to a switch you want to have both ends the same as the switch takes care of the details. If you are connecting two NIC's togeather directly...
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    Database for elementary school recommendations

    For somebody who doesn't know much about databases and is only going to be used by one or two users then access would be fine. For more I'd recomend MySQL although that would require somebody with suitable IT skills to setup and create an interface.
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    C++ Question (Might be simple)

    All decimal numbers are floating point, ie the number is stored with a number to a set acuracy and then scaled. If you want to store the exact number you will need to store it as a string or just output the results as you calculate it.
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    run query with parameter from vba

    Do you have a little more information, like: What application What database What interface to the database (ie ADO, DAO)
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    little help with arrays?

    Just because there is a string class doesn't mean you have to use it. C++ is just an extension of C so anything from C will generally work in C++. In some cases using a string class is more of a hindrance than actually useful.
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    little help with arrays?

    In C a "string" is a char array.
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    little help with arrays?

    Spotting errors in code can take a bit. Even the most basic.
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    little help with arrays?

    Experience ;), been doing this for a while now.
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    little help with arrays?

    Change your array to: char score[] = {'2', '2', '2', '3', '3', '3', '4', '4', '4', '5', '5', '5', '6', '6', '6', '7', '7', '7', '7', '8', '8', '8', '9', '9', '9', '9'};
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    little help with arrays?

    Are you trying to output the value at possition 20 in the array (ie "8")? If so printf("%d", score[20]); would do it.
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    JS form help :( cant complete project

    Pretty easy to do. <script language="JavaScript"> function OnSubmit_Validate(myForm) { // Do validation if (valid) return true; else return false; } </script> <form onSubmit="return OnSubmit_Validate(this);"> </form> You can then just use a...
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    Reasonable pricing for small website creation?

    Would be a pretty simple job to complete. Although more information would be required before an acurite quote could be made. Provide some more information ie Webserver that would be used, what database would be available, development platform. Be wary of anybody who doesn't start out with the...