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    Is 2012 Slated to be the Year of the Ultrabook?

    I'm using an Asus UX31 right now and really like it. I fail to understand why they made the battery non user replaceable and why the max RAM is 4 GB without possibility to upgrade, though. 4 GB may be fine for most now, but will probably limit its useful life.
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    Anyone use Spotify?

    I've been using it since about two days after it launched in the US. At first, I liked it but was put off by having to make my own play lists. As I built them, though, I liked it more and more. I ended up subscribing to the premium service. They have an impressive library, their software...
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    New Adobe Flash Player Locks Down the Cookie Jar

    Yet still no support for 64-bit browsers. Come on Adobe, Flash is heavily used on the net. You're holding the technology world back by not developing a native 64-bit Flash player. 64-bit software isn't a fad that is going to pass...
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    How NOT to Launch a Video Game

    Here's my take on it: I think the overwhelming majority of the bad reviews are complaining about not being able to play multiplayer right away. I agree, it sucks that they underestimated the server capacity that they needed, however, they at least quickly started to bring more servers...
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    Hands-On With Amazon's Prime Instant Video

    At first glance, I'm not really impressed with what they made available. I was hoping to see more new releases. When I heard rumors about this I thought it would seal the deal for me getting Prime, but eh. Somebody needs to find a way to get the movie industry to allow current movies to be...
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    New email system

    We deployed Zimbra. We're actually wrapping up our migration from Zimbra to Google Apps for Education if that tells you anything. Likely we would have been okay if we never got involved with their Outlook connector. Unfortunately, the connector screwed so much up and created such a support...
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    New email system

    If you go the Zimbra route, do not, I repeat, DO NOT try to make it Exchange by introducing the Zimbra Outlook Connector...
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    Most U.S. Broadband Connections Aren't Broadband

    We have 12 down/768 up (I can hit 1 up) which is pretty good for the middle of nowhere, but I'd love to have fiber to the home.
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    AV comparatives for the enterprise product

    We're in the middle of moving to has been working very well. We're replacing Sophos...I'm definitely not a big fan of Sophos. We had way too many infections, and the process to create an installer is ridiculous. Forefront seems to be pretty easy to manage and the detection is...
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    Intel to Buy McAfee for $7.68 Billion

    What? There are any number of much better names to buy than McAffee, particularly since they recently borked all of their customers' computers.
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    Lithium-Ion Batteries Threat To Airline Safety?

    Forget about the dullness of it...would you check anything electronic? I would be amazed if a checked laptop would function after being thrown around by the baggage "handlers."
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    Antivirus Software: Questions/Suggestions/Comments for Enterprise

    We left Symantec a couple of years ago and the decision was made to go with Sophos. In my opinion it really isn't any better. It is terribly bloated, very noticeably slows computers down, and doesn't appear to be too great in the detection department either. I'd suggest taking a good, long...
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    Ethernet over Powerlines

    I can say that I have IP TV from my phone company and they use ethernet over power to get to a room that just can't easily be connected. They use Pluglink AV units and they work very well.
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    Best help desk ticketing system?

    We use HEAT and have had good luck with it. It is very customizable and easy to work with.
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    Intel Core i7 Full System Drawing @ [H]

    Sweet, pick me!
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    Xbox 360 Elite $50 Rebate

    Not really. Dumb for the consumer maybe, but not for the company. Statistics show that many people don't bother sending them in, claiming that it is too much work. Seriously folks, it's not that hard to put a form, receipt, and UPC in an envelope and mail it.
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    [H] Public Service Announcement

    I'll drink to this!
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    AT&T Charges You A Fee For Getting A Discount

    We just got an email about this. I can get AT&T discounts through work. Fortunately we also have discounts through Verizon, which has some shred of customer service left.
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    Xbox Live Dashboard Update Information

    Sweet! I like the idea of being able to browse the streaming Netflix selections. Also, the manual HDMI settings will be great. For some reason my 360 will only ever send stereo to my receiver, so I had to run HDMI to the TV and optical to my receiver. Looking forward to this update!
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    YouTube Video Makes Airline Take Responsibility

    It would be nice if the airlines would accept responsibility, especially since we have to pay to check luggage now. The last two times I flew they managed to rip a corner of my luggage open...not sure how...luggage is pretty tough these days. I didn't even bother trying to talk to them about it.
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    Facebook Releases Results of Governance Vote

    I'm not sure how many people were in a similar situation, but I never got the box at the top of the screen asking to vote until the last day of voting. I didn't visit Facebook that day until a few minutes before voting expired and didn't feel as if I had time to appropriately read the terms and...
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    Making Retailers Honor Price Match Policies

    I must live in a good area. We have two Best Buys and both are great. They match prices without any hassles. I bought my last TV there and ended up getting it for $650 off plus three years no interest.
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    Circuit City Looking To Sell or Liquidate

    Never was a fan of CC. I've never had much luck getting anyone to help there, and one time an employee was really inexcusably rude to me. It would be a shame for more people to lose their jobs though.
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    Mixing Cisco & HP

    At my old job we used Cisco at the core and HP everywhere else and I never had any problems. This was 2.5 years ago though.
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    Ballmer Hints at Yahoo/MS Deal Again

    Anyone else tired of hearing about this?
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    Hard disk Encryption

    I've heard good things about PGP.
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    Sony Batteries Involved in Another Recall

    Has one of these batteries burnt down any houses or office buildings yet? If not, how long until it happens. I'd be pissed beyond words if anything like that happened.
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    The new Gamertag thread! Post your XBOX Live Gamertag!

    djdk21 I currently have: Halo 3 Forza Motorsport 2
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    Recommendation for a good web mail server??

    I don't have an suggestion for what to use, but I can suggest that you DON'T use Zimbra. We made that mistake and have had nothing but problems.
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    Multiple Router Question

    The only reason I haven't considered this is because then my computers wouldn't be behind a firewall. I suppose that I could ask my phone company about turning the firewall on but I'm hesitant to mess with their configuration since IPTV is involved.
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    Multiple Router Question

    Okay, here's my situation...I have DSL and was provided with a DSL router. I also have a wireless router. The DSL router is handing out 192.168.1.x addresses and I gave my wireless router a 192.168.2 address. This works of course, and I know that it would be best to basically set the DSL...
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    Cable vs DSL

    In my area, both are fast and both are reliable. We had cable but recently switched to DSL because our cable company sucks. Our phone company has a great DSL/IPTV/Voice package which has been awesome. Plus we're about 100' away from the switching equipment so we get great speed. Our phone...
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    MS and Yahoo: A Marriage Made in Internet Heaven

    I tend to agree that this would be a good move, the only exception is that we just rolled out Zimbra (Yahoo's Exchange competitor) at work which I assume Microsoft will squash if they end up buying Yahoo, so that's going to be a pain, but otherwise I think this would be good.
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    Enterprise Desktop Backup Solution

    Does anyone out there back up desktops at work? We have been using CommVault, and while it is a great product, it is clearly more suited for server back up and not desktop backup. We would need something that is Windows, Mac, and Intel Mac compatible. Is anyone else using anything they...
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    Apple, Sony Sued Over Faulty Batteries

    You know, I think that this is totally different from the coffee thing. I don't agree with collecting on damages for the woman, but Sony manufactured a large batch of bad batteries that have the potential to cause serious damage. Why shouldn't they be held accountable for that? So many...
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    Canon A610

    I bought one a few weeks ago. I am not really knowledgable about photography, but I can tell you that this camera takes really nice pictures. It also has a lot of features, is fast, fits well in my hands, and seems to have pretty good battery life. Go to a store and play around with it. If...
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    Best Antivirus

    My vote goes to Kaspersky or NOD32. I have used both and have difficulty deciding between the two. I am currently using Kaspersky and noticed no performance degredation. Kaspersky seems to maintain extremely high detection levels (updates are released every few hours consistently) while NOD32...
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    Procurve 4000/8000 series.

    We have a lot of 4000M switches running here. They have been reliable for us.
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    Kaspersky Anti-Virus problems

    Yeah, they released a corrupt database. I was able to initiate an update and it downloaded the definitions for me. Apparently some people actually had to reinstall the program, so you may have to do that.
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    What is the best antivirus software?

    I currently use Kaspersky Antivirus Personal Pro. I used to use NOD32 and liked that as well. While NOD used minimal resources, it does lack in trojan detection. Taking that into consideration, Kaspersky really isn't that much heavier on the resources in my experience, causes no slow downs...