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    SOLD, Thanks! Raspberry Pi 2

    I'll take it
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    WTB: 5870's

    I have an XFX 5870 excellent condition, PM me with how much you looking to spend. I am the second owner but I have the full warranty registered to me.
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    WTS 2x WD Green 1.5TB

    I'll take them if ShuttleLuv passes, PM incoming
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    Brand new OUYA

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    FS: XIM Edge and wired 360 controller

    ygpm for paypent info
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    FS: e2742v 27" 1080P

    Can I get a picture of it as well as the connections?
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    560 Ti Refurb $89.99 at Microcenter (in store)

    Yeah, the MC near me only has one and benchmarks show them to be about even. Dang it.
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    560 Ti Refurb $89.99 at Microcenter (in store)

    I'm still rocking a 5870. Wondering if two of these in SLI would be better. Thoughts?
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    FD: Bioshock Infinite + Tomb Raider Promo Code

    I'll take it, PM for info
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    25- Free Hawken Beta Keys

    PM sent
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    8GB iPod Nano 6th Gen

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    Directron 32GB Torx refurb $29

    I had the same problem. Had to remove the cache to make things right. Kept getting random lockups, where the system would sit there waiting on something. Then unlock itself. Latest BIOS, drivers and FW. I'll probably move this to my HTPC.
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    Directron 32GB Torx refurb $29

    Rob, what guide did you follow? i have the same setup.
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    Four Weeks of Galaxy Give-Aways!

    I'd like one to put into a new system!
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    GA-Z68XP-UD4 or GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3?

    Sounds good, appreciate it if you would
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    GA-Z68XP-UD4 or GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3?

    Thoughts on which one? Going to pair it up with a 2500k with some overclocking. The UD4 has more USB ports and lacks gfx ports (Which I dont need) The UD3H is a well reviewed board and is about $40 cheaper I'm leaning towards the UD4, but can't make up if it's worth the $40 extra...
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    dang, I had a two of these a few months ago. How about a dell X50?
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    [GMG] Dead Island $33.96 (Activates on Steam)

    Wierd, I got a key on the 5th. Then yesterday (8th) I got two more? Not sure what's up, but I didn't get charged three times. :confused:
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    Any dead island 4 packs?

    I'll go in for one. I'm assuming Steam?
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    FS: HP Touchpad 32GB - $260

    Evening bump
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    FS: HP Touchpad 32GB - $260

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    More details from our own HardForums forum. Not sure if we'd need more proof.
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    This guy is getting around. I bought a AppleTV2 and sent paypal. After a few days, he never responded and finally I submitted a claim to Paypal. Good news is, he gave me a refund, but I see he's still up to his tricks. I googled his email address. Interesting stuff.
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    yep, same thing. He gave me a refund though.

    yep, same thing. He gave me a refund though.
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    FS: XBox 360 Black/Slim 250GB HDD...Sony Headphones...BlueAnt S4 Car Speakerphone...

    Hey Lyquist, I sent you payment for the AppleTV2. You going to send it?
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    FS: Apple TV2...XBox 360 /w 250GB HDD...Sony MDR-V6 Headphones...BlueAnt S4 Bluetooth

    hey Lyquist, you got a PM on the other AppleTV2. Just checking on it.
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    WTB: Athlon X2 AM2

    Still looking.
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    WTB: Athlon X2 AM2

    PM right back