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    LG V40 ThinQ - OMG this thing is crazy cool

    I would like to get V40, BH photo has a good deal right now, goes for 750 bucks and no tax for me, but boy o boy LG updates are something.... My unlocked V20 (US996) on Tmobile is still on Android 7.0 and latest security update December 2017. If they would give a shit about updates i'd get it...
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    What's your fallback card?

    Good ol' GTX 680 I'm in the middle of RMA process so it's a good thing to have something to use, even though it sucks to have only 2 gigs of VRAM in 2017. After reading about pretty much everybody getting their 980ti's replaced with 1070's or even 1080's for some lucky bastards i was looking...
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    SBX Pro vs Dolby for headphones

    I have both SoundBlaster Z and Asus Essence STX in my system and use them with headphones in my sig. For gaming i prefer Creative by far, for music Asus. When i play FPS games i prefer to use Beyerdynamic's DT990 and paired with Creative it's just incredible. You can hear every little detail...
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    Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250 $ 95.60 on

    You do realize this was right around black friday and it lasted only few hours if i remember correctly. I doubt you're going to find them that cheap any time soon. I have to say DT990's became my favorite pair of open cans for gaming.
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    Steam Winter Sale starts on the 22nd of December.

    Yeah, that's how i feel too. Nothing to get excited about with Steam sales anymore. At least with removal of flash sales they removed my superpower of impulse buying shitload of crap i'll never play. I dont think i played even half of games in my library.
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    Philips Fidelio X2 $198.90 after $50 Instant Coupon on Amazon

    Of course they're on sale now. Not on Black Friday or Cyber Monday when i was ready to buy. Oh well, maybe next year, need to get rid of few of them first.
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    What do you hardcore gamers do for downtime if your GPU needs warranty?

    I kept my old GTX 680 just in case something happens... nothing ever happened. Money well spent. Who is laughing now used GPU market, huh?
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    DT990 Pro tuning?

    I just got mine few days ago and i'm not that sensitive to treble ( ultrasone 750's took care of that a while ago ), so i run them flat too, but i did play around just a bit with EQ like rezerekted but nothing noticable. In gaming i prefer to have nicer treble for detail. I have to say i was...
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    Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250 $ 95.60 on

    Price seems to change every minute now, but make sure to get it from, not 3rd party
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    Best Black Friday Deals!

    Last Sunday i ordered Ultrasone Pro 900i from Adorama for 250 bucks which was pretty nice deal, but then i changed my mind and cancelled and thought i'll go for V Moda M100's as they dropped last year to 150 bucks. Then Sony 950's showed up and i thought why not... I'm going in knowing that is...
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    Best Black Friday Deals!

    Amazon has Sony MDR XB950BT Headphones on sale for 88 bucks right now if you like extra bass. I bought one just for fun, i'm not basshead at all, but from what i read for this kind of money you cant go wrong. These are wireless/bluetooth (with cable included, for PC folks)...
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    Logitech G Pro gaming mouse 35.00

    Yeah, that didnt last long, but G502 is on sale for 40 bucks right now. Grabbed that one, i cant stand my Steelseries Rival mice.
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    HifiMan HE-400i Planar Magnetic Headphones - $249.00 Newegg/Amazon

    I'm in the same boat. I was just thinking few days ago unless i see HE400 or Fideliox2 on some crazy sale i'm not buying headphones this year. But this is tempting. It's too early for this crap, have one more week to go...
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    HifiMan HE-400i Planar Magnetic Headphones - $249.00 Newegg/Amazon Seems like a good deal, i'm still...
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    Rumor: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti with 10GB memory

    I wonder what are the chances of this beast being under $700? If it's more than that, forget about it, i'll wait for Volta... I assume this thing is identical to Titan (performance-wise) minus 2 gigs of VRAM right?
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    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

    What a freaking mess... Sales are tanking with each new release, i guess Activision predicted this, that's why they bundled MWR with IW. I'm curious to see what will happen next year with SledgeHammer and their game. If it's Advanced Warfare 2 they are in deep, deep shit, although there are...
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    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

    MW Remastered is completely messed up for me, multiplayer is like a paranormal experience. I was playing Ambush, guy was hiding behind one of them concrete dividers, only his helmet sticking out. I'm shooting at him nothing happens, then i dropped dead. Kill cam shows that he got up and shot me...
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    CoD: Infinite Warfare For Windows 10 Not Compatible With Steam Version 2 poor souls bought the game this way and now they are trying to play MWR online. It's funny and sad at the same time.
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    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

    IIRC i read somewhere that IW/MWR are using Advanced Warfare engine (or was it just IW?), and back then people had same problems with shitty blurry textures too. It looks like turning shader cache to off solved that, some people reported it helped them with hitching too... might improve visuals...
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    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

    Yes, it would be nice if they had server browser to pick the map you want to play and player count and all that, but it is what it is. I didn't have any problems with performance though, game was running really smooth for me, probably because of low player count and Gsync, i think they capped...
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    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: Performance Analysis

    I played some MW remastered and IW last night and both ran very smooth. Granted i did not check in between them separately, but later on in Afterburner i saw that all six CPU cores were maxed out at 100%, VRAM was maxed out and games used 12 Gigs of RAM... I've never seen that even in lot more...
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    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare

    Yeah, no dedicted servers, it's matchmaking, and imo its not like cod4 in old days. I used to be pretty decent but now i cant hit shit. I played few matches and aiming feels weird to me. Maybe it has to do with lag, because you dont know your ping or anything but something felt off last night...
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    Titanfall 2

    I could not find any info, but does anyone know if this game has offline bot matches on multiplayer maps like COD/older battlefield games?
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    The X-Files Returns: Inconsistent, Messy, And Promising

    2016 is surely a strange year. X-Files and Guns N Roses coming back? 90's nostalgia overload incoming. I loved the show back in the day, and even now i re-watch few episodes every now and then. I'm looking forward to this, hopefully the don't mess it up. Damn, Scully still got it, you go girl.
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    WB discontinues support for Mortal Kombat X on PC

    You had a good run EA, but you're about to lose your spot as the most hated game publisher in the pc community.
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    Battlefield 5 130 players on one map!!

    Well, while we're speculating here and have some fun let me add some fuel to the fire :D I personally think that 2142 sequel is coming for several reasons: - never underestimate DICE's ability to jump on the bandwagon (aka COD futuristic games...
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    Few days ago i had a recon dude in my squad tagging shit left and right and i had RPG's and we were dropping choppers out of sky like flies. It was fun because it rarely happens to me on pub servers to team up with decent squad. So i decided to try and do the same. I was running around as...
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    Z170 onboard sound vs. dedicated card

    Like Tungt88 says, in case you're going for headphones/sound card combo, make sure sound card has a decent amp (unless you have one already) to drive whatever headphones you intend to use. Just for example my AKG Q701s don't sound that good with Sound Blaster Z in terms of sound stage or bass...
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    Star Wars Battlefront PC $34.99

    This is the only game where one round is all i need before feeling completely bored and i need to close the game. I guess exceptional audio and graphics can keep me interested only so much. Dear God, that sound design is just insane...
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    Philips Fidelio X2 Headphones - $200 FS -

    Too bad they didn't have sale like this on Black Friday when i was looking around for some cans. What a great deal.
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    How many old farts here stil play pc games?

    Lmao, just a few weeks ago i had couple of beers and bought some of these on Steam. Stupid nostalgia trip. I played the shit out of F117, F19 etc way back. Few days ago i fired up Gunship all giggly and shit and after a minute or so i told myself - wtf were you thinking man, i can't stand this...
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    Strix Soar impressions

    Crap, that is disappointing. It looks like STX will survive couple of more years :eek: Part with the longest service record in my rig. Thanks.
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    Strix Soar impressions

    I was looking around to upgrade my aging Essence STX i had now for 6-7 years. It looks like Raid DLX will be right up my alley. Do they still have only Dolby Headphone on Strix? Is it still drenched in reverb while gaming? Do they have DTS option now too? Does it support some old school stuff...
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    Sennheiser HD598 $95.00 - Amazon

    we're going off topic in this thread with all the Q701's talk, but just a quick one. Unfortunately my HD598 didn't arrive today (as usual with Amazon's shitty same day delivery) so i can't give you quick comparison, but Q701's are not "plug and play" type of headphone, meaning that you need...
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    Sennheiser HD598 $95.00 - Amazon

    Yes, i will definitely fix that, i just didn't want to modify anything in case i had to return them for whatever reason. Had them for just 2 days, ghetto-fixed the headband for right now, but i'm pretty sure at this point that i'm keeping them.
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    Sennheiser HD598 $95.00 - Amazon

    Yeah, i figured this will happen eventually... Every single year i miss every HD598 sale, and now when i just bought AKG Q701 i finally had a chance to get these too. I really hope they are not too similar and i can justify keeping them both, if not most likely HD598's are going back. Im in love...
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    Battlefield 4 **Official Discussion Thread**

    Especially after Bad Company 2, now there is so much shit that soldiers are yelling out that is way over the top, and they're complaining about that. Just remember, you can kill and destroy as much as you like, gut people with the knife, bring skyscrapers down, but you have to be polite while...
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    What did you buy from the Steam Thanksgiving sale?

    From this point on i'm going for AAA games only, so by the end of the year probably The Witcher 3, GTA V and so on... I have so many games i'll never touch, i bought them just because they were cheap.
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    Star Wars: Battlefront Reboot

    Check out what this crazy bastard did to the game... Frostbite unleashed !
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    How many old farts here stil play pc games?

    Turning 40 in few months. Still trying to play, but with kids now my time is severely limited. Actually, the biggest problem is my 4 year old who got addicted to Battlefield 2 bot matches so i had to cut him off by pretending that my computer is not working anymore. So that means i can't play...