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    X58 Rampage III Formula

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    X58 Rampage III Formula

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    X58 Rampage III Formula

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    X58 Rampage III Formula

    Rampage III Formula For sale. Everything included and the board is in mint condition SOLD 180 local Heat: Ebay...
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    FS FT: Loads of Random WC, 1TB HD and Goodies

    680 GTX Ref Sold.
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    Bay area, California

    Bay area, California
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    LittleDevil Case, SSDs, SFF PC

    FSS I just bought this case for 670 us :/
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    i5-3570k and MSI Z77A-G43 for $179 AR at Fry's 11/24

    No kidding, I would be broke as shit too.
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    FS FT: Loads of Random WC, 1TB HD and Goodies

    Everything is Obo WTS/T: D5 Laing Vario : 65 Shipped Bought this a few month ago and never used it. I ended up going with mcp35x because of PWM. I will test it if you want me too. X2O 750 dual bay res clear 50 shipped Missing the top cap, I have it I just don’t know where I placed it, I...
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    Need a replacement for the Logitech VX Revolution

    WTF is going on?! Exactly how I felt after reading it. I just don't see how you can honestly screw that up. Someone probably got fired for this XD
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    How do I mount my water pump?

    Honestly I would sell your pump/res and get a singlebay MCP35x pump/res combo. As for mounts it should have came with one and EK are the only company that makes the mounts anymore i think since DD went out. You can always make a custom mount with acrylic for around 10-20 bucks.
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    Help please re Asus P6T Deluxe V2

    Water cooling will slim the card down quite a bit, otherwise no.
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    Copy HDD to new SSD? has worked everytime for me.
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    Remote desktop to reciever

    Now I see what you mean. But if you have a HTPC just use it to grab all the files off of the other computers , just set your network up to do file sharing and you can access everything from your htpc. The Truelink + solution should work for you or similar software...
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    Remote desktop to reciever

    And i am also an asshole! i cant believe i forgot this even though this is what i use
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    Remote desktop to reciever

    The solution to that is making an HTPC and plugging it directly into the receiver. The problems that your are currently experiencing is the limitations of the receiver. Give this a read and see if it does what you need it to do.
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    Remote desktop to reciever

    really confused by you question. If what you mean by multiple computers is different computers on the same network. Yes the Receiver you have can stream pretty much everything is the simple answer. are you trying to create content from the receiver? than that would be no. or are you trying to...
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    Streacom Passive HTPC Build

    Where did you get this case I can't find it anywhere stateside.
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    Upgraded Alienware M11x, USED, $230, $350 BIN, ends 11-26-2012

    Good luck with it. Its a solid price for that laptop.
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    bang for buck oc motherboard for 2500k for now

    just be happy that you didn't buy the EVGA board. their mobo's are horrible when it comes to bios and their features are a joke.
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    [Project] - Entropy

    moar please. I love the concept.
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    Man Cave Revamp

    What in Gods name is going on here. And why do I feel like I am in love!
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    Motivate - TJ07

    Holes definitely look amazing but holy shit is that a lot of work.
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    2500k vs 3770k for 7680x1440

    adding another 7970 would help more than going 3770k and its cheaper too considering mobo cost.
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    Thought this is funny... but ...

    LOL I am remebering how I used to do the same exact thing. I also powered on my plasma tv and left it on sports. My room was a freaking toaster oven compared to the rest of the house.
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    Which game to buy

    No love for AC3
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    Anyone remember Sundog: Frozen Legacy? Send your support for a remake!

    This would be good smartphone game +1
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    i think i need a router upgrade

    I have used this router for 1yr and have had no problems with it so far its been pretty good.
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    ATT to have Lumia 920 exclusively

    Ordered Red one still waiting :/
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    Even a CHILD can make a Trojan to pillage Windows Phone 8

    huh??? o nvm pointless thread.
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    noob-alert: first-timer WC questions about radiator and tubing

    1. It doesn't make that huge a difference to use them. that is purely up 2 you. I personally dont use them but I do use fan shrouds. 2.Don't try to save money on fittings as these will last you a very long time. 2x 90 fittings should be used when you absolutely have to do a 180 degree bend. if...
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    How much rad for a GTX690?

    thats actually kind of over kill. you can just go with 1x 360 black ice gtx with some delta's and you will be fine. if anything add a cpu block to that and you will be set.
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    Looking for Slim Profile Rad

    I am looking for Slim profile Radiator. My dumb ass screwed up and ordered a 400mm res from Frozenq, when I should have ordered a 250mm. I measured it and went "hey this will fit" it does but now I can't put my 480 rad in there because its way too thick. I was wondering if there were any...