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    Is it time to make the jump??

    I've been busy for past couple of months with my job and haven't kept up with latest news on updates. Anyways, needed some opinions if I should justify upgrading. One of my systems. It's currently a modded nf7s board and mobile 2600, 2x256 of bh5, and a 9800pro 128. I'm pretty happy...
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    Shim needed w/ Mach

    I just pulled out my Barton chip, and replacing w/ Mobile. The shim I had around my Barton doesn't fit the M. So, do I need a shim at all? I'm using a Mach 1.
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    WTB Mobile 2600 and Abit NF7-M

    I'm looking for a Mobile 2600 (would like to know oc info. w/ chip) and possibly an Abit NF7-M ( w/ onboard video). Paypal ready. Please reply be email
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    cable for 2 computers w/ 1 monitor?

    I have 2 computers, ( 1 game rig, 1 backup ). I only have 1 monitor, and I get tired of having to switch the cable. Is there a splitter cable I can get so I can keep them both hooked up?
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    after installing my prometia Mach 1, my overclocking is gone!

    have u tried just undoing the mach and trying air to see if the problem continues?
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    XP-M overclocking - Is it the RAM? (Corsair)

    Maybe u've tried but j/w, have u lowered multi to maybe 10 or lower and found your max fsb?
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    I know I am late, but Call of Duty is great.

    if you have surround sound it's very cool. i'd like to have $1 for every time girlfriend said it was too loud. COD rocks!!!!
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    Water? Vapor? Something else?

    W/ water, u have lots of places for leaks. W/ phase, yes there's chances of leaks ( from condensation ) but not lots of tubing to deal w/. I would personally go w/ phase. I like mine and I'm sure u will also, plus, you will always wonder "what if". prom's are no longer made. company is...
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    cooling needed to take 2500+m to 2.8 ghz?

    I'm thinking about 2.4-2.6 ish. Good luck
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    what should the vcore be for my oc'ed 2500+ mobile?

    i would def. take the hsf off, reapply compound, try again. what hsf are u using?
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    Another bad HD? Or....

    I've tried diff. cables also. Before I loaded windows, the computer would not past POST w/ HD installed. W/ just cdrom, it would work fine. W/ just HD, it would still not work properly. I switched cables and still no help. Put HD in diff. computer and it would recognize but, I couldn't get...
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    Another bad HD? Or....

    typed this under Run "eventvwr.msc" ( saw on another post ) and got globs of errors from cdrom. I did install a new cdrom, but thought it was working right. Maybe it's the cdrom. Will swap around later tonight. any thoughts?
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    Another bad HD? Or....

    System is not oc'd, everything is set to stock. I have WD 80 gig 8mb version HD. Just got the HD from Newegg, and once installed, I could not install Win Xp correctly, kept getting some file could not be installed, retry, skip, or cancel ( can't remember exact quote ). Finally, I just...
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    at 220mhz now...stupid board wont go farther...need a volt mod

    A couple days ago, I was ready to sling mine across the yard. I couldn't even get 205 ( NF7 2.0 ) But, i tightened timings on ram and was able to get 225 ( haven't tested further ). Seems my board likes tighter timings. W/ 205 they were very loose, even w/ a lil more juice still wouldn't POST.
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    Farcry or Painkiller

    Time to treat myself to a new game. Which one do you guys recommend the most?
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    POST screen

    W/e I start up my computer, I can not see the POST screen, the monitor shows "Power Save" or something. But then while booting windows the screen comes on. It's a NEC FE771 monitor. Is there a setting that I can change so I can see POST screen?
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    Vapochill - stop me before it's too late :P

    I was trying to decided on Vapo vs. Mach. I liked the looks and everything about the Vapo but one thing. The way the compressor runs off of the p.s. Everything is off the p.s. Not saying thats a bad thing, but everythings sorta "integrated" together. For that reason I went w/ a mach. It's...
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    1st impression PC Power & coolin 510

    About the time I'm going to buy an OCZ p.s. I read a sorta bad thread on them and find this one. Now I gotta spend and extra 50 or so $ and get one.
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    2600+ mobile at 2.6ghz

    Is this w/ regular BIOS?
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    2600+ mobile at 2.6ghz

    I'm wanting a M pretty bad. I wonder if I could get 3 ghz w mach 1? Guess i'll have to try.
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    Mach 1's alone went from $460 to $660 in one day Na, some of the stuff went up, but i bought the last one a co. had for about 500 shipped.
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    Volcano 7+?

    It's big! Just make sure you've got plenty of room for it and you have your MB mounted securely ( it's heavy ). It's also very loud!!! On high, I can hear about 2 rooms away. I run on Low and it does the job ( low:load 50, low;idle 46) I don't run on high way too loud for me.
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    OCZ Powerstream 520, 470, or 420?

    Kinda debating on which one to get. This will be in my main bench/gaming rig. I'll be running about 4 case fans, 1 ( maybe another added later )C.C. light, and 2 HD's and 1 DVD drive. Abit nf7, barton, mach 1, and 2-256 bh-5. I'm wanting one of the PS's b/c read really good review about...
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    do you guys think i should upgrade? (RAM)

    When he had only 512MB of memory I clocked it and it took 2:30 to load the level But what speed was everything else? I just loaded battle of britain to see, running at 333fsb w/ 1.74 xp, and 2x256 (512) ram ( no dual channel) I loaded in 46.25 seconds. i broke out the stopwatch on that...
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    Which Bios for Abit NF7-S (for ocing & stability)

    You might have just got a board that doesn't like high FSB. If you read around it's not uncommon for the NF7's. But, if you want to try just search around on the internet for "tictac"'s bios. Don't have the link but search around and he's got several you can try.
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    PC shutdown/overheat/siren at 51c?

    Isn't 71 a little hot? I imagine it's still safe, but doesn't most people try tokeep them about 55ish on hottest?
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    BF1942 single player?

    It's alright in single player. I'm not able to have any high speed internet and no one around here has ever heard of a Lan party. If you're wanting to buy a good single player game, go buy Call of Duty instead.
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    Goodbye Raptor

    I have a 36 g raptor hd I had been using. Everything was fine w/ it. All of a sudden on startup's it kept doing checkdisk. Sometimes it would, sometimes it wouldn't. On reboots, no problem. Then one day it just flashed up bad or corrupt file, do system repair. I don't have a sys. repair...
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    Dtek White Water watercooling

    kit is sold
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    good memory for Ocing?

    Main goal is to raise FSB then, raise multi as high as you can. Look at what you're saying and you will see. Ex. 250fsb x 10multi = 2500. Thats 2.5 right there!!! You're moving on up.
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    Dtek White Water watercooling

    Pics sent
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    Dtek White Water watercooling

    It includes a DTEK Whitewater waterblock, DTEK Custom VGA block, Ehiem 1250 pump with PCI Criticool powerplant (turns pump on and off with computer), DTEK Procore radiator, shroud, and 120mm fan, and a DTEK Bayres. Plus 10' of tubing. Everything is in great shape, no leaks. I purchased w/...
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    Try H20 or just jump to Phase change?

    Alright, this will be my 2nd comp. I already have the NF7-S w/ Barton plus 2x256 BH-5. I just bought Dtek W.W. and all the other stuff. After looking at cases and figuring in my so far cost, I can buy a used Vapochill system for just a lil more ( this will be my "wilder computer/project")...
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    Steel vs. Aluminum Cases

    I've got a sawzall just in case!!!!! Thanks for your input everyone. Looks like steel it is.
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    Steel vs. Aluminum Cases

    I"m trying to decide on a new case for my wc system. I think Aluminum will be best ( and this will be my main oc'ing rig ) but is there really much difference between Al. and steel? Even w/ plenty of airflow will there be much diff in temps? Diffs other than weight of case? My main goal is...
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    Looking for specific comp. case. Antec full tower.....

    Can someone help me find a product # or something ( if it's made? ) for an Antec aluminum full tower w/ side window, black.
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    Clean blocks before install?

    I recently bought a used cpu and vga water block. The cpu block looks fine, slight swirls ( normal from what I've seen). But, the vga has finger prints and looks pretty dirty. My ? is, what do I need to do before I install them? Just clean w/ some nail polish remover or....?