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    Looking a t LSi Megaraid 8708EM2 for SSD raid....yay or nay?

    Looksie here Using it myself and gea, the author and developer, has a long thread on these forums as well as elsewhere. ESX boots off whatever (raid1, SATA DOM, USB, whetever you use). napp-it VM has the HBA in exclusive use through vt-d and...
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    Looking a t LSi Megaraid 8708EM2 for SSD raid....yay or nay?

    Probably not an issue in home use but SSDs without power loss protection and RAID card without BBU is asking for trouble, even if server UPS should catch most power-loss situations. Card is 3Gb only, SAS2, so you are limiting your drives. Cheap and ESXi supported, according to HCL, however It...
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    High capacity 2.5 inch drives?

    I'm waiting for the Seagate 4-5TB 2.5" Baracude compute to become in stock, so far few if any sell them in Europe. I assume February until mass availability which should reduce the price too as they are at 47Eur/TB. Plan to pick up 2 or 4 of them, to replace old 1TB WD greens from 2008 and 4TB...
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    Deus Ex : Mankind Divided

    Just buy a bunch of 500/1TB SSDs for game storage. Cheaper drives like 850 EVO are perfectly fine for games and are often on sale. Not having spindles in the main rig is awesome and steam handles multiple libraries/drives just fine.
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    Looking for a solid 1200w PSU

    I'm also buying a 1200W next week and I'm getting the EVGA P2. It should be quieter than the SeaSonic, which is loud once under load (>70%ish). Have considered the HX1200i myself which should be quieter than the EVGA. The i-line features are minimal on the HX, imho, and thus irrelevant. Plus...
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    viewsonic VX2025wm or samsung 215TW

    europe has the shitty silver one, north america has black only. stupid decission on samsungs end if it were black here in europe too I'd be all over it, now I'm still deciding between the 215tw and vx2025wm
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    Abit KN8 SLI, good mobo?

    isn't the kn8 line the more cheaper line of K8 mobos from Abit?? AFAIK KN8 did not replace AN8, it's more of an alternative, but cheaper that said, I'm not sure where the savings are, as the kn8 has a heatpipe for chipset too, but it looks different and less eficient for me
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    Thermaltake Armor vs Antec P180

    i have the armor for my server box and I wish I spent slightly more $ and gotten the CM stacker . The armor is nice but has quite bit of a heat trap in the lower left (where pci cards are) - you should put a slow blower or cut out a bit of the case to accomodate one to draw the hot air out. It's...
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    Hard Drive Enclosures

    you want something like this (page is in german) but images speak a thousand words mind you, it will be more expensive than picking up a good case and quality psu secondly 8 hdd's over 1 firewire link? have fun, that will slow as hell, esp. in raid5 setup if you really want this - two...
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    linux backend and windows clients but I'm interested in other solutions as well, as this is what I want to do as well - linux backend and windows frontend
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    FS: HDD'S , LCD, coolermaster stacker case, and various other crap

    interested in the 300G DM10 maxtor. pm sent
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    Rex's comprehensive FS/FT/WTB thread

    if those 2 160's maxtors are DiamondMax9's with 8M cache and in warranty I'll take them let me know
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    FS: Hardware, LCD, and other stuff.

    interested in the 250G hdd - what model is it, interface (pata/sata) and warranty until .... ? thx
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    Which usenet service / newsgroup reader do you have?

    bnr2 on linux grabit and xnews on windows using both easy and giganews
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    Holographic Storage info from Tom's

    it needs to be fast if it is going to be positioned as a backup solution for the enterprise. more and more companies need near peek availability and performance 24/7 - the less time a backup takes the better. 160M/s sounds quite nice, hopefully it won't be vaporware and will really come out as...
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    Personal file server - need good SATA RAID 5 controller

    just wanted to point (as you might allready know) that that card has no I/O processor for XOR calculations and no onboard memory - raid5 calculations are done in driver only. Very good reads and excelent card with great software (allthough from my experience highpoint's support sucks) the...
  17. S Rocks

    yup, fantatistic online shop and have been using them for years only shop that could beat them speed wise is 1coolpc (does that guy who runs it ever sleep? several times got a response on sunday morning (CET timezone!) in less than 15 minutes) been using jab-tech for ~2 years and everytime...
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    Personal file server - need good SATA RAID 5 controller

    the only feasible option is promise sx4-m but I dont think there is a driver for the 2.6 kernel and their linux drivers allways sucked IMHO other than that LSI 150-4/150-6 which is supposed to have OK performance, Adaptec's stuff which should on par with LSI and 3ware but it gets much more...
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    FS: Athlon 64 3200+ & MSI NEO-FSR & HD

    YHPM on the hdd
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    FS: Athlon 64 3200+ & MSI NEO-FSR & HD

    might be interested in the maxtor hdd - let me know the model number and type diamondmax plus 9 or 10? sata/pata? cache? warranty until?
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    FS: 2x 300gb maxtor diamond 10 16mb sata 150

    if one is still available I'm interested, PM set
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    WTB: 160GB maxtor 6Y160P0

    thans for the offer, but I need the 160 giger, it will be the fourth piece and form a backup raid5 array
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    WTB: 160GB maxtor 6Y160P0

    edit: got one need 1x 160GB maxtor diamond max 9+ 7200rpm with 8M cache - model 6Y160P0 needs to be at least 1-2 months in warranty heatID: silent (21-0-0) ebayID: bobcade (90-0-0), email preffered to pm's edit: got one now
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    FS: 1GB OCZ 3700EB (2x512MB)

    YHM .
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    What is heat feedback?
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    FS: 9800pro, 512mb thumb drive, 80g HDD, Evangelion Box Set

    interested in 2x512 hyperx pc4000 pm sent
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    FS: Seagate x15-36lp 15krpm SCSI, Adaptec 2940u2, Geforce 4 ti4400,

    want the 2940u2w email underway in 2 mins
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    25 dollar quad Pentium = Happy Geek

    dds2/3 I guess hey ravemaster, nice post count there :) (666)
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    25 dollar quad Pentium = Happy Geek

    wow great find, the old proliants were the best x86 servers back then IMO, superbly build make it a generic home server - small file server (get an external scsi array with cheap scsi disks for expansion), PDC + eventually your ftp/email if you need such things. does it power up/work? Btw...
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    Another convert....people...BUY the RAPTOR

    I doubt they will release a 4 platter drive that soon or move to higher density platters before H2 04 the 74giger is still new for WD and the market, they need their 10K drives operated without errors to be able to market them even successfully to the enterprise crowd. Going to 4 platters makes...
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    geforce ti 4800, way to go nvidia.

    as was allready said: 4800 is faster than a 4600 (marginally) 4800SE is an SE (not a special editon as in dvds but ... whatever :) ) so nvidia got it right (in a way) if you want to blame someone for misleading titles of graphics card - go ati 8500 > 9100 > 9200 (with some change)...
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    4X or 8X DVD RW ???

    full dvd burns on my nd1100a in 14:50 (4x) dvd decryptor reports burning speed when burning an image as a constant 4.1x
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    USB 2.5" powered HDDs

    to check how much power your usb port can supply (I bet it's 500mA, 100mA is used only on unpowered usb hubs - basically spliting the 500mA into several smaller parts, hence 100mA) well to check how much power your ports can sustain go into device manager (if you use windows) > universal serial...
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    My new sff (56k=maybe)

    where can you buy the floppy + cf/sd/mmc reader all in one 3.5" bay? edit: nevermind, found a few on ebay :)
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    best way of going about a terabyte redundent fileserver

    methododical: how about a via c3 in a mAtx case with a superb psu, one 4 port pci addon card and 5 drives (1 onboard) plus another small one for boot (onboard too) software raid5 under linux/bsd (some support online expansion too) or just a software jbod array but definitely invest in a bakup...
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    3 Hard Drives???(newbie question)

    you need a pci controller, many retail packaged drive have one inside (with a stick saying so) this way you can add 2,4,6,8 or even 12 harddrives with one single card you'd probably be looking at something like this or if you want a sata drive then it's sata equivalent. There are many...
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    Are dual layer DVD burners coming out soon?

    I think you meant this article on - it's linked on the [h]frontpage that's what new tech is about - teething problems. and 2.4x for a dvd9 is slow, I'll wait with my current dvd5 burner until they get upto 8x, which should result in ~15 mins per dvd which acceptable.