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    Not sure anymore if I want to keep my PG27UQ

    I am curious what you end up doing. I also have a Dell 30" that is nearing the end of it's life, so I have been contemplating a gaming focused 27" monitor. I saw a 27" monitor in Best Buy the other day and it is much smaller than I expected. Might be a deal breaker for me too :( I'm holding out...
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    Logitech MX 518 w/ Hero sensor

    Just got the MX518 today. I was quite surprised to find it's pretty much the exact same shell as the G400s that I already have :cool: It just has a glossy top so it has a different tactile feel then the G400s. Which is sad because I remembered the old MX518 feeling different enough from the...
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    BioWare's Anthem Delayed to 2019, But it Isn't Delayed

    A yearly franchise? Early on they were more yearly, but it hasn't been that way so much recently. Unless you consider Hardline part of the base series. Per WikiPedia, Battlefield 1942 launched September 2002 Battlefield Vietnam was released in March 2004 Battlefield 2 was released in 2005...
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    Steam 2015 summer sale is here! runs from June 11th to June 22th!

    Thanks for the suggestion! Looks like a cartoon Beam NG (with less physics). Mindless fun for $2.50, no brainer :D
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    Steam Summer Sale

    The car handling is decent, but more concerning is how long it has been since the last update ( They are saying there should be a new update this month (link), but I am not holding my breath on that. Honestly you would be better served with Dirt...
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    Introducing the Steam Controller

    For all those wondering, the game at 1:00 is Assault Android Cactus (
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    Next Unreal Tournament Game Will Be Free

    So...they are the passionate about the game, but they don't want to give it an honest go? Do they really think the franchise is that dead that they won't be able to sell enough copies to fund a proper release title? All this hype leading up to the announcement, and then they do this. And its...
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    Titanfall: 6-vs-6 Multiplayer Maximum

    Pardon my ignorance, but I thought this game was about having one super mech on each team and a bunch of grunts to fight alongside it and repair it. Does this quote mean each person will have their own Titan? Cuz depending on the size of the "Titans", the map could feel quite a bit fuller if...
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    ASUS Announces ROG SWIFT PG278Q Premium Gaming Monitor

    Can you explain strobing versus blurring? It's the first I have heard of this for monitors, although admittedly I don't read up on them often.
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    Origin weekend sale, Crysis 3 Std Ed. $14.99

    Up to 50% off games in their catalog. *EDIT*--GreenManGaming has it for $10.19, activates through Origin
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    The First In-Game Footage of Next Car Game

    LOL, I had to reply to this one too. Really? Have you played any of the series? It's practically encouraged! ;)
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    The First In-Game Footage of Next Car Game

    If you actually go their Kickstarter page, it says that damage on the players car was turned off for demonstration purposes ( As for the rest of the comment, this is how previous FlatOut...
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    Men in Their Twenties Are Weak, Unmarriable Gamers

    I think someone's been watching too much Pain & Gain :D "I gotta get a pump!" "That's it...its good. It hurts, I know it does. That's it, get it!" I couldn't resist :p
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    Thermalright AXP-100 CPU Air Cooler Review @ [H]

    Need to proofread article - Page 1 - thermal paste "Our channel milled CPU also requires a compound that is more viscous ". I thought you weren't doing hardware testing per the CPU section? Page 1 - temperatures "Since we are dealing with water cooling..." Wait, what?? :D Other than...
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    Galaxy GTX 670 GC - $349.99 amir @ TigerDirect!

    Pardon my ignorance, but what's the point of selling a 670 with 680 clocks,pcb, and cooler? Other than having a few less cuda cores than an actual 680, they are the same card. I get the value from the consumer side, but how does Galaxy really profit from this? I see a couple different...
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    Steam 2012 Summer Sale 7/12-22!

    What do you mean? Before the sale started, I sorted all of my wishlist games based on price and they do update regularly as stuff goes on sale. This makes it very easy to spot something that is out of place. Sure you need to click on the store page to actually purchase (at great prices...
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    Assassins Creed 3: American Revolution

    Can someone explain how this is suddenly AC3? What were Brotherhood and Revelations? I only beat AC1, so I don't know how the rest all tie in. Are Brotherhood and Revelations expansions for AC2? I sense some Battlefield numbering going on here...
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    Facial Recognition Billboard Only Shows Ads to Women

    Can someone explain how a guy wouldn't see this? If he is sitting right next to a girl, certainly he can look over her shoulder (or just look over if she is shorter) and see the ad anyway? I realize guys don't get the ad displayed with their mug, but its not like its preventing them from...
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    Quick Dirt 3 question

    1) Not that I am aware of, you still need other people playing. I just generally join games with multiple players in it, problem solved. 2) Like Dirt 2, this is configurable. Some servers turn it off to make it more of a best driver wins, others leave it on for the bumper car effect. I don't...
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    GTX580 not performing well

    I always thought the i7 wasn't a signifcant upgrade from a higher end Core2Duo, so I was holding off upgrading until the sockets sorted out. I believed I was more GPU limited as it was only the newer games that were struggling. Honestly I would have kept my 285, but when it couldn't run Black...
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    GTX580 not performing well

    Sadly I am having a similar problem. I have an X6800 with 4 GB of RAM and upgraded to a 580 from a GTX285, but Bad Company 2 and Black Ops seem to run worse. Black Ops ran like crap before and after the upgrade, so I figured its an unoptimized game. But then I switch to BC2 and is just as...
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    Single GTX580 - dedicated ppu?

    In the drivers there is an option to set the default PhysX card. Choices are my 580, the CPU, or automatic. It defaults to automatic, but I am trying to decide if it would be better to set the 580 as my PhysX for everything. I would think in most cases it would be faster than the CPU, right...
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    [H]ardocp shirts.

    Just rolling around some slogans - Front could say [H}ard 4 Life and the back says [H] Another idea would be "5760x1200 is [H]ardcore", back says "[H], for all things hardcore" Or "[H]ardOCP - Mod this!" Or "When you absolutely, positively, have...
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    Steam Deals! (Jun 24 2010)

    Bionic Commando Re-armed is pretty sweet and definitely worth $6, but the latest incarnation is a pile of crap. Bad controls, crappy graphics/bland level design, and an altogether unexciting story. I couldn't even push past the 5 hour mark. The game had a lot of potential, but didn't capitalize...
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    What other gaming keyboards are there?

    I am surprised no one mentioned the Zboard (now branded SteelSeries). I used the original Zboard with the swappable keyboard trays, but didn't end up swapping like ever. Plus I hated typing on it because of the split nature of the board. So I jumped on the Merc when it came out and have been...
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    Cosmos S or 690 II?

    Thank you, that helps alot! I also noticed they now have a picture on their site that includes a dual card setup (must be new or I missed it before). I think this seals the deal for me. 690 II on the way!
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    Cosmos S or 690 II?

    Do you run dual or triple video cards in the box? If so, how much space do you have between the hard drive trays and the graphic cards? Or even the clearance above the power supply. Pics would help! :D How are the fans on it? Are they pretty quiet? My Antec 900's are whisper quiet and still...
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    Cosmos S or 690 II?

    Anyone else? Anyone have a 690 II yet?
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    Cosmos S or 690 II?

    I have been longing for a bigger case for many months now, and I was set on the Cosmos S for my next system. However I recently found out about the 690 II and now can't decide between the two. I currently have a Antec 900 which was pretty crowded in my previous SLI setup. I am back to one card...
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    Steam Winter Sale is LIVE!

    Meaning I got ripped off or I spent more than I normally would have? :D Because I think $4 per game is a steal. Plus, I now will be able to unload a lot of these hard copies I have and recover some of my costs. It would last a good 2 years, but sadly I have played and beaten a lot of these...
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    Steam Winter Sale is LIVE!

    Ouch, I missed on the previous days sales, but I made a killing today. :D Finally took the first plunge to go all digital on my games. I am satisfied though - all said and done I got 61 games at an average of $4.14 per game. Only ones I am still hoping to pickup are GTA4 and BF2 Complete...
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    MSI P55-GD80 Motherboard Sneak Peek

    I am confused too. When you did the i5 review, you were saying that you would lose the capability for 3 PCI-E x16 slots because PCI Express was integrated into the CPU, thus leaving the other slots to run at x8 (with only a slot running true x16). This is all fine and dandy, but on page 1 of...
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    30" and 24" - how??

    I found the fix. I wasn't searching on the right terms! I combined the registry directions from here - with the model specific EDID settings here - 1. Open...
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    30" and 24" - how??

    I am trying to setup multi monitor between my 30" Dell 3007WFP-HC and my 24" LG L246WP. I am only running a single 285 GTX and I can get them both to be on, but the LG doesn't fit the screen properly. For example, it is set to use 1920x1200 (native resolution), but I have about an inch on the...
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    Zune Ad Kicks The iPod in The Money Bags

    While I like the idea of ZunePass, I don't want to be tied into a monthly contract just so I can keep listening to my songs. I am nearly 50-50 on purchasing CD's and purchasing on iTunes, and I couldn't imagine if I suddenly couldn't listen to half my songs because my subscription ran out. And I...
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    Just Ordered My Westinghouse L2410NM!!

    I definitely had a lot of heat coming off mine. I could feel it heating up my place when I had it on for extended play sessions. I ended up returning mine because of my previous issues, so hopefully yours will be better. I did try the Gateway FHD2400, but the colors were too dark and couldn't...
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    Just Ordered My Westinghouse L2410NM!!

    Well tech support suck. The first time I call the guy says all I need to do is turn it off and then on, reset the settings, and it will work fine. I had already tried that, so we moved onto unplug the cables, plug back in, reset, and that will fix it. I realized this guy was not going to be much...
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    Just Ordered My Westinghouse L2410NM!!

    Unfortunately the Westy is my only HDMI item to test, and I don't know anyone else with an HDMI screen. I have put in a support request to Westinghouse, but haven't heard back. Out of curiosity, what firmware are you running? Mine says 1.1 in the OSD.
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    Just Ordered My Westinghouse L2410NM!!

    Interesting. I have been playing Xbox via component and there is no blanking out, so I assume it must be the HDMI on one of the machines. Unfortunately the component just doesn't look as sharp as the HDMI one, so I really want to get this fixed. I am using the Xbox HDMI cable, would that make a...
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    Just Ordered My Westinghouse L2410NM!!

    mysteryman - is your screen still blanking out every so often? I am curious because I just bought the demo one from Best Buy and it was already doing it, so I exchanged it for a brand new one somewhere else, but this one is also doing it. I am hooking it up to my 360 via HDMI, and I was...