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    The AMD Driver Bug Thread

    well Im impressed not only the mouse lag is present in the new drivers but also all my older games now present a heavy flickering. what is going on with these guys, Im starting to get really afraid every time these guys release a new driver geez Im back to these drivers...
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    AMD Catalyst 11.5b hotfix 5/25/2011

    go play your favorite RTS fullscreen... if you still got mouse lag in the corner go to your game options and disable mouse shadow as well :)
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    any recommendations of J-RPGs on on 360 & PS3?

    well FF13 is bad ...... BUUUUUT...... if your willing to get past its shitty story and the long and boring early part of the game then it is pretty decent
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    1600 ddr3 memory problems

    wat? so for what reason these guys are selling 1600 ram? I honestly Ive not made my homework about i7 ram but Im sure the bios once I crank the fsb it just lets me choose 1600 as the ram speed which supposedly should work with these sticks right?
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    New Elder Scrolls 6 screenies

    Oh comeon so you like your character beign warrior mage cleric rogue all at the same time ?
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    New Elder Scrolls 6 screenies

    I havent played oblivion that much but I hope that they fix the combat system lol I remember just at the beginning of the game some wolves appeared in front of me and I just kited them the whole level... swing and go back , swing and go back etc once I finished the fight my character probably...
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    1600 ddr3 memory problems

    Ive bought a new set of ddr rated at 1600 when I try to run the machine at memory stock settings it wont boot only at 1300 or lower why is this happening?
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    Can I change processor on the fly?

    well I mean without reinstalling os lol but yeah worked no problem xD
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    Can I change processor on the fly?

    Naive question of the day I just dont want to reinstall OS and Im upgrading from an i950 to i970 maybe since Im using windows 7 Ill get lucky?
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    Shogun 2: Total War

    sorry if this has been already mentioned but I want to know how to enable dx11
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    Catalyst 11.3 Released

    6970 crossfire
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    Catalyst 11.3 Released

    cursor lag is worse than ever
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    ** Upcoming PC Games Release Dates (U.S.) **

    mmm postal 3 I just cant wait
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    Trackmania - blurry textures with latest catalyst

    as title says If I just revert to older drivers I get correct texture showing this added with the mouse cursor lag is too much for me .. what is going on with these drivers omg any idea what is the first catalyst version to support 6970's I cant stand these new drivers anymore
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    Catalyst 11.4 Preview

    play starcraft
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    Any way to fix mouse corner lag

    lovely <3
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    Any way to fix mouse corner lag

    its starting to get really difficult to play rts games as it stutters anytime I move the mouse round the top right corner I mean what gives, y is this happening? thanks
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    Spare corsair hx cables

    I did, its just that I feel like they are taking their sweet time and Im just dying here not beign able to go crossfire while having the card in front of me xD
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    Spare corsair hx cables

    Ive lost all my spare cables so I was wondering if anyone has a couple of spare pcie cables?
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    AMD 6970/6950 CFX and NVIDIA 580/570 SLI Review @ [H]

    well I just ordered a couple of 6970's oh and Im currently at 1080p res xD how about that
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    Buy i7-980X now or wait?

    Im getting an 980x myself but this is only because I just cant wait (current pc broke) and I want something that will last me some years and I do stuff like programming and rendering besides gaming also I appreciate the quick OC capability of the unlocked multiplier
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    what happens if I split my pcie connectors

    my problem is that I dont live in the states so I dont know how corsair can help me out so my options are splitting cables or just spend 200 bucks on a new psu :(
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    what happens if I split my pcie connectors

    I have a modular PSU and l just found that Ive lost all my spare cables Now Im in the process of installing an additional GPU for a crossfire setting since I have 2 pcie line I was wondering if my system would play nice if I just split those to pcie connectors into both 6 and 8 pin...
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    ASUS ARES Dual 5870 GPU Video Card Review @ [H]

    alrighty gonna start breaking stuff here brb lol ok so im messing with the afterburner some and was wondering if u have a profile for 2d and 3d or just 3d edit: ok got it working room gets a little hot after a while (small room + summer time) but yeah worked perfectly 840 & 1100 are my final...
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    ASUS ARES Dual 5870 GPU Video Card Review @ [H]

    What voltages/fan settings are you using exactly? also are you using the 10.7 drivers? I might try using afterburner since I never oc the card and I really want to also, do you have any issues if you recover from sleep mode in win7?
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    ASUS ARES Dual 5870 GPU Video Card Review @ [H]

    @PrincessFrosty question: If I overclock my 5970 how can I do to keep those settings saved so I dont need to oc at every restart? I really want to get my 5970 to its intended clocks but all the stuff needed to get there makes me soo lazy lol
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    Civ 4 question

    o wow
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    Thermaltake Frio CPU Air Cooler Review @ [H]

    Only if you dont mind draining your loop once in a while for maintenance right? Spills? meh who cares
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    L4D2: Tired of random noobs

    Cool Ill add you as soon as I get home only 2 more and were set Im impressed by the amount of [S]oftfags lurking this thread btw
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    Completely bored with gaming, I have stopped.

    Stopped reading there
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    L4D2: Tired of random noobs

    realism is the only way to play this game, Im so tired of newfags ragequitting at their first death and other random ppl just spending 30mins to crawl another couple of meters I would like to finish this game someday soon so I call some [H]ard players that would like to play some realism...
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    Splinter Cell Conviction - 9.3 at IGN

    boycotting ubi here so Ill pass its sad because I really loved the previous games (havent played 4 tho)
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    Starcraft 2 Beta

    Yeah bishes !!! I got in wohoo never been able to get in any beta whatsoever Im extremely happy although I suck at RTS games
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    StarCraft 2 59.99? What in the world is happening!!

    60$ ?? not gonna happen for me Since I start to suck after the 6th or 7th unit I will probably play the single player portion of the game I can wait for the price drop no problem
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    ati should have released the 5970 with 5870 clocks

    One quick question Ive managed to get my 5970 to 5870 clocks no problem but I would love to be able to save those settings into my card instead of manually changing the clocks everytime I log on the computer wat do