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    Project: GNX 548

    Might be the fact they are built on the same g-body platform. I liked when people mistook my T-Type for a Monte, made beating them all the more fun.
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    Memorex 1GB USB2 Flash Drive $44.27

    Check, $7 bucks for a 6 foot cable shipped.
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    HOT for TiVo owners

    Stand alone or Directv Tivo?
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    HOT for TiVo owners

    With a stand alone Series 2, just network it, no phone line needed other then the initial set up which you could always do at a friends. You'd need a USB to Ethernet adapter or USB wireless adapter depending on your networking needs to go with it.
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    Western Digital 120GB 8m Cache $49.99 after $50 in rebates

    Didn't see this one posted yet.. It comes with a $20 CC mail in rebate and a $30 WD mail in rebate.
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    Current solution unreliable.. Looking for alternatives

    He's looking for 1 enclosure to hold all his drives, how is this gonna help accomplish his goal?
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    Computer euthanasia...

    Umm, his wife owes him a raptor if he wins.. He's not trying to kill one...
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    Setting up a wired home network.

    How far from your router are your two pc's going to be?
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    98 startup disk from CD?

    You should be able to boot right off the Win 98 install CD if your machine supports booting from CDRom.
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    BT Disconnections

    Sounds like your hitting a limit or bug on the network adapter, are you using the most current drivers?
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    ICMP (Ping) attacks on my firewall

    You really need to get your hands on a network sniffer so you can see what type of traffic is flooding your network...
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    BT Disconnections

    I doubt switching to a PCI card would make a difference... I'd suggest degrading back to the previous version of Azureus you were using to see if the problem goes away then take it from there.
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    Multiple IRC DCC sends on router?

    Sorry, not sure what to tell you then, I have ports 5990-5994 TCP forwarded and I can do multiple receives... Why are you using such a low port range?
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    comcast is disconnecting overnight

    That's just bizarre, maybe it's different on my network, I've installed a few for friends and neighbors and recently replaced mine and never needed to install software...
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    Forwarding ports for multiple PC's on one router?

    Might wanna read the manual again, it's not possible to forward the same port or ports to more then one machine with a Linksys router. Now you can forward different ports to different machines...
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    comcast is disconnecting overnight

    That's a load of BS, all they need to do is activate your modem's MAC address in their billing software and it'll be allowed to have an IP the next time it's powered on.
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    Multiple IRC DCC sends on router?

    Did you set the range in your irc client to match what ports you have forwarded?
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    comcast is disconnecting overnight

    If Comcast handles this like any other call, they won't do crap when they get there til your running a single machine off your cable modem with no router. I actually had them blame my router for an outage I was having when I was sitting watching my cable modem constantly link and unlink, turned...
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    smoothwall question

    Yes... the whole purpose of the orange network is to allow that segment to access the internet while being isolated from the green segment. The only thing I'm not sure of is if you can have a seperate IP range for the two adapters...
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    Remote Desktop - Please Please Help

    Are you trying to remote control your desktop or just access a share on it? Regardless you would need to do some port forwarding to get this to work.
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    Noob Questions You can use something like ClarkConnect which is an open source linux distribution configured to do webserving, fileserver, routing and a whole bunch of other things and it's free and doesn't need super duty equipment to run. Your main...
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    Trying to find a good router..

    It's an ok router and in your price range. Your not gonna get any fancy features for that price...
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    Need a good VPN enabled router.

    Or you could build one.. and are good places to start... I'm sure the BSD flavors have VPN support also..
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    Setting up a file server?

    You need to forward both for passive FTP to work. Also, you usually can't connect to your external address from inside your network so try that site out or get a friend to test your connection...
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    Setting up a file server?

    Are you behind a router or firewall and did you forward the correct ports for FTP when you set your FTP server up?
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    Trying to find a good router..

    1. I need a router that is stable and can accept allot of connections. How many is a lot of connections? 2. Cant be too expensive but really good and quality matters. ~$50-60 Most of your run of the mill SOHO routers are this price..
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    Setting up a file server?

    File server to share files with PC's on your network or an FTP server so others on the Internet can download from you?
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    Running a webserver through a router...

    If your on your network, you most likely will only be able to get to it by connecting to the local IP of your server. If you want to verify it can be seen from the web, get a friend to check it out...
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    AOL and networking

    I'm 99.9% positive you can't use ICS with AOL because AOL has it's own built in dialer...
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    Using a computer as a router - is it worth the effor?

    One goes to your cable/DSL, the other to your switch. Remember a switch is a seperate device then a router, just most of the SOHO routers out there have a 4 port switch built in.
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    What are you using for a Router

    Old Gateway PPro 200, 128 MB's of EDO ram, 4.3 gig hard drive, IPCop 1.3 with all the latest patches...
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    Using a computer as a router - is it worth the effor?

    All you need is a pc with 2 NIC cards and your set, most of the Linux distro's geared for this purpose are very easy to install. I've personally been running ipcop for a few months now, you can find it at You can also check out which I ran for about a year and...
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    2nd computer -> wireless -> router -> modem

    Agreed, ICS would give you a NAT in a NAT and would just complicate things if you needed to forward any ports to that new machine...
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    Detection of ping flooding, etc

    Cheapest route would be an old pc running a linux or bsd router/firewall set up. I use IPCop personally.
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    How to get maximum security out of a Linksys router?

    You'd get more security out of building a firewall/router for them using something like Linux or BSD, more security options then a SOHO Linksys router.
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    Detection of ping flooding, etc

    Your not seeing the hits on ZA cause they are stopping at your router. Snort's not gonna do you much good because again the requests are gonna stop at your router. If you are being attacked they are killing your WAN connection between your router and cable modem. The only way to tell is get a...
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    Filesharing troubleshooting.

    XP Home - XP Pro -
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    COM port sharing over LAN, is it possible?

    Just poking around google I found this software which might work and this device which might work, I don't know...
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    how do i obtain a static ip addy?

    Again, please read the manual to your router and figure out your DHCP range and post it here. Once you do that we can tell you what IP's are safe to use and how to set it up on your machine.
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    Anyone could prob. answer this question...

    Do you have an access point plugged into the other NIC on the machine with the cable modem or another wireless card?