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    ATI Mobility Radeon Drivers

    You're running the latest 4.7's? Must just be my brand of DVD-R/CD-RW combo. It's also picky about what type of CD-RW's it takes too.
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    ATI Mobility Radeon Drivers

    I personally use the Omega's. A note, if you have DVD playback issues with the 4.7 Omega's, downgrade to the 4.5's, it's an ongoing issue. I personally find much better performance with the Omega's.
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    Best gaming laptop - sub 2k, cheap as possible?

    You're from Vegas too? Weeeee, PM!
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    Best gaming laptop - sub 2k, cheap as possible?

    I'm really pleased with my Sager and it runs everything great! THat's my ten cents. :)
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    Laptop Backpacks?

    There was this one bag that I saw at CompUSA, the Targus Citylife or had yellow on it. Anyways, it fit my stuff perfect and I've been meaning to pick one up...unfortunately I don't see it on their website though! Anyone know where I can get it online? EDIT: Found it on...
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    Best laptop brand?

    I totally love my Sager 5690 as a desktop replacement. I really am convinced it's the best for your money and I did about 4 months of research before I went ahead with my purchase. As far as for an unlimited budget though, I really like those really sweet new Sony's that are ultrathin. They...
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    MP3 jukebox question

    Yeah it is huge lol. I wonder why though...there must be a reason.
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    MP3 jukebox question

    I personally really want to purchase myself a Neuros. It acts just like you're asking for and has some nice features such as Ogg support and a built-in FM Transmitter. However, with the iPod's dropping so significantly in price they are becoming more tempting. You can see the Neuros at...
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    Accessing someones wireless network a crime?

    That's actually not true. If the door is unlocked and you walk in they can't charge you with anything, they can only ask you to leave. I do a lot of urban exploration and that's the law. If the cops show up, they'll just say: You, leave, now. Obey and you've got nothing to worry about. Now...
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    Beware Of Emachines Customer Service

    I think you're fully justified in walking into the corporate office brandishing a large amount of automatic and semi-automatic weapons. Proceed to shoot everyone until you've acquired your machine. You'd go on as a living testament as to why customer service should be better, plus you'd totally...
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    iRiver HP series discontinued

    That sucks...I was planning on buying one after I recouperate from my laptop purchase. Bah!
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    Networking my church, opinions requested.

    We did the network at my church, my father and I, and our solution has served them very well. Basically, here's what we did. There's a Windows 2000 server in place that works as a proxy/firewall as well as an authentication and fileserver. On there is a 'Document Library' as we called it so...
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    File Server Question

    Just out of curiosity...would hard drive speed really matter in a file server as long as it's above say...5400 rpm's? Because wouldn't it be able to read the hard drive faster than it could transmit over the network (at 100mbps)?
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    am i part of 'that' group now?

    Heheh, I dunno about you but I have two computers and I USE them. Then again...both my computers suck. :) lol
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    Anyone here have a Digital SLR?

    I have a 10D...must say I'm absolutely in love with that camera when I do my hardcore photography. However, recently, I've been wishing I had a small digital to slip in my pocket for when I go out. Carrying around a 10D with all my lenses and equipment gets kind of heavy. When it's time for a...
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    First real mod/attempt at better airflow ive done

    Simply genius...I never did like flashy lights and plexi glass anyways.
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    Help! Can't get online.

    Question, cause I'm not sure I fully understand this, but the machine that is acting up can access the other machines on the network but it can't access the internet? Or it doesn't even exist on the network at all? Can the other machines see it at all?
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    L - Laptops: What do you think.

    Sounds like a Michael's Computers clone. :)
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    Fun game, for some reason those aquarium games keep me entertained for hours. Easily entertained I guess. Insaniquarium by PopCap is one of my favorites there too. :)
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    Security on WAP?

    Anyone know of some really good books on Wireless security? I'm talking totally in-depth...mioght be good to make a sticky FAQ of things like this.
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    Somebody wanna loan me $100,000? more wow. It can't be real, it has to be a scam.
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    Need help with a little project

    We run SBS 2003 at work and out of the box it is basically ready for remote access. Just put it in a couple days ago and now, without any toyings with configuration, everyone can remote desktop in or grab their e-mail remotely. It's great. I'm sure with just a bit of tweaking it'd really be...
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    Default Password List inside.

    Mmm, good stuff. This reminds me of another list I once stumbled across...BIOS override passwords. Supposively, no matter what the password was, this one would always override it. Anyone know the list I'm talking about? Was it even legit?
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    Managing passwords in a business

    I think he manages the passwords to make sure that they are secure...otherwise people will be using passwords like joe or sally or something. Hrrmm, can you set it up so when a user changes their password it doesn't work unless it contains at least a number and a symbol?
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    WIndows Server 2003 Questions

    Alright, that makes sense to me and to him. Thank you!
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    WIndows Server 2003 Questions

    I know Windows Server 2003 uses it's own proxy thing that was previously unsupported by most other applications until recently (for instance mozilla 1.5 won't work but 1.6 will). I've heard it mentioned once before in a thread but I can't seem to remember the name of it. I google'd and didn't...
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    Backpack PC all you need to do is carry around a generator and we're all set! Unless you can plugin to your own body...that'd be cool...
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    Neuros MP3 Player'll make a great car player with the radio transmitter. :) Besides...I'll just end up tossing it in my messenger bag, no reason to have it in my pocket. The more I read on it the more I love it, besides it's massiveness of course.
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    Neuros MP3 Player

    Well I was looking at that too but I think I understand why its huge now... A piece seems to plugin to a thick like 20-40gb HD, it has 128megs on it and you can grab the songs, then slide it off and have just that...maybe I'm confused though. That's what I assessed from just staring at the...
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    Neuros MP3 Player

    Been planning on purchasing one of these...what's the verdict, good or bad?
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    I know this is a strange question to ask...well, it probably isn't...but how would the cache make up for processor speed? Anyone mind explaining how a processor works and how those two pieces would affect eachother? Also...the processors in the Sager's have 2MB of L2 cache and are like P4 3.2ghz...
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    Yeah but won't the 1.8ghz suck for gaming? Aren't those mobile cpu's like junky? I thought the M and all that was bleh.
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    Probably hear this one a lot but here's basically my situation: I'm purchasing a new laptop and have been looking at Sager's, the 17" WXGA ones. I basically want it as a mobile gaming machine, however, I want to be able to work on it at school as well. This laptop is going to be getting a lot...
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    PocketPC Syncronizing Troubles

    Just wondering, I'm having problems synching my Microsoft Outlook 2003 subfolders with my PocketPC and was wodnering what utility everyone uses to sync. Microsoft used to offer an Outlook add-in that supported synchronization of subfolders but it doesn't work with the latest release of Outlook...
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    hardd rive not being detected

    Alright, got it all working. Thank you. Oh and one more question. Every other drive I've ever installed has autodetected and done the whole thing itself, how come this one is being all bugger like this?
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    hardd rive not being detected

    What about in 2k or 98SE?
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    hardd rive not being detected

    Weirdest thing, in Windows (done this in both 2k and 98SE so far), this hard drive brand new, out of the box, nothing done to it but plugged in, shows up under Device Manager but not under My Computer. it's not getting assigned a letter or anything and thus I can't copy files or anything over to...
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    saving drivers before a wipe

    At work I do quite a bit of system restores (Windows 98SE/2K/XP) and generally just end up surfing the net to find drivers for machines and such. However, volume has been increasing and I end up spending most of my time surfing for device drivers, big waste of time. Just wondering if there's a...
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    hard drive image

    I have an older machine and just recently bought a 40gig for it, just wondering, I want to dump the old 6gig, can I image everything over from the 6 to the 40 with ease and have it boot just fine and everything?